Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 3 week 10 - Wednesday 22 September 2021

From the Principal

Recently I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Festival of Music choir performance held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Our school choir, under the guidance of Performing Arts teacher Elena Sourbis, is composed of 32 students. Since the beginning of the year the choir has been rehearsing a number of songs provided by the festival organisers. On the night, our choir joined other school choirs (over 1000 students in total) to perform these songs to a large audience at the Entertainment Centre. Along with the choir we had two other students contribute to the performance; Nelly R. as a soloist and Amelia W. as a member of the dance troupe. Well done to all students involved. Thanks also to Ms Disotto and Ms Vidov for assisting with supervising the students on the day of the performance.

Student participation in other recent extra-curricular opportunities has also been noteworthy, including the school’s Chess Team, Year 6 and 7 Tournament of the Minds, out of hours school sport and SAPSASA (hockey, soccer and athletics). Auskick concluded this week and was a great success.

All of these opportunities cannot occur without parent volunteers and staff assistance; this support and willingness to help out is greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to next term with much excitement as there are many significant activities and events to look forward to, including: Year 6 camp, transition visits for our year 6 and 7 students and our 2022 intake of Receptions, swimming lessons and our end of year celebrations (graduation and concert). Further details about these activities will be provided next term.


Tomorrow 2021 NAPLAN information will be sent home to families of our Yr 3, 5 and 7 students. At a school level, NAPLAN achievement reports provide useful feedback for teachers, as they indicate the strengths and areas for improvement that can be worked on with students. It is important to acknowledge that NAPLAN results are a snapshot of one type of assessment and that overall student achievement is measured by a variety of assessment types, of which NAPLAN is a part. As well as looking at individual student achievement, NAPLAN results allow our school to compare each cohort of students over time, and to examine trends. This year the overall average for all cohorts was either at or above the National Average with the initial analysis of the results indicating a number of positive outcomes, including:


· 63% of Yr 3 students achieving in the higher achievement bands in Reading.

· 96% of Yr 5 students achieving the department’s Reading benchmark.


· 97% of Yr 3 students achieving the department’s Writing benchmark.

· 3 years of sustained growth in the number of Yr 5 students achieving the department’s Writing benchmark.


· 93% of Yr 5 students and 91% of Yr 7 students achieving the department’s benchmark.

· An increase in the number of Yr 5 and Yr 7 students in the higher bands of achievement from the most previous assessment.

Whilst this is a pleasing outcome, our challenge is to consistently aim high and work towards achieving sustained positive performance and growth for all students. If you have any queries regarding your child’s NAPLAN achievement, please contact their teacher.

Facilities News

There has been some facilities projects recently completed within our school grounds. An outdoor shelter has been constructed in the grub club and the long jump pit has been relocated closer to the grub club also. As a part of this work, in the upcoming school holidays, volleyball goal posts will be installed on the oval which will be a great addition to play time options for our students. Also, in the holiday break, a number of upgrades will be occurring in the OSHC and Performing Arts rooms including upgraded lighting, painting of walls and the installation of new carpeting and blinds. This work will certainly enhance the presentation of these areas and due to it occurring during the holiday break, the Italian Room and Gym will be used by OSHC during this time.

Kiwanis Award

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with a Kiwanis Terrific Kids Award at our last assembly for displaying a positive effort toward their learning and interacting with others in a respectful manner:

Mimi B. and Sam H.

Early Dismissal last day of term - Friday 24 September @ 2pm

Maths Hub News - Aileen Clancy

I have had the pleasure of observing many classes in maths over the past couple of weeks. I saw our Special Class R-2 having fun using the big playground 100 square and dice to explore numbers. Year 1s have been learning all about graphing this week. Students created graphs after surveying the class on their favourite fruit, and moved on to work more independently to graph the birthdays in the class. They were also able to ask and answer some questions about what their graph showed. In the year 3 classes, students have been revisiting and re-focusing on strategies to solve calculations using all four operations. A great example that I saw students working on was the following where they used the compensation strategy for addition:

61 + 46 becomes

60 + 47 (keeping it to tens is much easier to manage).

In year 5, I tried to catch out one of our students by asking them a question about something they had learned in the last lesson which was on rounding to two decimal places. I asked Ethan to round 3.27 to one decimal place and quick as a flash, he looked at it and replied, 3.3.

Year 7 students have been learning all about algebra this week. Teachers have implemented a maths buddy system where students get to work with and support and stretch each other. Algebra is a perfect topic for this approach. Teachers had differentiated the learning and students opted in to one of two sessions based on their level of confidence. A question for you all:

what is n if 4n + 6 = 66?

