Celebration of Learning



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Principal's Address...

At the end of last year, when I was in the midst of preparing my ‘Celebration of Learning’ speech, little did I think I would be writing a similar message again this year…the continuing obstacle, which ’shall not be named’, has again tried to create havoc in the lives of our Balmain community and beyond.

This year, as we are all so well aware, remote learning was a part of our lives for over a quarter of the school year, with certain restrictions still continuing to the end of Term 4, such as the inability to celebrate the way we normally would. It certainly hasn’t been easy, and not a simple walk in the (5km LGA) park, however, I personally choose to see the gifts that the pandemic has brought us.

The topsy-turvy world we have navigated through, and continue to do so this year, has been a positive experience...out of adversity, our students have developed such a variety of skills: resilience, patience, perseverance, independence, determination, problem-solving, time management, grit and, of course, using the Google Classroom platform. Our students have learnt to get along with siblings, spend more quality family time at home, as well as to learn new skills, such as cooking, gardening and learning new instruments. As they say, ‘practise makes perfect’ and, second time around, we have all seemingly quickly and easily slid back into the life of Google Classroom and Zoom! Our Kindergarten students have experienced remote learning for the very first time (and hopefully something that won’t need to happen again next year ?) and have also developed brand-new technological skills!

This time around, with the additional gift of the 5km restrictions, a number of our families got out to experience their ‘5km Slice of Heaven’, including myself. This is something that I know I have taken for granted in the past, yet it has been eye-opening to re-experience a love and wonder for nature again.

A ‘Celebration of Learning’ occurs before the actual (this time, digital) event. Achievement and success comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes is quite obvious – competing and winning at different levels, such as sport; learning to play an instrument and performing a solo and as a collective in the band in front of an audience; achieving exemplary results in tests and receiving awards; as well as standing at the front of lines and receiving weekly awards.

Sometimes, achievement is not always obvious, however, but happens very subtly – having the courage to ‘have a go’ at something new, being able to decode an unknown word, reading with more fluency, having that ‘aha!’ moment when the maths concept makes sense, learning how to make a friend, making less mistakes in spelling over time, working with others in a group…the list is endless.

After reading through and signing off on 361 Semester 2 reports recently, it quickly became apparent to me that there are currently 361 students at Balmain Public School, from Kindergarten to Year 6, who have all experienced individual successes and achievements this year. These reports are definitely all a celebration...hopefully you’ve taken the time to celebrate with your children.

They say that…“It takes a village to raise a child”…this African proverb certainly rings true at Balmain Public School; we have a fabulous community working together, to ensure the success of each and every member of our Balmain village.

Firstly, I'd like to acknowledge the hard work, dedication and passion of all of Balmain's teachers and staff, who ensure that the Department of Education’s goal of knowing, valuing and caring for each student, is undeniably upheld. Thank you to each and every one of you, who help make such a positive difference in our children's education.

The next special group of people is our P&C - your collective enthusiasm and dedication with fundraising for the benefit of all our children and school is truly commendable! Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Together, we continue in partnership to deliver a quality education to each and every student at Balmain Public School - that all our students make a strong start in life and education - that all students are engaged and challenged and continue to learn - that all young people have a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, as well as deep content knowledge - that all students are confident in their ability to learn, adapt and be responsible citizens - that all our students will be well-prepared for the future that lies ahead.

This year has certainly been unique and a moment in time to embrace and treasure...'a picture paints a thousand words', as they say...enjoy the highlight reel of '2021 - THE YEAR THAT WAS'...

Mrs Maria Lambos


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Our LEARN LIVE LEAD Awards are aligned to the school's motto...

Today we celebrate the outstanding achievements of many of our students, who continuously strive for success.

Even if you're not receiving an award, I'd like all of you to be proud in knowing that you are setting goals, aiming to raise the bar and that you have done your very best!

'Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.' – Bonnie Blair

K GENTLE - Mrs Lauren Goodridge

LEARN Award - Roland C

being a thoughtful member of Kindergarten Gentle, who has made terrific progress on his first year of his schooling adventures

LEARN Award - Sage T

excellent achievement in all areas, through her outstanding effort and commitment to learning

LIVE Award - Matt N

being a funny, honest and kind class mate, who approaches all aspects of school life with a smile

LIVE Award - Bea H

her positive nature, bright smile and infectious enthusiasm

LEAD Award - Siena T

being a shining star by always following 'The Balmain Way'

LEAD Award - Eamon K

showing tremendous self control and leading others by being responsible and respectful to all

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - K Gentle

K MELLOW - Mrs Belinda Mikhail Bryant

LEARN Award - Leo M

working hard to achieve his highest potential in all areas of learning

LEARN Award - Charlie N

his consistent application in all areas of learning

LIVE Award - Duke L

being a helpful, honest and kind friend to all those around him

LIVE Award - Mischa Y

being a kind, generous and compassionate friend to all around her

LEAD Award - Alex Q

being well-organised and leading his peers to do the same

LEAD Award - Thomasina D

leading by example and organising those around her to do the right thing

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - K Mellow

1/2 ALTRUISM - Ms Amelia Cooper

LEARN Award - Sunny D

applying an excellent level of effort and determination in his learning this year

LEARN Award - Oliver P

his tenacity and outstanding achievement in all learning areas

LIVE Award - Poppy B

her zest, kindness and positivity in all aspects of school life

LIVE Award - Ellie S

her blossoming confidence, sense of humour and willingness to give everything a try once

LEAD Award - Nico H

his initiative, organisation and strong relationships with his peers

LEAD Award - Halle N-W

her compassionate, enthusiastic and respectful conduct

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Altruism

1/2 COMPASSION - Ms Frances Chiang

LEARN Award - Gabriel R

his tremendous growth and effort all year, and for staying committed to his learning

LEARN Award - Aidan B

his consistent and diligent work ethic and genuine desire to further his learning

LIVE Award - Charlotte O

her abundant kindness and generosity to all those around her, and her positivity and flexibility in the face of change

LIVE Award - Elizabeth W

always treating others kindly and compassionately, as well as for her courage in facing difficulties

LEAD Award - Marla H

tremendous growth in her maturity and responsibility for her learning and her relationships

LEAD Award - Cassius S

leading others with his calm, sensible and supportive attitude and problem-solving skills

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Compassion

1/2 FRIENDSHIP - Ms Nancy Ferguson

LEARN Award - Victoria G

her commitment to learning and the interest she takes in extending her knowledge

LEARN Award - James C

his enthusiasm and curiosity towards learning new concepts and working through challenges

LIVE Award - Thomas R

his gentle nature and willingness to help others when in need

LIVE Award - Hamish O

his positive outlook on school life and ability to maintain positive interactions with peers and adults alike

LEAD Award - Naomi O'B

setting a high standard by being an organised, respectful and hard-working learner

LEAD Award - Arianne T

always aligning herself with 'The Balmain Way', caring for others, and showing initiative

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Friendship

1/2 KIND KIDS - Ms Brigit Karstrom

LEARN Award - Sophie G

her diligence and commitment to improving in all learning areas

LEARN Award - Ned T

his rockstar effort and achievement in reading and overall enthusiastic contributions to all learning activities

LIVE Award - Ivy L

embracing learning with eagerness and her positive and passionate outlook on school life

LIVE Award - Jasper G

the bright and joyful energy he brings to school every single day

LEAD Award - Elodie W

setting high expectations for her learning and being caring and considerate when working with others

LEAD Award - Luca S

always using his communication and teamwork skills to direct a group to achieve success

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 1/2 Kind Kids

3/4 HARMONY - Ms Ysanne Holt/Ms Angela Curry

LEARN Award - Elisya G

consistent effort and diligence in all areas of learning

LEARN Award - Charlotte H

excellence in literacy and numeracy

LIVE Award - Millie O

bringing a positive and enthusiastic attitude to everything she does

LIVE Award - Vivan N

his cheerful and zestful nature in the classroom

LEAD Award - Eva K

consistently being a dedicated student and having exceptional leadership skills in the class

LEAD Award - Ziggy S

demonstrating qualities of a hard working and humble leader, who sets strong examples to his peers

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Harmony

3/4 LEOPARD - Ms Louise Jennett

LEARN Award - Emily L

her consistent progress in all Key Learning Areas

LEARN Award - Aitan M

his eagerness to challenge himself and improve his learning goals

LIVE Award - Emma B

displaying an enthusiasm for learning, and always showing 'The Balmain Way'

LIVE Award - Matthew X

always being a kind, honest and responsible Balmain student

LEAD Award - Harriet J

her dedication and commitment to learning and helping others

LEAD Award - Max O

persevering through challenging situations and always demonstrating an honest demeanour

