St Matthew's Catholic Primary School

Term 1, 30th March 2021. No 5

Parish Priest: Fr Florentino (Boy) Galdo

School Principal: Mr Bob Brown

Deputy Principal: Mrs Carmela D’Amato

RE Leader: Mrs Helen Howden

School Email:

School Phone: 0393595423 

Principal's Message

Hello to Students, Parents, Staff and Friends of St Matthew’s,                        

We are so glad that we have been able to relax the mask rules and also allow parents of students from Years 1 – 6 into pick up their students each afternoon now. Once again I sincerely thank all parents for your patience with this. It is greatly appreciated. You may still see me wearing a mask, but that is my own choice and also doctor’s instructions. Please remember if you child/children have any symptoms please keep them at home for their classmates and teachers sake. 

Please remember Students and Staff break up for the end of Term 1 this Thursday (Holy Thursday) at normal time 3:15 pm for Easter and the school holidays.

ENROLMENTS ARE OPEN FOR 2022                                                                   

 In Catholic Education Week a couple of weeks ago we conducted our annual Open Day tours. We had quite a number of new parents attend the four sessions throughout the week for Enrolments at St Matthew’s for the 2022 school year for Prep and all other grade levels.

If you have a younger sibling or family, friends or neighbours that are interested please let them know they can still have a tour of the school. We will be continuing these through the first half of Term two before enrolments close. So please ring the office to book a time that is both convenient for yourself and Mrs D’Amato and myself. We certainly look forward to meeting you and taking throughout our wonderful school. If you are unable to come in or have a younger sibling starting next year please come into office to receive an enrolment pack asap.


We were blessed to have two lovely Saturday evenings recently in three separate ways:

1.     Firstly, our Prep students and parents and siblings attended a very meaningful Mass celebrated by our Parish Priest Fr Boy. Both grades capped off both masses with their vibrant rendition of “If I was a Butterfly.” Two wonderful performances.

2.     Secondly, the weather on both occasions was very comfortable and pleasant.

3.      Finally, we enjoyed a picnic outside at the park benches on the Soccer field. A good night had by all.

4.     My sincere thanks once again to all the families who attended, your presence as members of our school community is truly valued. Also my sincere thanks to Mrs Helen Howden (Our Religious Education Leader) for planning the Mass, to both our Prep teachers Miss Vanessa Piscitelli and Miss Jenna Pedersen, our members of the Leadership Team – Mrs Carmela D’Amato(our Deputy Principal & Leader of Teaching & Learning), Mrs Rina Carfi (our Literacy Leader), Mrs Katrina White (our Mathematics Leader) and our two Learning Support Officers for Prep Mrs Silvia Gauci (Prep A) & Mrs Sue Kynigopooulos (Prep B). Well done everyone on a great team effort!



The Program Support Group (PSG) is a vital and ongoing component of planning that is provided for students with diverse learning needs at St Matthew’s.

Mrs Helen Howden (our Learning Diversity Leader) has been very busy meeting with the majority of parents face to face and a couple through virtual meetings last week and also this has continued this week as well. In total Helen will have made contact with 60 families regarding their child’s learning needs, which is a mammoth effort. Thank you to the many parents for commitment and input at these meetings. Also a Big Thank You & Well done Helen, I am sure you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.


I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr Andrew Burrafato (Mr B our PE Teacher) for organising our ride to School Day last Friday week. It was a huge success with so many students riding their bikes, scooters, skateboards and roller blades to school. Also a big thank you and congratulations to Emilia Fileccia (School Vice-Captain) for coming up with the great ideas of having designated areas for Grade levels to park their bikes and to have set times for each grade level during the day so there wasn’t congestion during riding time. Well Done Emilia!! Also many thanks to the staff who assisted at the beginning, during and at the end of the day.                                                     

Please see photos (Happy Snaps) of the day on the accompanying pages.


Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm.

At St. Matthew’s we have a number of different programs and processes that we use to support the children to understand: what bullying is, to support them to take a stand against bullying and how to seek help if they feel they are being bullied. 

On the National Day of Action against Bullying  on Friday 19th March more learning took place to ensure that all children understand that bullying is not ok and won’t be tolerated at St. Matthew’s.                           

This year’s slogan is Take Action Together. This is a lovely way of working together to ensure we are all happy, safe and respected when we are at school.

As a school we have revisited our school rules with the children and this is a great way to help the children understand how to be safe when they are at school. Throughout the year we will continue sharing our learning and knowledge through the newsletter and displays around the school so keep your eyes out. 

I hope the predicted weather takes place this week and that you all have a most joyous Easter with your Families and Friends and a most enjoyable two weeks in the school holidays. I look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces back on Monday 19th April at 8.40 am sharp.

Take care everyone!

