St Leonards Primary School

Newsletter 2, 12 February 2021

From the Leadership

We would like to start off by thanking our community for attending the wonderful Acquaintance Night on Tuesday. It was so nice to see families back in school and the pride and excitement of our children as they showed you around our school. 

As a school, we want to instill the school's values of respect, resilience and readiness in our learners. Having the children show parents around was part of this process. We also look forward to our Three Way Conferences to be held in Weeks 9 and 10 this term. This is where our learners will show you their learning. 


The school's Annual General Meeting was held straight after our Acquaintance Night and was well attended.  

Several new people nominated to be part of Governing Council which was terrific.

I'm pleased to announce the following people have accepted official positions.  

Chairperson: Melanie Perkins 

Deputy Chairperson: Rachel Newrick 

Treasurer: Peter Heading 

Secretary: Emma Scott 

Elected Governing Council Members for 2021 

Michelle White, Rebecca Chrisian, Linda Marollo, Sean Atkinson, Bianca Perry, Theodora Kalamboyis, Ann Burr, Lisa Dash, Matthew Clarke, Romildo Votto and Heather Pronk. 

School representatives: Dave Henty-Smith, Kathy Baker. 

Teacher Representatives.  Mandy Drinkwater, Jasmine Miller, Ellen Barr, Sharon Hill. 

We have several subcommittees of Governing Council and would like to encourage people to join to help out our school. Please contact us if you would like to be involved. Below is a list of committees and members. 

Canteen: Katrina James, Dave Henty-Smith, Toni Gluszkowski , Kenny Chi Hang Lau   

Finance: Victoria Sierros (Convenor), Dave Henty-Smith, Peter Heading, Hayden Schwarz, Kenny Chi Hang Lau, Shaun Atkinson. 

Uniform: Heather Pronk , Dave Henty-Smith, Emma Scott, Ann Burr, Lisa Dash 

OSHC: Melanie Perkins, Lou Kastelic, Dave Henty-Smith, Bianca Perry 

Grounds/Facilities: Michelle White, Kathy Baker, Nicola Ross  

Community/Fundraising: Heather Pronk, Dave Henty-Smith, Kimberley Hamilton, Linda Marrollo , Emma Scott, Bianca Perry 

Sport: Heather Pronk, Toni Gluszkowski,  Ann Burr Suzie Pyke, Jodie Puttner, Mel Barnes 

Education/Learning:  Rebecca Chrisan, Rachel Newrick, Theodora Kalamboyias, Ann Burr, Caryn Pumplun, Lisa Dash, Matthew Clarke, Kathy Baker. 

Wellbeing: Heidi Bevan, Lisa Dash,  Bianca Perry, Melanie Perkins 

Thank you for showing support for our school and we look forward to a successful and productive 2021. 

Grievance Procedure 

From time-to-time things in our school community don't go as smoothly as we hope. When this occurs, we have a grievance procedure designed to help come to some sort of resolution. Our grievance procedure can be accessed on our school website. I have included a few excerpts from the policy for your reference.  

For Parents/Caregivers: 

Please make an appointment to discuss a major grievance. Prior arrangements ensure that adequate time can be allocated to the issue. 

Arrange a time to speak to the relevant teacher(s) about the problem as a first course of action. Let the teacher know what you consider to be the issue.  Make a mutually appropriate time to discuss the concern.  Please note: It is not appropriate to use class or learning time. 

Allow a reasonable timeframe for the issue to be addressed. 

If the grievance is not addressed and you have unsuccessfully requested feedback, arrange a time to speak with a member of the leadership team.  Explain that you have a difficulty to the Principal’s Secretary when making an appointment – this allows for follow-up and information gathering. Or you may feel more comfortable emailing one of the leadership team at the addresses below: 

 Dave Henty-Smith: Principal:  

Kathy Baker: Deputy Principal: 

If you are still unhappy, please arrange a time to discuss the issue with the Education Director, Chris Sheldon, on 8416 7370. 

If you have a dispute with another student, please talk to a staff member about the issue and he/she will resolve the issue.  It is inappropriate for parents to discipline other students in the school grounds. 

Dave Henty-Smith - Principal

Kathy Baker - Deputy Principal

Heidi Bevan - Wellbeing Leader

Class Parent Reps 2021

Room number

Year Level

Class Reps


Year 4

Helen Carr


Year 4

Emma Allen, Bianca Perry, Kay Went


Year 2/3

Laura Forrest, Fotini Yamas (NOT FB)


Year 3

Jules Brook, Heather Pronk

5 and 6

Year 5

Kel Chardon, Josie Van Veen, Ciara Gentry, Aimee Kruger



Michelle Kerr



Jules Brook, Amy Cleland,



Toni Gluszkowski


Year 1

Alex Tomlin, Evan Zaknic, Michelle Richardson,


Year 1

 Nadia Adami, Leigh Laidler,

Caroline van der Zanden


Year 2

Kel Chardon, Michelle Kerr


Year 2

Josie Van Veen, Toni Gluszkowski, Christie Borg

17,18 and 20

Year 6/7

Emma Allen, Kay Went, Bianca Perry



Emma Allen

Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Student Ambassadors for 2021. We have such a great cohort of Year 6/7 students that we could have had thirty ambassadors.

