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Hindmarsh Edition: Term 2 Week 8

Cultural Day is next week! Lunch Orders due 18th June.

Diary Dates

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  • Cultural Day is almost here! Read about what to expect on the day
  • Important Sport Dates & Event Highlights
  • Learn more about our Second Hand Uniform Facebook group
  • Sign up to be a volunteer for Breakfast Club
  • Vacation Care spaces are filling fast. Book Now to avoid disappointment!
  • Help raise funds for our school with Credit Union's School Community Rewards 

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

As I have been slowly getting to know more about the St Joseph’s community and children, I am continually appreciative of the majority of children’s interactions and welcoming attitude towards others. During my first two weeks I have had the opportunity to visit a few classes and spend time with the children.

Last week I spent time with Mr Bouyessis and the school Choir. I know it’s a cliché but the voices of those children are angelic. The children are demonstrating a wonderful growth mindset and perseverance in the way they are tackling the challenge of learning to sing, not just as individuals, but as a choir. The wonderful talents of the group are expertly supported by Mr Bouyessis. I am very jealous of their wonderful talents.

SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnival

Another group I was fortunate to spend some time with was the children who competed in the SACPPSA Lacrosse Carnival last Thursday. Braving the icy conditions at West Beach oval, the children demonstrated teamwork, respect for themselves and others and a great determination to be competitive. Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport and the children ensured they represented themselves and St Joseph’s with pride, well done.

Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass

Last week we came together as a community in liturgy for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. As a school with a long history of being lovingly influenced by the MSC Priests (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart), the mass led by our Yr 5/6 classes and Father Lancy was an important part of our faith experiences here at St Joseph’s.

Cultural Day is next week!

Preparations have been finalised for our annual Cultural Week celebrations, Ms Taormina has been busily working with the children and families in preparing the activities for the week, as well as the Cook Book.

If you are interested in contributing to the cook book follow the steps below.

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.

God Bless,

???????? Cultural Day Information ?????????????

Lunch orders close: 18th June via Qkr!

Due to Catering there will be No Manual or Late Orders.

Cultural Day: Book of Family Recipes ??????

Share your favourite family recipe with the community!

We will be collecting ‘family cultural recipes’ to create a special book filled with all of your traditional family recipes for the members of our community to experience in their own homes for years to come!We welcome all recipe submissions - appetisers, meals, desserts, drinks and more! All you need to do is access the link provided and follow the prompts to submit your recipe directly via the publisher’s portal.

1. Access the website
2. Click ‘submit recipe’
3. Select ‘St. Joseph’s West Hindmarsh’ from the drop box
4. Enter details of your recipe!

Please ensure submissions are entered no later than Monday 28th June.

All recipes will be collated into a book for us by the publisher and then available to purchase! This may take some time to assemble and the final cost of the book will depend on the size once all submissions are entered. We estimate the final cost will be between $20-$30.

We look forward to seeing all of your cultural dishes and thank you all for taking the time to share them with us. Please note, entering a recipe submission does not mean you are obliged to purchase the book.

Competition: Family Recipe Book Cover Artwork

Hello families, I am hoping you have all seen the information that has been sent out regarding our very exciting ‘SJSH Family Recipe Book’.

We have been fortunate enough to receive a ‘sample’ of a similar book created by another school by the same publishing house we are using (see images).

I know we have some FANTASTIC artists here at St Joseph’s so I am invited all students from R-6 to participate in a competition to design the cover art for the book.

We are also pleased to let you know that the winner of the cover art will also win A FREE COOKBOOK! (estimated to cost between $25-$30).

The criteria for submitting the cover art is as follows:

  • students can work in groups with their siblings to create the cover
  • Cover needs to be A4 size
  • Title needs to read ‘St Joseph’s West Hindmarsh Book of family recipes’ or ‘Book of Recipes by the families of St Joseph’s West Hindmarsh’
  • Cover needs to be in colour and HAND DRAWN
  • Cover needs to be submitted by Miss Taormina by Friday 25th June
  • Remember this concept of the book is about all the wonderful cultures we have here at SJSH and sharing our most loved family recipes
  • Artist name and class must be on back of the cover design -

? The winner of the cover art will be decided by The Cultural Committee and leadership GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! ?

