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Principal's Report

Christ, our Healer, in these days of uncertainty, may we become the healing hands of your compassion and mercy that you stretch out to us from the Cross.

It has been wonderful to see the students return this week and I appreciate the efforts families have made to make sure students have their masks and are wearing them. All reports suggest that masks will be with us for a long time, and when we look at the situation in NSW currently, we know that another outbreak is a very real possibility. The resilience of the St Brigid’s community and our positive approach to be back together again is heart warming.

All schools receive regular COVID Operation Plans which tell us what we can and can not do at school. Currently we are not allowed to hold whole school gatherings (eg: assemblies and liturgies) and that only essential visitors should come onto school property. I ask that parents contact Reception by phone so we can determine the best approach to meet your needs. As a consequence of this, the Parent Teacher Interviews scheduled for 9 & 12 August will be via zoom or telephone. The Year 7 into Year 8 and Year 8 into Year 9 subject selection Information Evening on Monday 7pm will also be held over Zoom (remotely) and families will receive an invite via email to join this. The subject selection process will all be done online this year as we adopt a new system.

This morning we have had one confirmed case of Chicken Pox and one suspected case within our student body. The students involved are currently isolating and not at school, which I thank the families involved for. Again, I would ask all families that if your child is unwell for any reason, to please remain at home and contact our reception with known details.

The restrictions have also meant we have adjusted our calendar and families should note that the Student Free Day that was scheduled for 16 August has now been moved to 12 August, which is the same day as the GAT and the Parent Teacher Interviews. This decision was made to reduce interruptions to the students’ learning program. The Production has been rescheduled to the final week of Term 3. Future changes to our calendar will depend on the length of the restriction period.

During these extraordinary times, may we support one another knowing that we strive to be Brave, Not Perfect

Kind regards,

Gerard Raven


Bright Sparks Program

BRIGHT SPARKS | Update Hi Bright Sparks families ? Just a quick Bright Sparks update - We are still eager to proceed with our Bright Sparks program in Term 3. Please be patient as we navigate the new COVID restrictions and finalise how Bright Sparks will look for your child. Please keep an eye on your emails as information will come in the following week. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call. Thank you

School Production

CHANGE OF PLANS | We wanted to get in touch to advise you that with the restrictions around COVID our we have made the decision to not cancel, but move our Midsummer Jersey show to mid-September. The new dates being Friday 17th and Saturday 18th September 2021, with the schools show being held on Thursday 16th September. So what does this mean for you? If you had already purchased tickets your seats have been transferred automatically to the new date by the Horsham Town Hall. You should have received an email from the Horsham Town Hall advising you of this, including the procedure for if the new date doesn't work for you. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, this just means you have more time to snap up some great seats - let's be honest, there are no bad seats in the theatre! Jump online and get tickets here:'d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support of what we hope will be a fantastic show and a great opportunity for our students to showcase their talents live on stage. We can't wait to share our show with you in September! ⭐️

Meals On Wheels

MEALS ON WHEELS | We are on the look-out for volunteers to assist with Meals on Wheels from Mon 16 - Fri 20 August.

Drivers and student helpers are needed and can register their name and preferred date by contacting the office on 5382 3545. It takes approx. only an hour of your time.

Thank you in advance for donating your time to this very worthy program that helps our community.

Maths Pathways Program

MATHS PATHWAYS | Are you a parent of a Year 7 or 8 student?During this remote learning experience, did you observed your child engaged in the Maths Pathways program?

The Mathematics teachers at St Brigid's College would love to share with you the teaching philosophy behind the Maths Pathways program and how we are implementing this fantastic program in our Year 7 and 8 classrooms.

We have certainly missed our St Brigid's College students and are happy to be back to face-to-face teaching. Thanks for your ongoing support at home!

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Student News

SUPPORT | Lockdowns hit a little differently for everyone, especially the more of them we have.

Please make good use of our ‘Strive for Health and Happiness’ Google Classroom which is a wealth of resources for navigating through the tough days.

Our Student Wellbeing Team are regularly contributing and updating information to provide you with a range of tools to assist you.

Please also remember that the Student Wellbeing Team and your TA are always here if and when you need them.

PARLIAMENT PRIZE COMPETITION | Entries are now open for the Parliament Prize Competition for Victorian secondary school students in two categories: Years 7-9 and 10-12.

Students are invited to submit a video of a 90-second statement they would make to Parliament if they were an MP. The Victorian parliament wants to hear about the issues you care about and that affect your community.

Students who wish to enter can submit their video via the below website, where you will also find more information about the competition and the entry terms and conditions.


The website also has a number of resources to support students in developing their Member Statement.

There are cash prizes available for students and schools!

Entries are due by 5pm Friday 30 July 2021.

Please see or contact Mrs Dooling ( if you are interested in submitting an entry for this competition.

Calendar of Events

YR 8 2022 & YR 9 2022 INFORMATION NIGHT - Monday 2nd August 7.00pm via Zoom

YEAR 10 DRIVERS EDUCATION - Mon and Tue 2nd and 3rd Aug

TRY A VET DAY- Virtual - Thursday 5th August

PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS - Monday 9th Aug 4.00pm - 7.00pm via Zoom/Phone

OUTDOOR ED SNOW TRIP - Monday 9th August to Fri 13th August

STUDENT FREE DAY - Thursday 12th August

PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS - Thursday 12th August  2.00pm - 7.00pm via Zoom/Phone


MEALS ON WHEELS - Monday 16th August to Friday 20th August

SMJ EXPERIENCE DAYS - Monday 23rd August and Tuesday 24th August

YEAR 8 CAMP - Monday 23rd August to Wednesday 25th August

Teacher Advisor Schedule

All our students are assigned to a vertical homeroom consisting of students from Years 7 – 12.  Home room groups stay together for their entire school life at St Brigid’s, encouraging leadership, community and familiarity and giving students a real opportunity to know each other and their advisor.  Lifelong friendships are formed where there may not otherwise be the opportunity.

The Teacher Advisor (TA) program is part of the daily life of students. Homerooms meet for 10 minutes each morning, and approximately every six weeks each student meets individually with their Teacher Advisor to discuss and monitor their academic and pastoral progress. A report over viewing the student’s academic achievement and future goals for improvement is formulated from this interview and made available to parents via our online Parent Access Module (PAM).  This regular contact builds trust and strong relationships between students, teachers and families.   It ensures that families and teachers know each student’s strengths and needs and that secure relationships are formed that guide the students along their learning journey.

Our TA Schedule for Term 3 can be found below.

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