Maths Word/phrase of the Week

Quarter turn

A quarter turn means turning 90 degrees in a given direction. A whole turn is 360 degrees, half a turn is 180 so a quarter turn is 90 degrees. Another way to think about it is that if you are facing North, a quarter turn in a clockwise direction will have you facing East.

Students in year 2 learn what is meant by a quarter turn and then this knowledge is used and further developed as they go through school.

Wellbeing Coordinator - Dr Donna Nitschke

Coming VoiceIt Events (VoiceIt is our student voice program. This means these projects are suggested and managed by students with support of HBPS staff.)

Rubik’s Cube speed competition—Week 2, Term 4. Make sure you give your entry to Dr Donna by Thursday, 14 October. Early entries have the chance to take part in training sessions with our resident Rubik’s Cube master, Lachie. Training sessions will happen on Wednesday, 22 September and Wednesday 13 October at lunchtime in the STEM area.

Backpacks 4 Kids Project—donations of goods for backpacks are now being accepted. 

Items to donate for Backpacks 4 Kids


· Pencils

· Erasers

· Pens

· Coloured pencils

· Pencil cases

· Wooden or plastic rulers (no metal rulers)

· Glue sticks

· Sticky notes

· Paper—various


For children up to 10 years of age—new or “as new” clothing including T shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, skirts/dresses, hats, jumpers, windcheaters

For children 10 years and over—new clothing as above

Pyjamas, undies and socks should be new.

Toys: Should be approximately hand-sized and can be something that only requires one person to use or which can be used with a friend or two. Some examples include:

· Handballs

· Uno card pack

· Travel games (size is important for packing into backpack)

· Fidget toy

· Rubik’s Cube or similar problem solving toy

For Babies:

· Bottles

· Baby wash

· Baby wipes

· New dummies

Cybersafety Session

Last Wednesday 15 September, Jess from the Cybersafe Families organisation spoke with all Year 3-7 students about staying safe in the cyber world. Jess provided a great deal of important information which we will reinforce with our students over coming weeks. For example, did you know that your phones and tablets can listen in to your spoken conversations without your permission unless you set your device settings correctly? Our cyberworld is a complex and ever developing space!

There will be a session for parents and carers and another for students run by Cybersafe Families at the start of 2022. Please consider attending and book early to ensure your place (once bookings become available).

SAPSASA Sport - Renee Hanna PE


On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of September a special event occurred, SAPSASA Soccer. Three students from our school were chosen to play for the Airport SAPSASA team: Xavier P., Maya B. and Charlie G. They played exceptionally well, leading the under 12 boys division 1 team to 1st place. Also successful was the he girls under 12 division 1 team who were undefeated and also achieved 1st place .

It was very hot and windy weather on Wednesday and Thursday but on Friday the weather was cold and rainy.

All of us thought that it was a great experience and we all loved it.

Xavier: It was a great experience to express our love of soccer, get three days off school and make new friends who love soccer too!

Maya: It was fun because I met new people and we all tried our best throughout the 3 days. Us girls were very happy because we hadn’t lost a game, we had seen lots of our friends from our clubs but our coach was the proudest of us because we tried our hardest.

Charlie: I really enjoyed the experience and I felt I have improved heaps since then. Our team really got along making it so much better, and the standard was really up to our skill levels. It was sooooooo fun!”

SAPSASA Hockey  By Poppy G, Hayley D & Olivia L

Our experience of SAPSASA hockey was fantastic, we got to learn new things and got to play our favorite sport. Our team was Airport and the colors were white and blue. We were coached by Marni and Grace, and Emily. Team manager was Renee. In our team was Aria, Olivia, Hayley, Poppy, Hannah, Ally, Shanoah, Capri, Erica, Ruby, Kira and Sophie. Poppy’s best position is defence, Hayley’s best position was left and right defence and Olivia's best position was center midfield. We lost 4 games, drew 5 and we came 8th on the leaderboard. Our team didn’t have one goalie, but 6 members of our team all had a shot at being goalie and all did an excellent job. We really enjoy hockey and playing for our SAPSASA team.

Luka, Kester, Isaak, Connor and James were involved in SAPSASA Boys Hockey.  They played 9 games across 3 days, all playing really well.  Airport Boys finished 4th overall which is a very good result in the State Championship.  The boys really enjoyed the whole carnival, learnt a lot of hockey skills and came together as a fantastic team.

SAPSASA Golf  By Joshua A.

