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Principal's Reflection

Friday 13th August 2021 Edition 2, Volume 6

On 8th August we celebrated Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day as a Catholic community across the world.  On Monday we celebrated as a Catholic school. Mary continually showed courage, respect and kindness in her vocation as the leader of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. She was strong when her body was ill; she stood up when all seemed against her, and most of all, she saw the power in working as a team for the common good of those who did not have a voice. We gathered as a Catholic School, together in God’s love, inspired by our patron and only Australian Saint, Mary MacKillop. Laura, our Catholic Identity Leader, led us in liturgy, song and prayer. Thank you Laura.

 Mary’s commitment to her faith, learning for all and compassion for all, inspires me to see the good and the possibilities of what can happen if you believe in yourself and have faith in God. The St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School motto is based on Mary's quote when she said on 9th December 1884, “ May the spirit of unity and love reign amongst us.” We thank Mary for inspiring us to action “Spirit of Unity: Respect Courage Kindness.”  

I would like to give a shout out to the Administration Team, Jenn and Sylvia for the mountain of work they have been ploughing through over the past few weeks. Both women have provided a great deal of support to me  and I would like to acknowledge their efforts. 

Before lockdown occurred there was some fascinating learning happening in the classroom about measurement.  I am delighted how the children are able to articulate their learning goals. Thank you to the teachers for the intentional learning that is taking place.

I compliment our families on the wonderful and creative learning that is being shared on Seesaw by our students. We value your continued support to your children and the St Joseph’s educators.

In the last newsletter a Google form was shared to add any feedback from parents regarding successes, challenges and suggestions of how remote learning could be improved. Please continue to add to this form. It allows us to hear your voice and continually try to improve our practice.

I pray for all of the St Joseph’s Community, the St Andrew’s Parish and our state, that we stay safe from this virus and the lockdown concludes quickly. Stay strong and keep hopeful. We will try our best to check in and stay connected.

Kindest regards,



I am pleased to inform the St Joseph's Community that Hayley Frazzetto and Chrissy Edwards have been appointed in the Deputy Principal position for 2022/23.  This will be a shared role across the week. Congratulations to both ladies! 


You may have noticed some schools celebrating 100 days of school for Foundation. We will also be having a celebration day soon. We have been doing the count when we are at school and so our count has not included our remote learning days. We are up to our 85th day this Friday. When we reach 100 we will have a celebration day all about the number 100. We are really looking forward to it and want to share it together when we can be onsite. Keep your eyes out for the SkoolBag notice to let you know the day and get your 100 year old person costumes ready!


Fantastic news for Environmental Education - We have received the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant for 2021. This will enable us to start work on a kitchen garden where we will be able to plant some edible plants to tend, harvest, cook and share together as a community. We will also be constructing a native bee hotel to encourage native bees to our garden to help pollinate the plants. Students have learnt a lot about native bees and the plants we need to draw them to the garden. I have ordered some materials and students have begun thinking about garden design and what we need to help the plants thrive. During remote learning some students have already begun to plant some seeds. Exciting times ahead. A big thank you to Woolworths and Landcare Australia.


My favourite thing was learning about shorter and longer (length) - Jeremy & Claire

In remote learning we wrote sentences and practised our phonemes - Srinika 

I learnt about using adjectives - Leah 

I learnt how Mary MacKillop started a school - Kaelan 

I learnt to sound out my words in my head and then record them out loud - Hazel 

Being responsible means you have to take care of your things - Eloise 

I can be responsible by looking after my iPad and being safe on the playground - Riyansh 


Numeracy - In recent Maths lessons we had some fun learning about giving directions to one another using the words left, right, forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. We worked in pairs and small groups and even got to direct and roll a potato which represented an Olympic athlete. We have also been doing some work on fractions and recording ourselves discussing a whole, quarters and halves.

Art - The Year 1/2s have enjoyed learning about different artists. Here are some of our Pop Art pictures for you to scroll through.


