St Mary's Bulletin

Term 1 - Week 5 (5th March, 2021)

From the Principal

Dear St Mary's School Community

Values in Focus: Responsibility

We have a duty to be accountable to ourselves and to others.

Year Six Reading at Mass

The Year Six students will be reading at Mass on Sunday at 10.30am.  All are welcome to attend.


Thank you to Mrs McDonald and Year 4/5 for leading the school in our first assembly for 2021!  I am told that the students did a great job re-enacting the Parable of the Sower!  I am disappointed to have missed it!

Sacramental Program

The 2021 Sacramental Program will be commencing on Thursday, 11 March at 3.30pm in the Library with an Information Evening for parents of those students who will be receiving a Sacrament this year (Year Three – Reconciliation, Year Four – Eucharist and Year Six – Confirmation)

Buddy Bench

You may have noticed today that our ‘Buddy Bench’ has received an uplift and has a new sign attached to it – this is in keeping with our Wellbeing focus - as a staff, we wanted the ‘Buddy Bench’ to be more prominent for the children.  The message about inclusivity and collaboration reinforces the reason we have a ‘Buddy Bench.  Thank you to Sarah Carr for taking a simple quote and making it come visually alive.

Photos/Digital Images Permission

Thank you to all the families that have returned the Photo/Digital Images Permission Form. 

If you are yet to return the Form, please do so by Friday 12th March. The yellow note that was sent home can be completed and returned to the office, or the eForm on Skoolbag can be submitted. (The eForm can be located under the EFORMS tab). Thank you for your co-operation.

Book Club

The Scholastic Book Club (Issue 2) has been sent home with students.

Orders are due in by Friday 12th March.

Music Tutor

Sam Macdonald offers individual music tuition for piano, guitar and flute.

For further information please contact Sam on 0401 259 181 or email


Congratulations to the Herbert Family (Hannah - staff) on the safe arrival of baby number two.  Their daughter and sister, Remi was born earlier this week.

Let Us Pray


Your laws are perfect for they revive the soul and gladden our hearts.

We trust in your Law.


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