Sidney J-M, Muhammad A, Josh J, Jacob A, Alycha A, Maisy P, Scarlett H and Jayda J.

Student Ambassadors play an important role at St Leonards, conducting tours for new families, representing the school at events and facilitating student voice.

We know that these young people will be wonderful representatives of St Leonards.


Diary Dates

Week 4 2021

  • Year 4-7 Lacrosse Clinic - Monday 15 February
  • Year 4-7 Lacrosse Clinic - Wednesday 17 February
  • SAPSASA Swimming Trials - Thursday 18 February

Week 5 2021

  • Year 4-7 Lacrosse Clinic - Monday 22 February
  • Year 4-7 Lacrosse Clinic - Wednesday 14 February
  • SAPSASA Swimming - Thursday 25 February

Upcoming event 

School Photo Day - Monday 1 March 

School Photo Day

Say Cheese....  Our School Photo Day is: Monday 1 March

 Have your child’s school memories captured forever

Please take time to read the relevant information on the MSP Photography payment envelopes and remember these helpful points:

  • Don’t seal envelopes inside each other.  You can pay for all children in one envelope however each child needs to have their own envelope on photo day
  • Family envelopes are available at the school office and need to be ordered before or on photography day. Please make sure your children are aware they are having a family photo your family photo envelope has been handed to the Office by Thursday 25 February
  • Please enclose correct money as no change is given.  Cash, cheques, credit card and money orders also accepted. 

Why not give ONLINE ORDERING a go!!

It’s the safest & easiest way to order

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

email:    ph: 08 83913951

Term 1 Planner

Calendar of dates for Term 1.

Please note that these are subject to change. Keep an eye on the diary dates in the newsletter or Skoolbag app and any class specific updates on your class Facebook page.



Materials & Services Charge 2021 Early Bird Discount

Due to an unavoidable delay in sending invoices home this year, the early bird discount period has been extended for families to Friday, 19 February, 2021.

School Card 2021

Just a reminder that school card applications either online or hardcopy must be completed annually if you believe you are eligible for the school card rebate.  In order for your eligibility to be assessed promptly you must complete your application as soon as possible this term.  Hardcopy school card applications can be obtained from the cash office & once completed must be returned to the school for lodgment. 

Victoria Sierros, Finance Manager 

School Card Scheme 2021

The school card scheme provides financial relief for eligible low-income families in relation to education costs.

Applications for all types of School Card can be completed online.

Parents and students can access School Card information and application forms using the link


School Card is available to:

  • families with children aged four years and over who attend a school full time
  • independent full time students studying Year 10, 11 or 12
  • adult re-entry students undertaking subjects to complete their SACE


Applicants need to complete an application form at the beginning of each year. Online applications will work on any device connected to the internet. This includes mobile phones, tablets and computers.

- School Card A

This is the most commonly used School Card application. Use this form if you are responsible for your child's school fees.

Do not use this form if you are:

  • Self employed
  • An independent youth
  • An adult re-entry student
  •  A migrant who arrived in Australia after 1 July 2018
  • Receiving Veteran's Affairs benefits
  • Applying on behalf of a foster child in your care


All School Card forms (A, B, C etc)  are available on the website for parents and students wishing to apply for a School Card


School Card

Phone: 1800 672 758


Admin Matters

Volunteer Site Inductions

We are off to a fantastic start to the year with eight new volunteers already completing the volunteer process with the onsite inductions that were held earlier this week.

For those who have completed steps 1-8 we will be holding onsite inductions on:

Wednesday 24 February at 5:30pm

Thursday 25 February at 9:00am

Monday 22 March at 5:30pm 

Friday 26 March at 9:00am

If you would like to book a time (or to see where you are in the process) please email me at 

Mel Worden, Office Manager

Volunteering at SLPS

At St Leonards Primary School we value the involvement of parents within our school community. This may take on many forms, including classroom support, attending excursions and camps, supporting sport and music opportunities, assisting in the canteen and library and being a member of our Governing Council or a volunteer on one of the many committees.

