Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 2 week 6 - Wednesday 2 June 2021

From the Principal

Reconciliation Week

Last week our school commenced the recognition of National Reconciliation Week (NRW), which is an opportunity for everyone to learn and reflect on our shared history and culture. The dates for NRW remain the same each year; 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision. The theme for this year’s Reconciliation Week was ‘more than a word’.  At our recent assembly some classes presented their learning in this area which reflected the range of activities that have occurred around the school, including a focus on indigenous language and art work, learning about the origins of Reconciliation Week and year 7 students facilitating indigenous games for students to play. All staff are committed to building an inclusive school environment that is respectful of all cultures and to support this, they recently participated in a training and development session facilitated by two teachers from LeFevre HS. The session covered how indigenous perspectives are reflected in the Australian Curriculum and also provided an informative overview about the importance of meaningful learning occurring in this area on an ongoing basis.

OSHC Vacation Care

Yesterday our OSHC Director, Andrew, sent out information regarding the program for the upcoming July vacation care. This is a fantastic outcome in terms of being able to offer this opportunity to the school community. The OSHC staff are very excited and keen to ensure the vacation care program is enjoyable and engaging for participating students and we look forward to its success. Please contact the OSHC service for details on how to make bookings.

 Pupil Free Day

On Friday June 11 our school will be having a pupil free day with the focus being curriculum planning. Teaching teams have spent much time developing a range of planning documents to guide their programs, and on the day, there will be an opportunity to reflect on what areas of the curriculum have been covered to this point in the year and to set directions for future student learning. Teachers’ work in this area supports the consistent mapping out of the curriculum to ensure high quality student learning occurs across all learning areas.

Along with this, staff will also participate in an introduction to a new reading resource that the school has recently purchased. The program is called MYON which is an online platform that provides children access to a large range of digital books. Once set up, this program will be utilised by teachers to support their current reading program along with the opportunity for individual student use. Complementary to this program, teachers will able to use the program to assess student reading progress which will help inform their teaching program. The reading resources provided on MYON will be accessible at home to families.

School of Languages

Thank you to all families that responded to the recent survey about the possibility of our school offering a second language (after hours) in 2022. In the coming weeks a formal expression of interest will be provided to the community; the information gained from this process will determine as to whether we go ahead with this opportunity.

Yard Reminder

For students kicking balls on the Metcalfe Lawn it is important that this activity is done away from the main building, including not using the flagpoles as goals.  

Reconciliation Week

RUGBY CARNIVAL 2021 – Indy and Maya T13 Dani Murphy

On Friday the 28th of May, Henley Beach Primary School held a rugby league carnival. We had 2 girls and 3 boys teams participating. Hendon and Largs Bay join us for the day with their own teams. The schools arrived around 9.00am and the rugby games started at 9.45am. Every team had a different coloured uniform. There were 3 fields, the girls played on the same one and the boys sometimes played on all of them. Two of the fields were on the footy oval and one was on the soccer pitch, Each school had their own tent to put their bags and other stuff under. Every player had to wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth and you didn’t need to wear soccer or footy boots, but most kids wore them. Family members were able to watch, but had to sit on the far side of the field for safety.

There was a medical tent in case anyone got hurt. Lots of people got hurt so the medical tent was very busy with kids; we don’t know what we would do without the medical staff. The games went for 15 minutes and everyone ran fast and tackled their hardest. Everyone got to kick or score a try, it was exciting, fun to play and fun to watch. In the games kids would have to sub on and off so everyone got an even amount of game time.

Everyone who joined in and was part of the carnival absolutely loved it, it was a great day of competition! At the end of the carnival they gave out trophies for every team, Henley got lots of trophies for the girl and boy division teams. Two kids from each team got to collect a trophy and said a little thanks to the teachers, referees, medical staff and to all the other schools for coming. The Orange Henley boys' team won the grand finale which was very exciting and Largs Bay Red won the girls' grand finale.

Crossing Training

The SA Police Road Safety Centre is a leader in road safety education and contributes to a reduction in the frequency and severity of road trauma in South Australia.

 Recently Henley Beach Primary School took part in School Crossing Monitor Training. This training is delivered to students aged 10 years or older, teachers and school volunteers who want to operate a school crossing or pedestrian-activated traffic lights.

 This training was provided by a member of the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre and educated students on how to safely stop vehicles approaching a school crossing to facilitate the safe crossing of pedestrians. All participants will receive a certificate issued on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, authorising them to be school crossing monitors.


We ask all parents/guardians to take the time to talk to their children about road safety. It is important that all parents/guardians are good road safety role models and we encourage you to discuss with your child what they learnt from the road safety session.

 For more information on school crossing monitor training or on road safety please visit www.police.sa.gov.au/road-safety/resources


Emu Crossing Fact Sheet


Student Movie and Meal night - Thursday 10 June /Closes Friday 4 June

Parent Social Event - Thursday 10 June

Book Club - Linda Dickman

Welcome to Book Club Issue 4! 

Book Club is now open and this issue is jam-packed with over 360 products to get students reading more at home.• 178 NEW releases• Great value $3 titles – Every Child Deserves a Book!• 144 titles $10 and under• Featuring over 50 Australian authors 

Order Due Date : Monday 7 June

Year 4/5 Camp Stories


School Pupil/Closure days 2021





Term 2 Dates

Assemblies odd weeks at 2.20pm.

Movie Night & Parent evening - Thursday 10 June

CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

A reminder to parents to buy tickets for Movie Night no later than Friday 4 June. 

We will be introducing our own mac'n'cheese this week after successfully trialing it with students.  We think it's better than the current one!

From next term the canteen will charge a small amount for cutlery. This will not include cutlery needed for food orders or over-the-counter items. 

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

The Vacation Care Program is OUT! The program is attached or available in the OSHC Room. Make sure you get in quick! There is also a new Parent Handbook (posted with Vac Care Program) that is now available. The Parent Handbook provides all the necessary information for parents about OSHC and Vac Care. This will be uploaded to the school’s website later this week.

 A reminder that we are open for the pupil free day on the 11 June (Friday Week 7). Our theme is Minute To Win It! If your child wants to be involved, make sure you contact the OSHC Director to secure your position.

Vacation Care Program July 2021