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2021 Volume 4 Issue 7

'From 8 November all schools will operate on updated Level 3 settings for the rest of Term 4, with additional activities allowed in a COVID-safe manner.' NSW Department of Education

Acknowledgement of Country...

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From the Principal's Desk...

Balmain's Slice of Heaven...

Being restricted to your LGA's 5km radius (almost) seems like a lifetime ago, thankfully! The 'Slice of Heaven' photography competition encouraged our students and families to go out and savour the outdoors of the local area.

At the time of the competition, the prize had not yet been determined, however, around the same time, a pre-order email came through from @georgiadrawsahouse, (who has personally done a sketching workshop with Stage 3 last year and has drawn our school for us), for a fabulous 'Our Inner West Colouring Book', featuring houses and buildings in suburbs of the Inner West LGA.

It was at this moment that I knew the perfect prize for this competition! Each of our featured 20 photographers are receiving a special pack consisting of a personally signed colouring book and watercolour pencils, as are the top 3 winners who identified the most 'slices', with a cryptic clue provided by the photographer!

Congratulations to the families of Nico H 1/2A, Emily L 3/4L & Joshua McGuinness 3/4H, who had the highest number of responses correct! You also receive a special gift pack! Enjoy!

Thanks to all the families who participated!

Maria Lambos - Principal

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Thanks so much for supporting Year 6 again this week! A total of $552.75 was raised! We really appreciate it!

Important messages...

FROM THE OFFICE - Please ensure you ALWAYS write your child's FULL NAME and CLASS when emailing the school, or dropping items off. Thank you.

If and when you are picking your child/ren up early, please come to the office window on Eaton Street and "squeeze" Bill our duck. We will have the students brought down to the Office. Thanks.

Until further notice...

Until further notice:

  • Kiss & Drop - using both Gladstone Park & Eaton St gates
  • Staggered pick-up - Gladstone Park gate & basketball

Gladstone Park gate:

 *Please ensure you maintain physical distancing and stand back from the gates, allowing teachers space to navigate students' safe return to their parents/carers

Basketball court:

**Only students/teachers are to assemble on the basketball court. Please maintain physical distancing around the outside perimeter of the court. Do not crowd around the court entry

2:50pmKindergarten - KG & KMGladstone Park gate*
2:50pmStage 1 - 1/2A, 1/2C, 1/2F & 1/2KBasketball court**
3:00pmStage 2 - 3/4H, 3/4L & 3/4PGladstone Park gate*
3:00pmStage 3 - 5/4R, 5/6B, 5/6C, 5/6P & 5/6Y

Basketball court**

 Your understanding and patience in this matter is much appreciated.

SkoolBag is our main comms @ Balmain PS...stay connected!

To ensure you receive all communication via SkoolBag, please have the app downloaded on your phone, with the notifications turned ON.

Although the school pushes out notifications via the app and email, there may be times when an important message may be missed as emails may sometimes not be checked regularly.

If you need assistance downloading the app, please see below?...

SkoolBag installation instructions

Current COVID-19 advice

All students are expected to be at school unless they are unwell. Do not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms.

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms you will be sent home and must not return to school unless you have either:
    • isolated for 10 days, when no medical certificate is available
    • a negative COVID-19 test result and are symptom free.

    Once you have received your negative COVID-19 test results, please send a copy to the school via email.



    Order through Flexischools...

    Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November - Weekend Art Show

    Monday 22 November - Kindergarten 2022 Information Session

    via Zoom - Information sent via SkoolBag to 2022 Kindy families...

    Monday 22 November - PRIMARILY FUN

    Tuesday 23 November - Friday 26 November: 2022 Kindergarten Transition to School sessions

    Register via link in separate SkoolBag notification

    Tuesday 23 & Thursday 25 November

    Wednesday 24 November - Ice blocks for sale!

    Friday 3 December - Year 6 Wellbeing Day

    Details in separate SkoolBag notification to Year 6 families...

