Mansfield Primary School Newsletter

No.11 October 15th, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

When our students started coming back last week, there was a lot of talk about the earthquake.  ‘Where were you when the earthquake happened?’ was a common greeting.  It was great to see a some of our students become famous reporters.  Tom Steele was on the TV and in the Courier, Ashley Harbour was on the news and Jake and Nick Hoskin had a piece on BTN.

What a crazy start to Term 4!  It is wonderful to have students back at school but moving in and out of remote learning is a real challenge for our Grade 3 to 6 students.  My fingers, and toes, are crossed that once everyone is back on the 26th October, we will be able to maintain that until the end of the year.

 Our teachers have the wellbeing of the kids at the forefront of their planning and teaching and there are lots of opportunities to work together and play together.  It is great to see our students reconnecting with each other and building on their friendships from earlier in the year.


I have had a number of questions about masks for our Grade 3 to Grade 6 kids this week.  We know that the Department of Health has advised that students in Grade 3 to 6 are required to wear masks, indoors at school, unless an exemption applies.  I am waiting on further advice from the Department of Education to see what that will look like at MPS and will communicate that as soon as I can.

Like always, please get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.  Call or email your classroom teacher, call the front office or email me 

Have a great weekend.

Take Care,


Notes from the Office


Uniform is to be ordered through Spartan School Supplies.

We now have a full range of uniform on display at the front office for you to view before making your purchases online. 

We have a limited range of second hand school jumpers available that can be purchased from the front office.


Please note we cannot return items that have no name. Please ensure uniform is clearly labelled with your child's name. 


A reminder to pack spare clothes for your child. We have a small supply of spare clothing if needed however we are in need of smaller sizes 4,6,8 in pants & shorts. If your child has come home in a change of clothing we ask that you please wash & return to school. Thank you. 


Please make sure you have been in contact with us regarding bus travel for next week. Any changes to your afternoon bus travel arrangements are to be made by 2.30pm of the day of travel. This can be made via the Skoolbag App under E-Forms, email or by phone. 

Year 6 students celebrating being back onsite! Taking some time to catch up in the sun...

World Teacher's Day

Thank you to the Delatite Hotel & Produce Store team who provided morning tea to our staff to celebrate 'World Teacher's Day' last week. 


Due to the prolonged lockdown in Term 3, 2021 we have extended the 2021 Prep CSEF uniform package until the end of November.  This means that any families/carers that have not yet submitted their forms can still do so until the end of this term. All the information for these packages can be found on our website here.

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Parent and Relationship Education Term 4 Schedule


Parent and Relationship Education 2 hour Sessions Term 4


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