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Leopard

3/4 PHOENIX - Ms Jenny Parkes

LEARN Award - Eirlys J

her insatiable curiosity about the world and infectious enthusiasm for all forms of learning

LEARN Award - Mason M

his excellence in maths and technology and diligence across all other Key Learning Areas

LIVE Award - Summer W

her altruistic and caring approach to her peers and her desire to do the right thing, each and every day

LIVE Award - Jack S

modelling how to overcome any barriers to learning with a combination of positivity, hard work and humour

LEAD Award - Demi G

her tireless endeavours to achieve her best and encourage others to do the same

LEAD Award - Oscar L

leading by example through his exemplary self control, positive nature and dedication to all forms of learning

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 3/4 Phoenix

5/4 RAINBOW - Ms Rose Reedy

LEARN Award - Amelia W

her outstanding effort and application in learning across all areas

LEARN Award - Eli S

his dedication, self-motivation and commitment to learning and achieving his best

LIVE Award - Liz C

her zest for learning, approaching each day at school with positivity, humour and enthusiasm

LIVE Award - Micah C

his humble and intuitive nature and active modelling of 'The Balmain Way'

LEAD Award - Lauren B

her enthusiasm, empathy, contagious energy and kindness towards her peers

LEAD Award - Alfred V

demonstrating to others the importance of cultivating self-regulation and harnessing resilience

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/4 Rainbow

5/6 BELONG - Mr Sean Baumann

LEARN Award - Matilda R

her mature, diligent, creative, and hardworking approach to her learning

LEARN Award - Luca M

his consistent improvement in striving to enhance his learning

LIVE Award - Lexie B

embodying 'The Balmain Way' through her infectious zest for life in everything she does

LIVE Award - Marco M

letting his true personality and confidence shine through in everything he sets his mind to

LEAD Award - Logan P

her unconscious development of her empathetic, natural leadership skills

LEAD Award - Alexander L

being a definitive example of a role model, encompassing 'The Balmain Way'

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Belong

5/6 CALM - Mr David Carlton

LEARN Award - Harper S

her outstanding work ethic and taking on new challenges with determination and confidence

LEARN Award - Dante S

applying an outstanding level of effort towards his learning experiences

LIVE Award - Mac F

setting goals, persisting and achieving success with his positive attitude

LIVE Award - Lauren H

her dedication and commitment to her learning and helping others

LEAD Award - Josephine A

her incredible sense of leadership and great initiative

LEAD Award - Henry C

being an exemplary role model to all students and embodying 'The Balmain Way'

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Calm

5/6 POPPIES - Mrs Amanda Pitman

LEARN Award - Tim W

approaching all learning with dedication, commitment and genuine interest

LEARN Award - Lauren F

setting a high standard by being an organised, respectful and hard-working learner

LIVE Award - Rupert H

his growth in confidence and persistence in both learning and social contexts

LIVE Award - James C

his consistently positive attitude and enthusiasm towards learning and school life

LEAD Award - Ellen D

her humble, inclusive and considerate nature, and willingness to always help others

LEAD Award - Harper K

being a wonderful role model, and displaying the qualities of a successful student, friend and leader

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Poppies

5/6 YIN & YANG - Mrs Annabel Sun

LEARN Award - Liam T

his consistent work ethic and high achievements, across all Key Learning Areas

LEARN Award - Tristan Y

his diligent, determined and reflective approach to all aspects of learning

LIVE Award - Zachariah C

his growth in confidence and organisation, within both learning and social contexts

LIVE Award - Sophia L

actively seeking and applying teacher guidance and feedback, to support her learning

LEAD Award - Eamon W

his initiative, confidence and enthusiasm, when working in collaborative learning contexts

LEAD Award - Maggie H

consistently displaying the qualities of 'The Balmain Way', by being a safe, respectful and responsible learner

LEARN LIVE LEAD Award Recipients - 5/6 Yin & Yang



MINILIT - Reading Program with Ms Whelan

Congratulations to Ethan R and Felix J, for completing the MiniLit course!

MINILIT - Reading Program with Ms Erykah

Congratulations to Margot B, Poppy B, Camilla K, Maylea W, Nathan T and Julie V M, for completing the MiniLit course!