- Miss T, Italian Teacher

Sample of another schools Recipe Book

More Poetic Responses from 5/6 T DP for Reconciliation

'We Are Sorry' by Antoni & Sebastian

Words cannot describe how sorry we are, for the sins of our ancestors who came from afar.

We are sorry for the things that we have done,

we are sorry for taking away your daughters and sons. 

We are sorry for the people who died and for taking those lives that cannot be revived.

Please forgive us for destroying your homes, we did not think of how it would leave you all alone. 

What we did was the worst, we should have thought about you first. 

Although Kevin Rudd tried his best to fix the errors of the rest, we will never understand your pain, so please understand, people can change. 

'We Say Sorry' Poem by Marlie & Perse

For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, for their families left behind. 


To the mothers and fathers, to the brothers and sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities.  


For the breaking up of proud people and a proud culture, 


We came to this land with our weapons and our guns, we are so sorry, we just want to be one.


'We are sorry' Poem by Natalie & Leila

Why did we do this? What was the point when we knew that it was their land, we stole their lives and family. This could be a big misunderstanding, but we still broke hearts. The confusion, the sadness and the anger, why did we take them away? 

We are sorry to everyone, to the mothers and the fathers who got their children taken away and the brothers and sisters who got separated, we are sorry. 

On this day we reflect on what has happened in the past, we all say sorry to what has happened.

Learning in the Classroom

Religious Education News

Sacramental Program

Please see the attached PDF that was also emailed to families involved in the Sacramental Program.

Confirmation Parent-Child sessions will begin on Tuesday the 29th June here at St Joseph’s Hindmarsh Sacred Heart Hall from 6:30-8pm.

Session 1: 29th June 6:30pm
Session 2: 3rd August 6:30pm
Session 3:10th August 6:30pm
Rehearsal:17th August 6:30pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Port Road Hindmarsh

Information about Sacramental Program

Assemblies and Liturgies

Assembly Week 8 – 2/3R and RS

Assembly Week 9- RGA and 5/6C

Liturgy Week 8-1SB in the Chapel following morning Fitness, parents are most welcome to join in this service.

Liturgy Week 9- 1C and 5/6TDP

Feast of the Sacred Heart

In Week 7, the Year 5/6 classes hosted a whole school Mass in honour of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, the patron of our Parish Church, Sacred Heart, Hindmarsh.

The feast of the Sacred Heart is held on the Friday following the second Sunday after Pentecost and has a liturgical colour of white.

Jesus had “heart” but, more importantly, He had heart. The word “heart” is synonymous with grit, soul, intuition, love, strength, generosity, and, in its most total sense, the very centre of humans. The feast of the Sacred Heart embraces all of those meanings. Christ’s Sacred Heart teaches us that God loves us as a friend loves a friend, as a parent loves a child, or as a sibling loves his closest brother or sister.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, You told us to ask and we shall receive, to seek and we shall find, to knock and the door shall be opened. Today, we ask, we seek, and we knock, in the sure and certain hope that you will hear us and answer us. Amen.

Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Bulletin

School Notices

Second hand uniforms

Did you know we have a dedicated Facebook Group, 'St Joseph's Hiindmarsh - Second Hand Uniforms', where you can buy and sell your school uniforms?

Follow this link to register and join the community.

The Breakfast Club is back!

Thank you to Jacki Bishop, our friendly parent volunteer and our partnership with FOODBANK, the breakfast club will operate three times a week for students.

Breakfast will be served every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.30 am until 8.45 am. 

We would love to have more VOLUNTEERS assist – Many hands make light work!

Do you want to Volunteer in the School?

Volunteers are truly valued at St Joseph's.