    Wednesday 8 December - P&C meeting @ 7pm via Zoom...

    Details to follow...

    Monday 13 December - Year 6 Graduation

    Details to follow...

    Tuesday 14 December - Celebration of Learning

    Details to follow...

    Wednesday 15 December - Giving Assembly

    Details to follow...

    Giving Assembly

    Thursday 16 December - Last Day of Term 4!

    2:45pm - Guard of Honour



    LEARN LIVE LEAD awards

    K Gentle - Mrs GoodridgeRuby Odoing a terrific job of putting sounds in her writing!
    K Mellow - Mrs Mikhail BryantMolly Wusing finger spaces in her writing
    1/2 Altruism - Ms CooperHamish Dhis calm and focused demeanour this week
    1/2 Compassion - Ms ChiangSophie Wher very persuasive and creative writing on why she should get a Positive Pete
    1/2 Friendship - Ms FergusonCara Sworking hard to understand counting patterns!
    1/2 Kind Kids - Ms KarstromCamilla Kher careful thinking and insightful discussion in PDHPE!
    3/4 Harmony - Ms CurryEva Kapproaching all class activities with maturity and enthusiasm
    3/4 Leopards - Ms JennettJacob Asettling into 3/4LJ beautifully and solving super spicy algebra problems!
    3/4 Phoenix - Ms Parkes/Mrs BowmanMadeleine Can excellent information report on orangutans
    5/4 Rainbow - Ms ReedyBenjamin Ca calm, cheerful and focused week at school
    5/6 Belong - Mr BaumannArkie E Ma well researched and written NEST information report
    5/6 Calm - Mr CarltonAngus Bpersisting with challenges in mathematics
    5/6 Poppies - Ms PitmanMischka Aa cheerful, focused and sociable week at school
    5/6 Yin & Yang - Mrs SunBen Snavigating adversities with a resilient and mature approach


    K Gentle - Mrs GoodridgeCharlie Sbeing a wonderful role model for other students
    K Mellow - Mrs Mikhail BryantDylan MSelf-Regulation - thinking carefully to make good decisions
    1/2 Altruism - Ms CooperNathan TSelf-regulation - making good choices at MiniLit
    1/2 Compassion - Ms ChiangLucrezia FHonesty - being honest and respectful on the playground
    1/2 Friendship - Ms FergusonNaomi O'BSocial Intelligence - thinking of others and the situation before acting
    1/2 Kind Kids - Ms KarstromChloe CKindness - always caring for her peers and lending a hand when needed!
    3/4 Harmony - Ms CurryVivienne B-NJoyfulness - cheerfully approaching all tasks. Such a positive attitude
    3/4 Leopards - Ms JennettGabriela B SResilience - working with focus and determination to complete an information report
    3/4 Phoenix - Ms Parkes/Mrs BowmanRosalind CJoyfullness - joining our class soccer game and thoroughly enjoying herself!
    5/4 Rainbow - Ms ReedyLucy OJoy - her love of learn and positive contributions to class discussions
    5/6 Belong - Mr BaumannMonika McBCuriosity - her curious and inquisitive approach to her learning of new concepts
    5/6 Calm - Mr CarltonMac FPatience - being patient when working with other members of his group
    5/6 Poppies - Ms PitmanMax SHelpfulness - being a reliable member of our class, and helping out where and when he can
    5/6 Yin & Yang - Mrs SunLydia C-LHelpfulness - being organised and helpful in her role of 'technology monitor'

    Positive Pete Winners!

    Thanks to Ms Karstrom, who organises the collection and distribution of the Gelatissimo ice-creams, as well as takes the fab photos!

    And the winner is...(drumroll please!)

    FROM YOUR P&C...

    Uniform Stall

    Under the current guidelines published by the Department of Education, the uniform stall will be operating via online ordering only.

    Orders placed before 8pm October 21 will be packed and delivered to the office for collection. (Orders for current Kindy and Year 1 students will be delivered to the classroom.)