LIBRARY - Ms Margaret Whelan

LIBRARY - ES1 - Charlie S KG

listening so well to stories and borrowing library books regularly

LIBRARY - S1 - Oliver Penny 1/2A

his interest in stories and asking thoughtful questions during library lessons

LIBRARY - S2 - Nina B 3/4L

her love of reading and her interest in all things library

LIBRARY - S3 - Mischka A 5/6P

being a wonderful reader and borrower. Almost every morning she is to found in the library, keen to borrow yet more books

Premier's Reading Challenge


Congratulations to the following students:

Gold (4 years of participation) - Keira R

Platinum (7 years of participation) - Henry J, James C, Skye G & Emily D

MUSIC - Ms Biggins

MUSIC - ES1 - Juliet K KG

always participating in all music activities with enthusiasm and a great musical sense

MUSIC - S1 - Halle N-W 1/2A

always demonstrating fantastic musicality, both at school and during home learning

MUSIC - S2 - Panya S 3/4L

her strong musicality and her ability to consistently apply it to all music activities

MUSIC - S3 - Eddie H 5/6P

his outstanding musicality, combined with sustained effort, resulting in excellent work at all times

STEAM - Ms Kim Barcenilla

STEAM - ES1 - Maya S KG

her curious application of scientific concepts to understand the world around her

STEAM - S1 - Nathaniel J 1/2A

his incredible engagement with, and evaluation of, scientific and technological concepts

STEAM - S2 - Luca L 3/4P

his curiosity and communication when exploring scientific concepts

STEAM - S3 - Sajan T 5/6P

his consideration and appreciation of the role of Science and Technology in issues relevant to our world and a sustainable future

VISUAL ARTS - Mrs Felicity Bowman

VISUAL ARTS - ES1 - Madeleine E KG

consistent effort and creativity in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S1 - Maylea W 1/2A

consistent effort and creativity in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S2 - Arabella S 3/4L

consistent effort and creativity in Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS - S3 - Joseph M 5/6B

consistent effort and creativity in Visual Arts


Blue Gum!



Every year the staff chooses a student who has made outstanding contributions to our school, either through continued commitment to their roles or because they have seen a need and stepped in to help out.


Sydney Secondary College - Balmain Campus offers an award to a Year 6 student who demonstrates application, effort and achievement that corresponds with their middle schooling model areas of: High Expectations, Student Voice and Responsibility, Authentic Teaching and Learning Outcomes and Strong Learning Relationships.


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Acknowledging the 2021 Student Leadership Team...

Under the guidance of Ms Whelan, the 2021 Members of Parliament have made their mark on Balmain Public School with numerous whole-school leadership and fundraising initiatives, albeit a little differently!

Would our 2021 Ministers please join our Prime Ministers, Lexie B and Will B, on the stage?

Our 2021 School Leadership Team - Lexie B, Will B, Emily D, Eddie H, Sarah H, Andrew K, Shuhan L, Alex L, Logan P, Theodore R, Emily R and Sajan T...

Would the audience please acknowledge the initiatives and energy that this 2021 Parliament has brought to our school?

One of the highlights of this presentation assembly is to announce the student leaders for 2022.

Would next year’s members of parliament please come to the stage to receive your badges from this year’s ministers?

 Our Ministers and parliamentary officials for 2022 are:
Josie AAlex B
Lauren FSam F
Elise GMarco M
Harper KMaxi N-W
Clara NHenry S
Amelia WEli S

2022 Student Leadership team...CONGRATULATIONS!

And our 2022 Prime Ministers are...

Elisa G & Maxi N-W


Goodbyes are never easy, and it is definitely with mixed emotions that we bid a fond and grateful farewell to all students, staff and families who are leaving our school for the very last time! Each and every one of you has brought something special to make Balmain Public School the wonderful place that it is!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our students and school during your time at Balmain, whether for a very short time, or for 7 years and beyond!

Thank you for helping out in the classrooms, volunteering for the P&C executive committee, attending P&C meetings, being involved in the Balmain Fun Run, volunteering at carnivals, driving equipment to and from venues, organising and supporting community events, organising and/or delivering Ethics lessons, cooking BBQs, serving breakfast, organising Year 6 Graduation, volunteering in the canteen, being involved in working bees, supporting the Art Show and Trivia Nights, supporting all fundraising, and smiling and saying 'Good Morning' at the school gate, during your time at Balmain Public School.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Balmain family! Wishing you all the very best for the future!