Wednesday 24 February, 2021


24 & 25 FebruaryWhole School Photos
24 - 25 FebruaryYr. 4 Camp Wyuna, 4A, 4B & 4C
25 - 26 FebruaryYr. 4 Camp Wyuna, 4D, 4E, 4F & 4G
26 FebruaryCity to Surf District Tennis - Selected students
26 FebruaryYr.'s 3-6 Assembly 2:20pm
26 FebruaryYr. 1 Excursion Marine Discovery Centre
1 - 5 MarchYr. 4 Swimming
1 - 3 MarchYr.'s 5/6 Personal Development Education
1 March Whole School Photos, 4A, 4B & 4C
4 MarchYr. 2 Incursion - Our Community Police Car visit
5 MarchYr.'s F-2 Assembly 2:20pm
9 MarchSTEM Gals - Selected Students
10 MarchYr.'s 3-6 House Cross Country at Torquay Front Beach
11 & 12 March Yr. 6 Incursion - Lifechanger
12 MarchYr.'s 3-6 Assembly 2:20pm
15 - 19 MarchYr. 3 Swimming
19 MarchYr.'s F-2 Assembly 2:20pm
22 & 23 MarchYr. 6 Incursion - Lifechanger
26 MarchWhole School Assembly 2:20pm
1 AprilLast Day of Term 1
19 AprilFirst Day of Term 2
19 & 22 AprilYr. 6 Incursion - Lifechanger
27 AprilSTEM Gals - Selected students
12, 13, 24 & 27 MayYr. 6 Incursion - Lifechanger
18 MaySTEM Gals - Selected students
14 & 17 JuneYr. 6 Incursion - Lifechanger

Principal's Report

Dear School Community Members,

I continue to be amazed by the wonderful start to the school year! Whilst we were thrown a ‘curve ball’ with three days of Remote and Flexible learning last week, our school has had a productive, successful and enthusiastic start to Term 1. During my class visits, I have observed and experienced the rich classroom cultures that will maximise the teaching and learning programs across the school. Classes have completed their ‘Learning How to Learning’ program and have begun engaging in the ‘formal’ curriculum. Whilst our Meet and Greet Discussions were in a different format than planned (held over the phone), it has been pleasing to hear of the positive start to the year many of our students have had. It was also pleasing to hear of the strategies and goals parents, guardians and teachers have agreed on to support our students throughout the year.

Cyber Safety for Happy, Resilient Digital Kids: As a dad of four children and a leader of a primary school, I am regularly investigating ways we, as parents, can support our children to navigate their way through the endless possibilities, yet complex world of digital technologies. Setting up ‘good habits’ with digital technology is something that I encourage all families to consider as we begin a new school year. I recently read a great article regarding Cyber Safety and developing resilient kids, with the link included below. I encourage families to read the article as the messages and advice in this article are practical, achievable and effective.


Specialist Program for 2021: Like all Government School in Victoria, the students at Torquay College engage in a mandated curriculum set out in the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. In primary schools, the majority of this curriculum is taught by the home-room teacher, whilst some aspects of the curriculum are delivered by a ‘specialist’ teacher. Our specialist program for this year looks a little different from last year – we are pleased to announce that Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama) is part of our specialist program. Our specialist program for 2021 includes: 

·       Physical Education

·       Indonesian

·       The Arts: 6 months of Visual Arts and 6 months of Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama)

Students engage in these programs weekly. Through QuayNotes, we will be sharing regular updates on what students are learning in each of these areas.

Principal Team Responsibilities: As a Principal Team, Ms Nadia, Ms Burgess and I value working together to maximise the learning outcomes and wellbeing of each student. This includes being very active and visible within classrooms. With this in mind, we have implemented a sub-school model which will allow us to work more closely with specific year levels.

Initially, classroom teachers are the first point of contact to discuss any issues or concerns. If further support is required, please contact the relevant Principal Team member as outlined below.

Foundation – Yr. 2:       Nadia Tkaczuk

Yr. 3 – Yr. 6:                    Emily Burgess

Student Learning – Yr. 3: Our Year 3 students have had a fantastic start to 2021. The classes are enjoying working in their refurbished learning environments. We have been working hard to establish a positive and respectful classroom culture. Development of independence in daily routines has been a key focus over the first few weeks of term. 