    All orders after this time will be packed and delivered to classrooms after students return on October 25 (with the exception of any orders for new students starting 2022).

    Exchanges and returns can be arranged by emailing the uniform stall volunteers: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

    Thank you!


    3/4 LEOPARD!!!!!

    Hello Balmain Parents and Carers, Welcome to our Vibrant 3/4LJ classroom! First up, we will be taking a trip down Mathematics Avenue, to see Tom, Markus and Victoria. Next, we turn a corner onto English Lane, to see Zara, Jacob, Juma and Cormac! Directly on the right, we turn onto ProjectNest Street, to see Zoe, Mia, Emmie and Emily! 100 metres to the south, you’ll be on Art Alley with Harriet, Eve and Alex! 3 Blocks down, you’ll be on Playground Path with Panya, Rosie and Matthew! Stroll towards the South-East to visit Library Lane with Arabella, Mila and Gabriela! Right around the corner is Steam Road, where you will find Thomas, Claudia and Nina! Better leave you now because you have a big journey ahead of you! Much luck From Claudia P, Max O, Jack O and Nina B!

    Welcome to English Lane!

    In 3/4LJ, we love our English projects!

    We learn how to persuade, inform, and entertain people. At the moment, we are learning about script writing and creating plays. Over time, we have gone from great authors to sensational script writers! Recently we have been creating monologues. We've learnt about characters, perspective, and expressing our feelings. Let's move onto the next subject tally ho!

    From Cormac, Jacob, Juma and Zara.

    ProjectNEST Street...

    In Project NEST, 3/4LJ have been working on a few different projects. Firstly, we made a presentation on Tanjung Puting National Park. We learnt that the park is home to Orangutans and is located in Indonesia. 

    3/4LJ made information posters about palm oil. We found out that palm oil is made by logging a rainforest, then planting palm trees in place of it, to only cut the palm trees down for the pulp of the fruit. The pulp then gets turned into the palm oil we consume on nearly a daily basis. That process is bad because it turns a beautiful rainforest into a field of cut-down trees. 

    In conclusion, 3/4LJ loves doing ProjectNEST!  

    ART Alley...

    Welcome to Art Alley! In art, we have done multiple artworks the past couple of weeks, like sugar skulls and abstract paintings. We all enjoy art because it lets us show our creative skills and no piece of art is the same. Instead, every piece of art is unique and amazing. Every week, we learn new things about different cultures and make masterpieces!

    Playground Path...

    ...where friendships are made! This term, there are a variety of stalls from ice blocks to jelly bean guessing. There are mufti days on Friday and fundraisers throughout the week. All of the profits go to the year six graduation! There’s even a colouring club for when you’d like to relax. In 3/4LJ we love making up games, playing cops and robbers, and playing on the new climbing cube!

    Maths Avenue...

    This week in mathematics we have been investigating 3D area! It was very fun. We have also learnt about fractions, multiplication problems and time. That is just some of the brilliant things that 3/4LJ have been busy learning.  Sincerely, Markus, Juma, Alex and Tom.  

    Library Lane...

    On Monday 15th, the Book Fair came to our school. It was so exciting! At the book fair there were lots of different types of books. You could also buy craft sets, cooking sets and poppets. We also have regular lessons with Ms Whelan; this week we looked at Greek Mythology! 

    STEAM Road...

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Steam Review. This term, we have done many fun projects with Ms Barcenilla! We have previously been learning about Coding spheros, heat and agriculture. Currently, we have been making devices for our spheros and in week 9 we will do a sphero BATTLE!!!! The rules are you make a device, and it has to be finished by week 9! We are so excited to see how our race goes!

    There you have it! 3/4LJ’s class lessons! We hope you liked it; of course you love it! I mean, who wouldn't love English Lane, ProjectNEST Street, Art Alley, Mathematics Avenue, Library Lane, Steam Road and even a trip to the playground?