The following needs to be completed to volunteer in schools:

·           Fill out and return the Volunteer Application Form (available from the Office or can be sent home with your child on request)

·           Select roles to volunteer in (role statements will be provided to you for your information)

·         Complete the Working With Children Check (If you already have a current clearance, please email me using the address below. If you do not have a current clearance, I can start the process for you. There is no cost to you for this.)

·         Complete Responding to Abuse and Neglect Training (If you have a current RAN certificate, please email me using the address below. If you do not have a current RAN certificate please see link attached for setting up a Plink account).

·         Complete an online General Induction (this is done through the Plink account)

·         Attend a Site Induction (dates will be provided to volunteers once the above steps have been completed)

·         Sign the volunteer agreement (this is the final step and is done at the Site Induction)

If you have any questions regarding the volunteering process, please email me at or telephone the school on 8294 9811.

Mel Worden, Office Manager


Absences, Late Arrivals and Early Leaving

The SMS number is 0436 483 127. This is our preferred method for letting us know about any absences.

Messages should include name, room number and reason for absence eg illness or family.

Alternatively, please call the Office on 8294 9811 to leave a message with office staff.

Students arriving late to school must go to the Office and receive a late slip before entering the classroom.


Lost Property

If you believe that any of these items are yours, please come to the Office and ask Liv at the desk and she can reunite you with your lost item.


This term Technology lessons will include an age appropriate eSafety component . We are aiming for our learners to develop skills to help them protect their personal information online and prevent unsafe or unwanted contact when using devices, websites and apps. Unfortunately the first two weeks have demonstrated the real world relevance of these lessons. I say unfortunately because I have been concerned that in every class some learners admitted to have accepted friend requests from strangers. In a number of instances this has led to a negative outcome ranging from the new “friend” interfering in a game, stealing game credits or components , using disturbing language right up to trying to make personal contact . While the school will be addressing this important issue the best outcome for our learners will grow from a partnership with their families.

The Australian Government eSafety commissioner’s web site is an excellent starting point for families. It suggests three key strategies for parents: Be engaged open and supportive, set some rules, and use the available technology. Please take a look at the site .

Dennis Moyle, Teacher

Dance Workshop

The Mitcham Girls High School GifT Dance Experience for Primary School Girls – Year 6 and 7 invitation is attached. Please download the document for more information

Scholastic Book Club

Issue 1 of the Scholastic Book Club went home last week. All orders are due Wednesday 17 February. Cash and order forms can be sent to the Office or order online with the scholastic LOOP option on the website (we can not accept credit card payments on their behalf). 

Orders typically arrive 1-2 weeks after the due date.

All orders raise funds for new library resources.

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager


Just a little canteen information to perhaps answer some questions.

I use wholemeal bread for sandwiches.  White hotdog rolls and sesame seed buns for burgers.

Gluten Free Wholemeal Bread for sandwiches is an option at an extra $1. 

The chicken and ham is Gluten Free.

The slushy drinks are a pear based concentrate with fruit juice flavours added.

Vilis Sausage Rolls contain beef and lamb.

The hotdog frankfurts contain pork.

Cheese, milk and mayonnaise used is low fat.

I often will have a special for recess or lunch to use something seasonal from our great school garden.

A recess special is something I do with  short notice and is a cheap recess snack, not a lunch order.

Qkr is the preferred way to order lunches and a reminder that the cut off is 9.15am on the day.  You can order the night before to avoid forgetting.

Recess orders, Slushies, Ice blocks and Moosies all need to be picked up from the canteen. 

Volunteers are very welcome and if you can help, please get a volunteer form at the front office .

If you can spare an hour or more on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for tasks such as buttering bread and labelling drinks it

would be a big help.

Please call in if you have any questions or perhaps just need a take away coffee @ only $3.


Katrina James, Canteen Manager

Sustainability - Eco Friendly Lunch Bags

We are again selling these fabulous bags @ $3.30 for a packet of 20.

 This is cost price, and therefore not intended to raise funds, but rather reduce the amount of soft plastic waste in our community.

Orders places by the ends of Thursday will be filled and delivered to children’s classes on Friday.

100 Years Celebration

This year is a very special year for St Leonards. We are celebrating 100 years of education in the community.  We are planning a big celebration with an Open Day on Saturday 30 October, so save the date. 

We are looking for parents who have businesses and services who may be able to help with things such as food trucks, market stalls, entertainment, stage hire etc. We are also looking for loans, donations or copies of any old memorabilia which can be shared at the event.

If you can help in any way please email me at

 Heather Pronk, School Promotions

Children's University

Notes have gone out for the 2021 season. We had a  great year last year with 94 students graduating. Lunchtime workshops are run in Weeks 3, 6 and 9 throughout the year. Optional after school activities earn students hours for learning outside of school hours for sports, clubs, museum visits etc.


