Pigeon Post

2021 Volume 4 Issue 8

'From 8 November all schools will operate on updated Level 3 settings for the rest of Term 4, with additional activities allowed in a COVID-safe manner.' NSW Department of Education

Acknowledgement of Country...

Enrolling now for Kindergarten 2022!

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It's not too late...you have until 5pm on Friday 3 December to order a fabulous keepsake of 2021 @ BPS!


From the Principal's Desk...

Our newest Balmain family members...

This week saw our 2022 Kindergarten children come and visit us for a 'Transition to School' session in small groups of 10. It's been so lovely to meet our new families, as well as welcome younger siblings that have been coming to the gate throughout the years!

Working within the current COVID-safe guidelines, having the smaller groups has been such a positive experience, which will be continued at the beginning of the year.

Our 2022 Kindies will each book in for a one-day 'Kindergarten Taster' when school commences for our Year 1-6 students on Tuesday 1 February. This will also follow a similar format to our current 'Transition to School', with groups of 10 students in on their booked in day. This will allow for special time with both Kindergarten teachers, as well as the Best Start Assessment throughout the day, during Week 1 only.

Monday 7 February will see all of our Kindergarten students join us for the official '1st Day of Kindy 2022'. We can't wait to see you all!

(for more photos, please head over to our Insta page @balmainps)

Maria Lambos - Principal

Calling all bakers!

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Year 6 Fundraising...

Thanks so much for supporting Year 6 again this week! A total of $644.25 was raised! We really appreciate it!

Important messages...

FROM THE OFFICE - Please ensure you ALWAYS write your child's FULL NAME and CLASS when emailing the school, or dropping items off. Thank you.

If and when you are picking your child/ren up early, please come to the office window on Eaton Street and "squeeze" Bill our duck. We will have the students brought down to the Office. Thanks.

Until further notice...

Until further notice:

  • Kiss & Drop - using both Gladstone Park & Eaton St gates, from 8:30am
  • Staggered pick-up - Gladstone Park gate & basketball court - ES1/S1 @ 2:50pm & S2/S3 @ 3pm

Your understanding and patience in this matter is much appreciated.

SkoolBag is our main comms @ Balmain PS...stay connected!

To ensure you receive all communication via SkoolBag, please have the app downloaded on your phone, with the notifications turned ON.

Although the school pushes out notifications via the app and email, there may be times when an important message may be missed as emails may sometimes not be checked regularly.

If you need assistance downloading the app, please see below?...

SkoolBag installation instructions

Current COVID-19 advice

All students are expected to be at school unless they are unwell. Do not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms.

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms you will be sent home and must not return to school unless you have either:
    • isolated for 10 days, when no medical certificate is available
    • a negative COVID-19 test result and are symptom free.

    Once you have received your negative COVID-19 test results, please send a copy to the school via email.



    Order through Flexischools...

    Tuesday 30 November & Thursday 2 December

    Wednesday 1 December - Ice blocks for sale!

    Friday 3 December - Year 6 Wellbeing Day

    Details in separate SkoolBag notification to Year 6 families...

    Friday 3 December - 2nd Chance Uniform Pop-Up Stall

    Pop-up stall!

    Wednesday 8 December - P&C meeting @ 7pm via Zoom...

    Details to follow...

    Monday 13 December - Year 6 Graduation

    Details to follow...

    Tuesday 14 December - Celebration of Learning

    Details to follow...

    Wednesday 15 December - Giving Assembly

    Details to follow...

    Giving Assembly

    Thursday 16 December - Last Day of Term 4!