All Volunteers are required to hold:

  1. a valid and current Working with Children's Check (WWCC). This is at no cost to the Volunteer.
  2. CESA Volunteer Application documentation
  3. to complete the Responding to Abuse and Neglect: Education and Care (RAN-EC) online for volunteers. Please use the following link:
    The school also runs a face-to-face training course. Please refer to future Newsletters for dates.

COVID-19 Update

Stop the Spread by staying home when sick

Please consider others. Stay home if you, your child or someone living with you us unwell.

Fruit Fly ??

We have contacted the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and confirmed we are in the red ? zone . 

We have been advised that ? honeydew, ? watermelon, ? pineapple,? rock melon,? cucumber and ? carrot can be brought on to our premises and is also permitted to leave the school if the student has not consumed it during the day.

You can purchase fruit from a green ? or yellow ? zone store and bring to school. However, if the fruit is not consumed it must not leave the school. Please note fruit purchased from a store in the red zone or home grown in a red ? zone are not permitted to be brought to school.

Please refer to website for current maps of zoning as this is regularly updated by PIRSA. If you have any further questions regarding zoning and the various requirements, please contact PIRSA directly. 

More than a Word. Reconciliation Takes Action

As a means of reinforcing the message of Reconciliation week, we have discussed the importance of friendship, kindness and love. The children have created hearts using air dry clay and have decorated them using sticks and cotton tips to dot designs in the colours of the Aboriginal Flag. 

STEM Learning in Year 2R

In Technology we continue to focus on unplugged coding. We were introduced to the Flurb! We used arrows to create an algorithm to help the Flurb find his fruit. Our next step is to record our own algorithm and share with a partner. 

Yr 2R STEM: Exploring Google Earth

We spent some time in pairs, exploring Google Earth. The children had to locate St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh. Then they were given the task to locate other significant places. Some went to Uluru, The Eiffel Tower, The Statue of Liberty and even Krispy Creams on Port Road. The children enjoyed this learning experience. 

School Community Service

Leading the Way! Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

‘All students have the potential to develop leadership skills over time and they also have the right to develop and demonstrate leadership skills.’

What we encourage at St Joseph’s, is for all the senior students to see ‘leadership’ as a role they play in their commitment to their school community. 

They are encouraged to demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to their school and local community.

In the words of St Mary MacKillop…

Well done Nayia in Year 5/6 C who has seen a need and is doing something about it!

‘Words of Wisdom’ from a Year 6 student’s point of view

Popularity is not leadership. -Richard Marcinko

My name is Nayia, and I am a year 6 student at SJSH; this year I will be graduating from primary school. I started at St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh in 2019 and have enjoyed the time I have spent in primary school.

The quote ‘Popularity is not leadership’ resonates with me and certainly helps me reflect on what is important at school and life in general. Popularity is not what will make me the best version of myself, leadership is!  

You may ask yourself how leadership can help you become the best version of yourself?

Well firstly, I have learnt that doing the right thing without being asked or when no one is watching can be quite rewarding for me, especially when I see the smiles on the faces of those around me.

Mary MacKillop always said, ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’; we do not need to be popular to do the right thing and we do not have to be popular to guide others on the right path and to set a good example for others and be good role models for our peers and for those younger than us. We do however need to stand up for others even when it may be one of the hardest things to do. The great thing is, that no one can stop us from practicing leadership every single day in our home, while we play sports and socialise with each other and at school.

Our school provides many opportunities to practice our leadership skills and to help us refine these skills, through ‘community service’, which encourages the senior students to see ‘leadership’ as a role they play, in their commitment to the school community. As students, we are encouraged to demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others at school and in the local community.

We are encouraged to help with the school newsletter, or to write an article for the newsletter, as I have.  I hope my leadership in writing this article inspires my fellow year 6 peers to write some words of wisdom for the parents and students of SJSH.

‘Words of wisdom’ that can help improve us as individuals but also improve the way we socialise and interact with each other at school and bring our motto of ‘In All things Love’ to the forefront of our education.  Nayia 5/6 C

Enrolment into Preschool & Reception 2022

Please let your family and neighbours know that we are able to offer a few places currently in Term 3 this year for Preschool and School.