Today is the day! I am playing in the final of SAPSASA Golf. I was the most nervous I had ever been. I walked up to the first tee “Joshua”, the chaperone called out.

I leant forward and carefully placed my ball on top of the small white tee sticking up out of the grass and BANG! My ball flew over the hill landing on the left side of the fairway. I was pretty happy with that shot and thought to myself, good first shot of the day.

I walked down the fairway towards my ball to find it 100m from the front of the green. I decided to lay it up to the front of the green. I swung my 7 iron and pushed it right, it rolled down into the bunker. I grabbed my 56° wedge out of my bag and climbed down into the sand. I pushed my feet into the sand and swung, opening the club face and hit the ball as hard as I could, but it hit the lip of the bunker and rolled back to my feet.

Oh NO! I thought before taking another shot at it. Yes, this time It's out and landed on the short green grass of the green stopping 15 feet from the pin. I pulled my putter out, strode up to my ball and carefully placed my marker behind it. I lifted my ball up before placing it back down, taking time to line it up with the hole. I hit the ball and it rolled over the green heading for the hole, but it pulled up short. I still had 7 feet left. I knelt down and once more lined my ball up. I stood over the ball, focusing on it and swung, it began rolling towards the hole but didn’t drop it, lipped out. Disappointed I tapped it in for a 7.

18 holes later and I finish 11th overall. It was a tough day, but I loved my first SAPSASA experience.

Sports Photos

Elena Sourbis - Performing Arts Teacher

What a night it was, “Stars in the Arena” celebrating 130 years of the Primary Schools Music Festival at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Our school was represented by our 32 student choir including, Nelly R. (soloist) and also, Amelia W. (troupe). They did a fantastic job representing Henley Beach Primary School, displaying our school values, Respect, Care, Safety and Doing their Best. 

The Primary Schools Festival of Music is the custodian of an iconic South Australian tradition, we engage our students in artistic excellence, cultural diversity and social inclusion through performance in Music and the Arts.

The commissioned work was entitled “Water is Life” which was a series of songs composed by local musician Glyn Lehman. Glyn sang in the festival himself nearly 50 years ago.

The concert ended with a spectacular sea of colour.

During the concerts there were a number of guest artists from government primary and secondary schools, other choir items that presented different musical genres, and two pieces that specifically showcased the talents of the orchestra.

It was a spectacular event that our students enjoyed being a part of. 

A huge thank you to the parents that helped with supervision on rehearsal days, Nadine, Melissa, Lisa and Jo and our teachers Deanna Disotto and Nikol Vidov. Also, a huge thanks to BuMac (Heather MacDonald) for teaching our choir this year. Without their support, it would have not been possible. 

If your child performed on the night, you can access the photos by clicking on the link below. Video link information will be sent out on SeeSaw soon.

If your child wants to take their singing further, then why not join the SAPPS choir? Please see following flyer for more information. 

Port Adelaide Maritime Museum - Year 4 Classes

On Wednesday the 8/9/21 our class 4CJ went to the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum with Miss Izzy’s class. We went to the maritime museum because we were learning about the First Fleet and the convicts in HASS.

 When we first got there a lady took us up the stairs for a slide show about what it might have been like when our First Nations people encountered other people. The word encounter means meeting another person or people coming to meet you.eg the Dutch explorers encounters with Aboriginals. Next, we had to hunt for information by using little cards with clues or telling you what to look for. Once you have finished that you could explore other things in a room in the museum. Then Jackie took us around to certain spots and talked about them and how old they are. She also let us ask questions about the objects.

Next, we all split up in the groups that we were given by Mr J and Miss Izzy to explore the museum. We went down the stairs and we saw what it would look like if we were a convict. There was also a speaker with an Aboriginal lady talking about what happened. The beds were very dirty and small. Then we went to see the more modern travellers rooms and the first class rooms. We also saw lots of guns , their cutlery that they used to use and the doctors tools that they used. It also had a toilet that looked really old.

Then as a class we met up with a man called Phill and he told us about the Ketch which is a boat. Then he told us to explore the ketch and find the kitchen, the cabins, where the helpers sleep and the toilet. The whole class couldn’t find the toilet. Then Phill told the whole class that there was no toilet and that if they had to go they would have to do it on the side of the boat or a bucket.

We had a great time at the maritime museum. It was super fun and we learned a lot. We really hope that we can go back there another time. 

By Nahla and Chloe

Chess Club - Dr Donna

Congratulations to all the winners of our internal chess competition for Term 3.