The students in Year 3/4L have been working very hard online and at home.  We were proud to begin to hand out pen licences to our Grade 4 students.    We have been engrossed in reading the “Super Fudge” series by Judy Blume as well as writing and creating various styles of Poetry.  In Maths we are learning our Times Tables and completing challenging work.  We have been very enthusiastic tuning into our Inquiry Concept “Does Art Have Power?”, producing excellent and creative pieces.  In Religious Education we have been learning about how Christians are called to be disciples of Jesus and the great work of Mary MacKillop.


This term Year 5/6 have shown incredible resilience and flexibility towards learning. Each learner has shown they are extremely capable of reaching their goals in any learning environment. 

We have enjoyed ‘Tuning In’ to our inquiry concept ‘How Does Art Have Power?’ by experimenting with different materials and artforms. The pictures show how much fun we are having exploring! 

Here are some of our class highlights of this term so far;

My favourite thing this term was going to the farm and riding a horse! ~ Lemuela

The highlight of my term so far has been going to the farm and milking the cow, the Potato Olympics and exploring art. ~ Heemakshi 


Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools – School Improvement Surveys (MACSSIS), formerly known as CEMSIS, are a low impact, high-return set of tools for creating, collecting, analysing, interpreting and using data to inform Catholic school improvement. MACSSIS produces perception data which tells us what different people in a school community think and feel about their learning environment. This will help guide our School Improvement Plan and Annual Action Plan. Family participation in completing the surveys is important because it gives voice anonymously to how families, students and staff are tracking and what we can do to improve learning, teaching and wellbeing.



FATHER'S DAY LITURGY - Tuesday 31st August @ 8:45am (online)

We invite all our fathers, carers, and special persons to the Father’s Day Liturgy which will be held online on Tuesday 31st August, beginning at 8:45am sharp. We will communicate the event details very soon.


We are preparing the internet and computer systems so that St Joseph’s can deliver NAPLAN online in 2022. ​​The School Readiness Test is a preparation event for schools to determine their capacity to deliver online tests. This will be occurring over the next month. No formal student results are provided. 


We held the first School Advisory Council meeting last week. Thank you to the parents who attended the meeting and have put themselves forward to join this team. If you are interested in joining, please contact me directly on or call on 8742 3381.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Administration Update

School Attendance - SkoolBag or Voicemail

If your child is absent from school you must communicate this with the school office. SkoolBag has an attendance e-form which can be filled out and submitted. This will be sent directly to the office.

Alternatively, please use the school phone number (8742 3381) and select the attendance line option. When leaving a message please ensure you clearly state your child’s full name, class and the reason for their absence. We must have a valid reason for marking your child/children absent. Thank you for your co-operation as it is much appreciated.

2021 School Fees

Thank you to all those families who have kept up to date thus far with school fees. We are very pleased with the different avenues families are able to pay in such uncertain times. This is just a gentle reminder that all school fees need to be settled by Week 1 of Term 4 unless you are on a direct debit plan.

If you would like to make a payment during lockdown, you are able to transfer funds directly to St Joseph's via our bank account. Please contact the office for bank details. We will be following fees up with families between now and the end of Term 3. 

The SkoolBag app is the easiest way to keep up with school events, last minute notices, access the attendance e-form, view newsletters and receive all school communications.


Do you have a child currently in Year 5?

Applications for Year 7 Enrolments 2023 are now open and will close on Friday 20 August 2021. Please visit for further information.


Friday 20th August: Year 7 MacKillop Enrolments Due

Thursday 26th August: Museum of Art & Play Excursion

Tuesday 31st August: Father's Day Liturgy 8:45am (online)

Tuesday 31st August: Reconciliation Family Meeting

Thursday 9th September: Reconciliation

Thursday 16th September: Last Day Term 3 (Finish 3:10pm)

Friday 17th September: School Closure Day (RE Reflection Day)

Monday 4th October: First Day Term 4

Wednesday 6th October: Art Expo

Thursday 2nd December: Year 6 Graduation

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