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Issue 15 – 22 October 2021

Upcoming Events and Reminders

October / NovemberDecember
  • 25 October to 5 November - Swimming Lessons
  • 3 November - Kindy 2022 Open Session
  • 9 November - Kindy Community Walk
  • 11 November - Surfing Lessons Commence
  • 11 November - Kindy Community Walk
  • 18 November - Year 6 Orientation Day at Churchlands SHS
  • 19 November - Music Assembly 2pm
  • 23 November - Thank You Morning Tea
  • 26 November - Community Breakfast 8am
  • 3 December - Your Move: Christmas up your bike
  • 6 December - Kindy G1 Concert
  • 7 December - PP- Years 2/3 Presentations and Concert 2pm
  • 9 December - Years 3/4-6 Presentations and Concert 2pm
  • 10 December - Kindy G2 Concert
  • 14 December - Year 6 Graduation 9am
  • 16 December - Year 6 Breakfast and Fun Day
  • 16 December - Year 4/5 end of year excursion
  • 16 December - LAST DAY OF TERM 4 

Principal's Message

Dear Community

Welcome to Term 4! What a busy term we have ahead, with a range of activities including swimming lessons, surfing lessons and end of year concerts. Dates and times to be aware of can be found above, with other important details outlined below.

Swimming Lessons

A reminder that swimming lessons begin on Monday. From Monday 25th October and run daily until Friday 5th November. They will be held at Scarborough Beach Pool.

Please make sure that your child brings:

  • Bathers
  • A swimming bag
  • A plastic bag for their wet bathers
  • A towel
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Clean/dry underwear
  • Thongs (optional to wear to and from the centre)

PLEASE NOTE: Students MUST wear their regular shoes at school, but can change into thongs before their lessons.


Parent Attendance

If you are interested in coming along on any of the swimming days, you are very welcome to make your own way and observe at the pool. Due to privacy issues we cannot allow photos to be taken during the lesson times. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Surfing sessions are starting up again and will be commencing on Thursday 11 November from 7:45am at Trigg beach for 5 weeks. There are 24 spots available for students in Year 1 and above. A swimming lesson level of at least 4 will also be required to participate. Whether a returning surfer, or just keen to get started, the lessons provided by Surfing WA are always fun and engaging. The cost per student is $63 and permission notes can be collected from the front office or you can download a copy from the school website - Surf Permission Note Term 4. Get in early to secure your spot! 

Homework Policy

Thank you to all the people who completed the homework survey that was sent out via a Skoolbag post earlier this week. We have had around 50 responses so far, and many of the comments have been very insightful and informative. Your responses will be extremely valuable in updating our policy to ensure that any home learning that may be provided is practical for our families and beneficial to our students.

Our School Board is meeting in Week 4 and one of the agenda items will be to view the survey results and consider their impact on our policy review. 

If you have not yet completed the survey, you can find it at the following link. It will remain open until 27 October.

COVID Vaccinations

As you may be aware, it has now been mandated that all school staff be fully vaccinated by the beginning of Term 1 2022.

In regards to students, there has been no change to the information provided at the end of last term:

  • It is not mandated that students be vaccinated and there are no plans to change this.
  • Whilst some schools will be participating in trials to vaccinate students aged 12 and over in school from the start of this term, this does not impact us at all. It will initially be rolled out as an opportunity for vaccination in residential and agricultural colleges as well as Secondary Education Support Centres.
  • Any in school vaccinations require parental consent. If parental consent is not given, their child will not be vaccinated at school.
  • The Department of Health is the lead agency in WA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information on the state’s response to COVID-19, including current health advice regarding COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, please visit the Department of Health website, or call the COVID-19 Help Line on 13 268 43

As always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call or email me on

Sarah Dawson


Look What is Happening with Your Move!

Parent Survey 

A huge THANK YOU to all the families that completed the survey. We are extending the survey for one more month! With the final prize draw to complete the parent survey.  

We are busy working on a new form that will be easier for parents to complete. The previous PDF seemed to be a barrier.  I would love to hear from more families.  Watch this space when it goes live!   

LAB Project – Tree obstruction on the street off Hinderwell Street 

Thank you to the Your Move team and our Mayor for helping us keep our active travellers safe.  When walking and riding, you can see all oncoming traffic and the large tree blocking the road has been cut away.  


Scarborough Primary School participated in our first carpool and active transport challenge to attend the professional learning day on the pupil free day - the 11th of October! Carpooling gave staff a chance to catch up socially along the way, especially after the school holidays. A couple of staff chose to ride their bikes to school, even though they knew it would rain! Our school principal took up the challenge and took public transport (bus and train) to get to school. She even incorporated walking as part of her daily steps for the day! We reduced the number of cars in our car park, and we are aiming for more staff to take part next time. Well-done to those staff members who took part in the challenge.