    2:45pm - Guard of Honour



    LEARN LIVE LEAD awards

    K Gentle - Mrs GoodridgeAnnabel Cher superstar writing about a budgie!
    K Mellow - Mrs Mikhail BryantLulu Sworking hard to write sentences. Well done!
    1/2 Altruism - Ms CooperIsla B-Rbeing a valued and integral member of 1/2A. We will miss you, Isla!
    1/2 Compassion - Ms ChiangHarrison Sactively contributing in class, and giving everything a go with a big smile
    1/2 Friendship - Ms FergusonSkye Cshowing so much enthusiasm towards creative writing!
    1/2 Kind Kids - Ms KarstromElena Bdrawing and creating a fabulous family tree in History
    3/4 Harmony - Ms CurryCharlotte Hconsistently producing high quality work
    3/4 Leopards - Ms JennettEmmie Bwriting and presenting an outstanding, hilarious monologue
    3/4 Phoenix - Ms Parkes/Mrs BowmanJack Sthe incredible embodiment of a dolphin, a Tasmanian tiger AND a fox during the presentation of our class plays
    5/4 Rainbow - Ms ReedyNatasha Gbeing open to new experiences and trying her very best
    5/6 Belong - Mr BaumannFrankie Hbeing a mature, diligent achiever, without taking everything too seriously
    5/6 Calm - Mr Carlton nameFreddie Bhis perseverance in working with fractions
    5/6 Poppies - Ms PitmanCharlie Fhis enthusiasm and impressive effort on the creation of his Geography website
    5/6 Yin & Yang - Mrs SunAlexandra Nher focus and collaborative effort, during our ProjectNEST SOLE project
    K-2 STEAM - Ms BarcenillaHarrison S 1/2Chis determination when completing more challenging sudoku puzzles!
    3-6 STEAM - Ms BarcenillaMaxim P 5/6Bhis leadership and generosity when sharing his knowledge to support younger students with their STEAM projects!


    K Gentle - Mrs GoodridgeLeo Sbeing a happy class member who adapts well to change
    K Mellow - Mrs Mikhail BryantLachlan Sbeing a kind and caring friend
    1/2 Altruism - Ms CooperSam SHumour - finding volume and capacity extremely funny
    1/2 Compassion - Ms ChiangEthan RJoyfulness - approaching everything with delight and humour
    1/2 Friendship - Ms FergusonAmber Zasking thoughtful questions to deepen her understanding
    1/2 Kind Kids - Ms KarstromZac KBravery - using his kindness and courage to stand up for himself and his peers
    3/4 Harmony - Ms CurryZiggy STeamwork - being a wonderful team leader in group work and setting a great example
    3/4 Leopards - Ms JennettJuma MPerseverance - working through challenging situations with optimism and a calm attitude
    3/4 Phoenix - Ms Parkes/Mrs BowmanDemi GHelpfulness - always offering up a hand to help, even with the disaster that is Ms Parkes' side table
    5/4 Rainbow - Ms ReedyElise GEmpathy - including others and being a positive and joyful person
    5/6 Belong - Mr BaumannLuca MPerseverance - making positive efforts, to continuously work on his learning
    5/6 Calm - Mr Carlton nameJonah JHumour - bringing his fun and light hearted humour into the classroom
    5/6 Poppies - Ms PitmanChloe ZCreativity - presenting her SOLE presentation in a creative and engaging way
    5/6 Yin & Yang - Mrs SunNea TCreativity - producing visually interesting and informative posters, for her ProjectNEST SOLE project

    Positive Pete Winners!

    Thanks to Ms Karstrom, who organises the collection and distribution of the Gelatissimo ice-creams, as well as takes the fab photos!

    And the winner is...(drumroll please!)

    FROM YOUR P&C...

    Uniform Stall

    Under the current guidelines published by the Department of Education, the uniform stall will be operating via online ordering only.

    Orders placed before 8pm October 21 will be packed and delivered to the office for collection. (Orders for current Kindy and Year 1 students will be delivered to the classroom.)

    All orders after this time will be packed and delivered to classrooms after students return on October 25 (with the exception of any orders for new students starting 2022).

    Exchanges and returns can be arranged by emailing the uniform stall volunteers: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

    Thank you!


    1/2 COMPASSION!!!!!

    It's been wonderful having the 1/2 Compassion family back in face-to-face learning! We have been loving seeing everyone in person, including our delightful and talented specialist teachers. Here's a sneak peek into what we've been doing with them this week...

    Library - Ms. Whelan has been spreading literary joy with the Book Fair and our usual Library lessons. This week, we read The Giant's Tooth (which was written by a member of the BPS family) and discussed the story, and the relevance of the Tooth Fairy. As usual, students are enthralled by Ms. Whelan's reading and discussions.

    Art - As part of the study of annual celebrations, the very talented Ms. Bowman has been doing guided drawing lessons of turkeys to mark Thanksgiving. Although we are all being guided by Ms. Bowman, we've still managed to put in our own creative flair. Our turkeys come in all shapes and sizes. Some look regal, some look relaxed, some look bewildered.

    STEAM - In STEAM, we've been enjoying some rotations. The activities are: LEGO challenges where we problem-solve and build, Sudoku to hone our maths and logic skills, making animations and practising block coding using Scratch Jr , and using coding to direct a path and give instructions to our Ozobots.