Mr Bob Brown – Principal



2021 Term Dates


TERM 1   Friday 29th January       -     Thursday 1st April

Term 1 Events

Wednesday 31st March  -  Holy Week liturgy in the Church or Hall (Students Only)

-  9.15am Easter Bonnet Parade (Students and staff only)

Thursday 1st April  -   Holy Thursday. 

-  2.40pm Final Assembly, Principal Awards (Students and staff only) (Link will be sent)

- 3.15 school concludes for Term 1

Friday 2nd April     -    Good Friday

Sunday 4th April    -    Easter Sunday


TERM 2   Monday 19th April           -        Friday 25th June

TERM 3   Monday 12th July           -          Friday 17th September

TERM 4   Monday 4th October       -        Friday 17th December

Easter: 2nd April –5th April 2021 (DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS)

Sacramental Program Dates



Prayer for Holy Week



This year’s theme was Take Action Together so our student’s set out to work together to create art pieces, and many discussions were held in levels to discuss the importance of stamping out Bullying and working together to create a positive culture at St Matthew’s.

Have a look at the amazing work that they did!

Mrs Jackie Fleischmann

Wellbeing Leader.

St Matthew's National Day of Action 2021


Tinker and Create Room

Thank you for your donations so far, the tinker and create room is starting to take shape!

Is your child a tinker and a creator? Tinkering is all about hands-on experiences – experimenting with materials and discovering how they can be combined in interesting and creative ways. It’s an opportunity to spend time exploring and being innovative. (Scitech).   Beginning Term 2, the  students at St Matthew’s will have an opportunity to visit the Tinker and Create room at lunchtimes on specified days. In this room, they can plan, build, design and  create to their heart's content. The aim is to eventually have the room set up so that all classes will take part in tinkering and creating throughout the school day.  

To help us get started, can you help with donating any of the following:

  • Small plumbing pipes (PVC)

  • Icypole sticks (new)

  • Lego

  • Wood offcuts, wooden boards and wooden blocks

  • Old locks and keys, door handles, light switches, remote controls etc. 

  • Pieces of synthetic grass

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Pieces of fabric (calico, burlap, poplin or plain coloured pieces)

  • Plastic cups

  • Tape measures

  • Tooth picks (new)

  • Wooden blocks

  • Nails

  • Washers

  • Old electronics and items to take apart

  • Robotics kits that you no longer need

  • Old and broken laptops, computers, sewing machines, video & CD players, phones, fans, clocks, microwaves, toasters and other kitchen appliances, heaters, fans, bikes, push & pull toys, battery operated toys…

  • Meccano or a variety of nuts & bolts, chains, metal plates & brackets etc

We are looking forward to setting up this exciting new space within our school!

Gardening Club

The gardening club was very busy last Friday pulling out weeds, getting garden beds ready and planting seedlings.  Tomorrow, Miss Ks groups will be turning the soil in the plant boxes ready to plant winter vegetables next term. 

Mrs D'Amato

Weeding and Seedling Time


Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee

Well done to all the children in Years 3 to 6 who had-a-go and entered the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee for 2021. We had 39 students who took up the challenge. The Bee was an online only competition, so the students were divided into Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 - taking their chrome books into the Library last week for a duration of 3o minutes. They were given 30 words of varying difficulty to spell. There were some impressive scores. Spelling seems to be St Matthew’s strength based on Literacy results, and these children have taken the challenge seriously. National finalists will be announced on April 30 in an email I will receive, and on Regardless, every child will receive a participation certificate to be distributed at Assembly. 


March 21 was Harmony Day, which celebrated our country's cultural diversity. It coincided with the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The theme this year was ‘Everyone Belongs’. Our students reflected with dialogue and an activity. Year 5 students created artwork based on three different cultural music -Aboriginal, Iraqi and Italian.

Community News

Play Group

Welcome back everyone,we are happy to invite and encourage families to come to our playgroup every Monday and Thursday from 9am-11am. In the Family Room at st Matthew’s primary school.

Playgroup is an effective program to engage families and children from 0-4 years of age with the school community. There are many many activities that can benefit your children in many different ways.

For further information and bookings, please call Bushra (Playgroup Coordinator) on 0451474773 or call the school office on 0393595423.

Due to current restrictions there will be a limit of a maximum of 10 parents with their children for each of these sessions.  Please be aware that all adults will need to wear a face mask during the time they are at playgroup. We thank you for your understanding regarding this. We are looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Mercy College Holiday Program

Simonds College

Northern Saints FC

Tennis Program

School Holidays Tennis ProgramMonday 12th April, Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th April 20219.30am to 11am $35 per day or $90 for the 3 days9.30am to 12.30pm $60 per day or $180 for the 3 days at: 

North Park Tennis Club, Flemington Road Parkville.For further information contact Gabriel 0418178328


Extend outside school hours care

The information provided in the following attachment will assist families with any bookings and services provided by Extend. 

PRACE courses

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