Active Travel 1 – Week 7 (Ride, walk, scooter, skateboard, park and walk – and enjoy a BREAKFAST! 

Use active travel to school on Friday the 26th of November 2021 and come enjoy a breakfast when you arrive! 

Active Travel 2 – HANDS UP SURVEY (between week 3 and week 10) 

There will be a surprise day this term and this will mean you will not know the date that we will take the tally. Please keep taking active travel this term to keep our numbers up. 

Active Travel 3 – Week 8 Ride to school and decorate your bike with Christmas cheer and decorations 

On Friday the 3rd of December 2021, we will be holding a YOUR MOVE show case for our children taking any form of wheels to school: Bike, scooter or skateboard.  

We will hold a Christmas parade so the students could show case their amazing Christmas Creations! All students from Kindy to year 6 can participate in the competition. Prizes will be given for the best dressed wheels.  

Active Travel 4Activities in the pipeline 

There are some activities that are in the pipeline that will be using active travel by taking the bus, walkabout and some other things we don’t want to give away that will help us to earn points before the end of the year.  Stay tuned!  

Stay Active! Warmer weather will definitely help us to choose to leave the car at home. 

Sandy Cooke 

Your Move Team  

Wrapper Free Wednesday

    Scarborough Primary School is dedicated to promoting sustainable change within the school and will be introducing Wrapper Free Wednesday throughout Term 4. To encourage healthy eating and teach waste minimisation, students are encouraged to bring food without packaging. All waste will be put back into students’ lunchboxes and taken home.

    Now is a great time to start thinking about what goes into your child’s lunchbox and considering healthy alternatives.

     Tips for parents packing wrapper free lunches:

    • Let children help make their own lunches. Pack lunches the night before to avoid the morning rush.
    • Purchase a lunchbox with different compartments to separate food.
    • Discuss with your child what they like to eat and how much. Bin audits in schools show large quantities of unopened packaged foods are being thrown away.  
    • Cut up fruit and vegetables and pack them in reusable containers so that children can eat some and save some for later.
    • Encourage your children to bring home uneaten food to eat later.
    • Buy in bulk to prevent individual packaging and use reusable containers to store.
    • Avoid buying items in packaging that cannot be resealed
    • If lunchboxes have plastic, encourage children to bring home soft plastics to be taken to REDcycle centres. To find out more, please visit

    P&C News

    Hello SPS families!

    Welcome to the last term of the year. Amazing how quickly this year has gone by. As we are slowly starting to look at next year, SPS P&C would like to invite EVERYONE in our school community to consider helping out with our fundraising activities.

    SPS P&C organises events throughout the year to raise funds that will support the school and the childrens learning. The raised funds have thus far subsidised Mathletics fees, school bus fares, in-term swimming bus, library upgrade and much more!

    Our P&C also runs the Uniform Shop and Canteen. In order for us to keep our prices low we rely on volunteers to help out in Canteen and the Uniform Shop. We have however, noticed that the number of volunteers are dropping, to the extent that we are having to consider alternative options to keep them running. If this happens, it would mean that uniform prices will increase significantly. Canteen prices would also increase or we could potentially lose this service…

    As a P&C we would not like to see these alternatives implemented and we therefore ask YOU (parents/ grandparents/ carers/ families) to help out, please.

    The Uniform Shop is open on Wednesdays between 8.45am-9.15am (yes, only half an hour!) and Canteen is open on Fridays between 10am-12pm. During these times, we are in dire need for more volunteers.

    Express your interest through email, come to a meeting or chat to our team at school.

    Entertainment Book

    We continue to fundraise through the Entertainment Book. When you purchase the Entertainment Book, a portion will go to the P&C. This month you will go into the draw to win Groceries for a year! What an awesome prize!

    Order your membership here

    Containers for Change

    We will continue to fundraise through the Containers for Change initiative. The Containers for Change bins can be found at the school entry at Hinderwell Street near the Room 9 Heritage Building. Keep on bringing those empty cans and bottles to support the P&C!

    Please note that these bins are not for rubbish but for eligible empty drink containers only, thank you!

    Alternatively, if you wish to donate at a refund point of your choosing you can quote our Scheme ID C10240685. If you prefer to attend a Reverse Vending Machine location please use the barcode at the top of the P&C news. This may be your preference if you have a larger donation and be rest assured that the money goes back to the P&C.

    Next Meeting 

    Our next General Meeting will be held Monday 15th November at 6.30pm in the school library.

    If you have questions and/or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us

    And make sure you follow us on Facebook!

    Community News

    Please see the Community News section on the school website for courses and events going on around the community. 

    The advertising material in the Community News section does not represent endorsement by Scarborough Primary School.  For further information please contact the company directly.

    Term 3 Parent Planner 2021


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