T-ball, volleyball and mini basketball out of school sports have started for the 2021 season.  Thank you to all parent volunteers who run these activities.

 We are currently seeking soccer and netball coordinators for the winter season. No experience necessary and roles can be shared.

Unfortunately, without parent volunteers to fill these roles we will be unable to offer these sports.

Please email me at to if you would like to help out.

Heather Pronk, Sports

QKR! How-to Guide


Skoolbag How-to Guide


Library News

Library Borrowing

The library is open every morning from 8:30am – 8:45am and after school from 3:05pm – 3:15pm for borrowing and returning books. Students can also use the library at lunchtime (second lunch) or with their classes at their set library time each week.

Reception to Year 2 students can borrow 2 books

Year 3 – Year 5 students can borrow 3 books

Year 6/7 students can borrow 4 books

All books are borrowed for 14 days.

If a book is overdue, students cannot borrow again until the book has been returned or if lost, has been paid for or replaced.

Overdue notices are sent home at least twice a term.

 Premier’s Reading Challenge

 1.     What is the Premier's Reading Challenge?

The Challenge is a literacy engagement strategy that requires students to read 12 age appropriate books in a year. Students who complete the Challenge receive an award in Term 4.

2.     Who can participate:

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is open to all students from Reception to Year 12 in South Australian government and non-government schools as well as home education students.

3.     What must students do:

·         Read 12 books: students are challenged to read 12 books from the start of the school year until the first Friday in September.

·         Recording: students will record the titles and authors of the books they read on the PRC recording form (can be found on the website for from the teacher)

·         Endorsement: Teachers, teacher librarians, public librarians or parents/carers must sign each entry on the Student Reading Record. This indicates that a student has read (or shared in the reading of) a book at an appropriate literacy level and that the book title and author are accurate.

4.     Number of free choice books:

Reception - Year 7

students will read 8 of the 12 books from the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist at an appropriate literacy level. They may read 4 books of their own choice at a similar standard to books on the list. At the teacher's discretion, students may read more than 4 books not on the booklist.

Useful Information:

Book series: if at least one book from a series is included on the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist, then any book from that series can also be included.

Awards: There is only one award  per student per year

Award order: first year - certificate signed by the Premier, second year - bronze medal, third year - silver medal, fourth year - gold medal, fifth year - champion medal, sixth year - legend medal, seventh year - hall of fame medal, eighth year – hall of fame reader for life award (R4L), ninth year – R4L bronze, tenth year – R4L silver, eleventh year – R4L gold, twelfth year – R4L champion, thirteenth year - R4L legend and fourteenth year – R4L hall of fame.

We encourage all families to visit the library. Feel free to ask me any questions either in person or by email 

Scholastic Book Club

The first issue of the scholastic book club will be going home next week. Orders are due by Wednesday 17 February. All orders are either cash to the Office or using the scholastic website LOOP payment system. 

All purchases earn the school library reward points that we use to purchase new resources for the Library.

Kelly Peterson, Library Manager

Premier's Reading Challenge

Student PRC Reading Record

2021 Uniform


All new uniform is held off site and can be ordered via the link below. We have a small amount of discontinued uniform stock available to order through QKR! until stock runs out.

Uniform Orders

To order our new 2021 Heritage Collection uniform please follow the link or visit the uniform page of our website.

Current uniform can still be worn. It will be phased out gradually over the next two years.

Around the School


Reception Art

Community News

Brighton Special Interest Music

Information Evening for Years 6 & 7

Everything you need to know about auditioning for the

Brighton’s Special Interest Music Program

 Tuesday 30 March 2021, 5.30 to 6.30pm

Brighton Secondary School Concert Hall

Followed by a free short concert on the front oval

(bring a picnic dinner and chairs)

For all enquiries please call Pam Parsons 8375 8215


School Traffic and Parking Information


Piano and Keyboard Lessons


Dover Kindergarten: Occasional Care Program

Please see the attached document for information regarding the Dover Kindergarten Occasional Care Program which caters for children aged 2-4 years old.


School Signage

We are excited to announce that we are now offering signage on our school’s fence line in Glenelg North.

This is an opportunity for SLPS to partner with the community and help with promoting local businesses.

You can benefit by purchasing your space and gain invaluable exposure to families, passing motorists and locals as well as showing your support for our school community. 

 There is a limited number of signs so get in before they are all gone.  

 If you are interested or know of someone that might benefit from advertising to our local community please contact  

 Michael on 0414 350 225 or

St Leonards Primary School

Learning Together

Respect, Resilience, Readiness

"Building a community that inspires curious, creative and innovative thinkers."

Principal: Dave Henty-Smith

Deputy: Kathy Baker

Well-being Leader: Heidi Bevan

Office Manager: Mel Worden