The winners were:

Junior Primary Division Primary Division Upper Primary Division

1st Joshua D 1st Athan 1st Will

2nd William D 2nd Bailey 2nd Hayden

3rd Havana 3rd Isaak L 3rd Isaac W

On Friday 17 September, 5 intrepid students from HBPS ventured into the Adelaide Chess Centre, to take on the best 15 chess teams from private and public schools across the state. Faced with new challenges of chess clocks, time limits, rows and rows of competitors and tension you could cut with a knife, the boys stepped up courageously to pit their skills against the best in the state.

Team members Luka D., Harry K., Hayden M., Will P. and Finlay Y. each experienced the thrilling highs of victory and the humbling lows of defeat. We saw everything from 4 move checkmates to epic 30-minute battles. At the end of the 4th round, Henley came away with an unexpected yet well-earned 3-way tie for first place.

Congratulations boys, you held your nerve and took Henley Beach Primary School into new territory. Thanks go to Boon for mentoring the team, and Dr Donna for enabling this opportunity.

Emma Mitchell

Sustainability & Grub Club UPDATE Nancy Coleman

The recent renovation work at the Grub Club Garden is now complete and we are excited to be re-opening! Some of the old garden beds have been removed and a pergola built next to the shed. Our sultana grape vines are already sprouting and over the course of the spring will grow to provide shade for groups working at the tables beneath. We should harvest an increased crop of delicious grapes too. We look forward to welcoming Grub Club Volunteers and classes back to the garden next term!

In other news, we have an EXCITING NEW RECYCLING initiative! Thanks to Rosemary from the P&C Committee we will now be collecting 10c recycling through the Scout Recycling Scheme. There will be special wheelie bins located in the STEM area and opposite the gym. All money raised will be added to the P&C fundraising total - they’re aiming for $10,000 this year! Please support this fundraiser by bringing in your 10c containers and putting them in the Scout Recycling bins provided. You will be saving the planet, helping your school and the Scouts too!

One more Sustainability initiative to look out for is the new planting around the school grounds. A team of SSOs spent the pupil free day preparing garden beds and planting a total of around 50 plants! These are part of our ongoing grounds improvement and an action in our Climate Clever initiative. We now have a sensory garden outside the R-2 class, an improved bush tucker garden outside the gym, and natives planted outside the library. We look forward to watching them grow!

Reception/ Year 2 classes

Parents and Community (P&C)

School Disco - Thursday 9 September

A BIG THANKS for another successful student event hosted by P&C Committee.

“Best night ever” is the type of comment we love hearing from the students and what we set out to achieve.

Many, many hours go into planning and organizing these type of events. So I must thank all committee members and parent volunteers who contributed their time and effort and for decorating and running the event on the night. Without their contribution these events are not possible.

Rachel Henning | Ange Gianquitto| Lisa Hall | Narelle Boyce | Joanne Hughes | Ellie Martin | Melissa Longmire | Rebecca Richards | Shelley Watkin | Nadine Springham | Jean Van Der Merwe | Simon Reed

Thank you also to:

- the teachers who supervised on the night and who got into the spirit of the glow themed dance party.

- the school administration staff for their support and assistance.

- canteen staff who prepared the popcorn for the event.

Most of all thanks to all the students and parents and carers for supporting this event. Next year we are aiming for bigger and better!

Rosemary Kourtidis Chair - P&C Committee


The HBPS P&C Committee are about to kick off a fundraising initiative to raise money for the school. We set ourselves a fundraising target of $10k this year. The money we raise will go towards upgrading some classroom furniture (e.g. new mobile/movable desks, stools) and the upgrade of canteen equipment (e.g. dishwasher). Press the download button for the details to see how you can get involved.

School Pupil/Closure days 2021


CANTEEN - Julie Stamatialis

The canteen Summer Menu will be available on Qkr  next term.  We have a few new items this year so please check them out online.

Tacos available recess and lunch on Friday only for $3 cash only.

That’s all for this term.  From the canteen team we hope you have good holidays! See you in term 4.

OSHC - Andrew D'Amico 0401 121 087

We are still taking bookings for term 3 vacation care. Most days still have availabilities. If you wish to use the service, please contact Andrew ASAP.


There is something exciting happening at OSHC. The OSHC Room and Performing Arts Room are set for renovations. The works will create a clean, fresh and inviting atmosphere to the two rooms. Renovations will occur throughout the term 3 holidays, meaning that vacation care will be relocated. Relocation of OSHC for the duration will be in the Italian room.

 In the last two weeks we were open for the Pupil Free Day and School Closure. The highlight was the no hands jelly eating race!

Vacation Care Program September/ October 2021


Community News