Maria D’Aloia, our Principal is now conducting interviews for 

  • Preschool Term One and Three for 2022 
  • Reception Term One and Three for 2023

If you have a child or have a relative or neighbour who will commence in these years and you have not enrolled, please contact the school office to organise an interview.

Vacation Care Program out now!

Head to our website to read our upcoming Vacation Care Program for the July School Holidays. Click here to view the Program!

Beginning this week, Vacation Care bookings are now open to the wider community. Due to demand spaces are limited. We encourage all families to please place their bookings by Thursday, the 17th of June. Any bookings after this date may not be available due to operational requirements. 

Have you booked OSHC for our upcoming Pupil Free Day?

Pupil Free Day bookings for the 19th are also available through the Vacation Care program. If you are a family with a permanent booking on Friday after school care, you will be automatically booked in for the Early School Finish on the last day of term. Cancellations and bookings will need to be made by Wednesday, 30th of June by 9am to avoid absent fees or casual fees charged. 

Please speak with our OSHC team if you have any questions. :) 

Download: July Vacation Care Program

Don't forget to book in early, spaces will fill up fast!

OSHC Fee Change

St Joseph’s School OSHC would like to inform you of a change to our fees and cancellation policy.

The changes will include an increase to our Before School Care, Half Day and Pupil Free Day fees. It will also introduce a casual fee for all our sessions available and include a change to our cancellation policy. These changes will support the administrative and operational requirements we offer to families and children that access the service.

St Joseph’s OSHC has not had an increase since prior to 2018 for Before, After Care and Pupil Free Days. This change has been approved by the School Board and will come into effect from the attached dates. The amended policy will be available to families after ratification at the next School Board meeting.

Additional support is available for any families that may experience financial hardship. Please speak with Matt, our Director for further information if required. 

We thank the families for the ongoing commitment and support of the OSHC program. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Fee Structure per Child

Cancellation Example

Sport Forms: We've gone digital!

Reminder: When using the SkoolBag app please click the School Logo, followed by “eForms” to access the permission forms.

Cross Country Information

STUDENTS IN YEAR 3-6 wanting to attend the SACPSSA Cross Country on August 5th  are invited to attend Cross Country Training at 8:10am sharp on the school oval in weeks 7-9. Students will need to attend at least one Thursday to be selected to attend. 

The SACPSSA Cross Country Carnival is held each year in the East Parklands, starting on the Prince Alfred College Oval and making its way along a 2km course through Park 15.

SAPSASA Knockout Soccer

Students in Year 5/6 participated in the Year 6 Boys and Girls SAPSASA Statewide Knockout Championship at Ellis Park today. We played 2 games against St Michael’s Lutheran and St Joseph’s Hectorville but sadly we did not advance to the next round. Well done to our SAPSASA Knockout Soccer Teams for your enthusiastic participation.

SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnival

Last Thursday 25 students from Year 3-6 attended the SACPSSA Lacrosse Carnival at West Beach. Our teams had a brilliant day out, winning majority of the games we played. The girls were umpired by volunteer Daniela, an old scholar who commenced playing lacrosse as a student at St Joseph’s and still plays for Woodville Lacrosse Club! What a great example of the pathways into community sport provided by our school! 

SAPSASA Netball Carnival

Congratulations to Yr 6 students Grace and Darcy who were recently selected to play in the SAPSASA Netball Championships for the Western District. Their team was particularly proud of beating long-time rivals Airport in a nail biter! Great job girls! 

Year 2/3 School Netball

Most of the girls have never played and have handled every loss so far with grace and excellent sportsmanship.

Last week they had their first win and to say it has boosted their morale is an understatement ?

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards Program

How do you teach your kids about money when (almost) no one uses cash anymore?

Head to this link and learn how to give them a head start, so they can build good money habits.

Parenting Insights

Article: Establishing digital boundaries for a good night's sleep

Kids' and teens' digital habits have a significant impact on their sleep leading to a possible range of mental health and learning problems.

Article: Use your words Dad

Fathers can best support their children through difficult times by listening to what they have to say.

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