In Literacy, we have been working through the ‘first 20 days’ of establishing the skills and strategies utilised effectively by readers and writers. Students have been building their reading stamina through daily independent reading in the classroom. Our focus in Maths has been determining the students’ point of need, with a focus on place value concepts. Students have been exposed to these concepts through the use of concrete materials and manipulatives. The Year 3 Inquiry Unit is ‘Celebrations’, where students are encouraged to share and explore different celebrations and commemorations from around the world. This will culminate in a ‘Celebration Day’ towards the end of the term. Student learning and wellbeing is enriched through regular brain breaks and mindfulness activities, Huff & Puff and community circles. 

Farewell Ms Dianne Hickey: Today we farewell Ms Dianne Hickey as she has resigned from her position at Torquay College. Dianne has been part of our staff team for the past 18 months as the Equity and Inclusion leader. Dianne’s contribution to our school has been very influential, and her commitment and contribution to education has been profound over many years. We wish Dianne well in the next phase of her life and we thank her for all that she has done for Torquay College.

Student Leadership Positions: Our student leaders have continued to display and demonstrate the high standards we expect from our leaders. Whilst our full complement of students leaders for 2021 are yet to be finalised, congratulations to the following leaders for the wonderful example they are setting for our students:

School Captains:                   Millie Cuthbertson        Nathan Long                

School Vice Captains:           Arabella Leahy              Archie McKie   

House captains:                    Scammel                      Alexis Smith & Kyan Walters

                                                Charlemont                  Indianna Hamilton & Jack Langdon

                                                 Bancoora                      Emmy Smith & Jordan Penrice

                                                 Inverlochie                   Sarah Speldewinde & Mitchell Mooney

Friendly Reminder: To maximise your child’s learning time and to minimise disruptions to classrooms, please make sure your child is at school by 8.25am each day. Our school day starts at 8.30am and late arrivals often miss important instruction and information. This helps us to make a prompt and effective start to classes by 8.30am. It also assists your child to settle in ready for the day.

I also remind all parents and students that if you are late or are leaving early, that is a requirement that students are signed in (late) or out at the office. This is a legal requirement of the school.

School Council: Our School Council meet last Wednesday night. The Council play an important role in the schools governance and oversee the formulation of policies, plans for facilities and infrastructure, scrutiny of finance, and the long term vision and direction of the school. Below is a summary of the meeting from Wednesday night:

·       We welcomed Tom Lynch to Council

·       The consultants engaged by School Council to consult our community on the future operations and governance of our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program facilitated a discussion regarding OSHC at Torquay College

·       Through the National Schools Chaplaincy program, Torquay College received funding for a Chaplain in 2020. Unfortunately, Torquay College did not receive funding for 2021. School Council endorsed the exploration of engaging in a partnership with a local community group to fund a Chaplain for 2021.

Staff Development: This week our staff participated in their annual CPR update. Along with CPR, staff engage in annual updates for Anaphylaxis, mandatory reporting, Child Safe Standards and other learning/programs/courses to maximise the wellbeing, health and safety of our students.

Thank you for supporting our school and have a great week.

Christian Smith

Acting Principal

Student of the week

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
1A - Lincoln R

2A - Charlie L

Eva G

3A - Curtly K

Momo G

4A - Maicie H

5A - Mitchell W

Logan W

6A - Josh D

Georgie R

1B - Zak F

2B - Evelyn M

Max W

3B - Lincoln E

Te Hamua M

4B - Maximus A

5B - Stevie B

Casey C

6B - Koby H

Ryder D

1C - Jackson F

2C - Frida M

Issy B

3C - Jacob P

Will S

4C - Faith G

Kupa R

5C - Taj G

Zane T

6C - Olivia H

Harry P

1D - Riley F

2D - Archie V

Annabelle M

3D - Oscar G

Todd H

4D - Lola J

Felix H

6D - Ke'ali S

Reece H

1E - Esther E

2F - Emma F

Charli H

3E - Rosie R

4E - Jake C

6E - Brooke V

Jai C

1F - Albie T

4F - Violet C

6F - Ruby C

Noah C

4G - Kye C

6G - Winter R

Noah R

Surf Coast Secondary College Open Evening

Torquay College

Torquay College provides quality education enabling students to reach their potential. Students will be supported in developing optimism, self-esteem and a strong sense of community attachment.


By focusing on the three College values of respect, friendship and doing your best we aim to promote resilience in our students.

Torquay College promotes respect, friendship and doing your best.

We focus on these values through prominently displaying them at the College entrance and in classrooms, and using all three in our everyday language.