St Mary's Newsletter

Term 2 - Week 2 (30 April, 2021)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Value in Focus: Respect

We value others, their property, the environment and ourselves.

John 15: 1-8

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus says: “I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener.  He prunes the fruitful branch so that it will bear more fruit.  A branch cannot bear fruit by itself; it can do so only if it remains in the vine.  In the same way you cannot bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

The grape vine was an important source of food and wine in Jesus’ time.  Not all branches would bear fruit and the gardener’s job was to cut away these branches and to prune the fruitful branch to grow more grapes.  When we stay close to Jesus, we will be like the good branches – our lives will be fruitful and productive.

Year 4/5 Reading at Mass

The Year 4/5 Class will be reading at Mass on Sunday at 10.30am.  All are welcome to attend.

200 Years of Catholic Education

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) has produced their first edition of the commemorative magazine ‘Faith in the Future’, highlighting stories and coverage of the bicentenary of Catholic education in Australia. Below is a link to access:


Between 3 May and 2 July 2021Public, Catholic and Independent schools across Australia participate in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). The AEDC is a population measure of how children have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school (Pre-primary), and provides evidence to support health, education and community policy and planning.  

P & F Meeting

The date for the next P&F Meeting has been changed from 3rd May to the 10th May at 7.30pm in the Library.  Please adjust your calendars accordingly.

Canteen Update

Unfortunately, due to the snap lockdown that Perth had last week and the ensuing restrictions, Mrs Demarte’s operation was cancelled.  She is due to undergo her procedure next week and therefore, she will not be returning to work until Monday, 24 May.  Please pray for a speedy recovery for Damiana.

Principal Absence

I will be at a Principal Professional Learning Opportunity on Tuesday.  Mrs Riethmuller and Mrs O’Malley will be responsible for the school in my absence.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

Project Compassion Boxes

Please return any Project Compassion Boxes to the front office as soon as possible. Thanking you in advance for your support. 

A message from Father Andrew

A reminder that Father cannot proceed with the ministering of the Sacrament to those children unless there is a reasonable level of attendance at Sunday Mass (weekend Mass), at least through the commitment period.

The Church teaches that it is a sin to not keep the Sabbath day holy by attending mass. Life in the Eucharist is “life in Christ” and expresses our response and desire to be in “communion with Jesus in Word and Sacrament”. When we fail to participate in regular Sunday worship with Jesus we fall into a “turning away from God” more and more – and can be mortal sin in the sense of ‘death of relationship with God’ – and which then requires the Sacrament of Reconciliation to restore us back into the redeeming and sanctifying grace given to us through Christ Jesus in Eucharist.

I am mindful of the circumstances of some parents in being able to regularly attend Mass with their children. But I do please ask that you help your children in attending mass through this preparation period and help them nurture a special friendship with Jesus in the mass.

God bless you all.

Father Andrew

Mother’s Day Mass and Morning Tea

Our Year Six RE Ministry will be hosting a Mother’s Day Mass and Morning Tea on Friday, 7th May commencing at 9am in the Church. The Mass will be followed by Morning Tea in the undercover area. It would be wonderful to see as many Mothers and Mother-figures attend.

Please remember to RSVP via skoolbag by Monday, 3rd May for catering purposes. 

Kind regards,

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Assistant Principal

Class News

Pre-Primary Class News

We have already been very busy in Pre-Primary this term!

In Mathematics we have been looking at Capacity. We compared different sized containers and used language such as ‘more ‘ and ‘less’ to describe the capacity of these objects. Miss O’Callaghan challenged us to use informal units such as unifix cubes and the measuring jug held ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY cubes! This was a great challenge that we enjoyed very much.

To put our learning into practice, we explored the use of capacity to make some delicious ANZAC biscuits. We used measuring spoons, cups and different sized bowls to hold different amounts of our ingredients. We discussed the significance of ANZAC Day and also explored the symbol of the poppy flower. 

Year Three/Four RE Corner

In Year Three/Four we have been thinking about our emotions and the way our bodies gives us warning signs. We have learnt about the Two Great Commandments and we thought about what the world would be like if people followed the Two Great Commandments all the time. We think it would be a lovely place to be!! 

Milla & Greta: The world would be very peaceful and there would be no fighting.

Michayla: It would be peaceful and we would be living in harmony. There would be no crime.  

Blake: The world would be peaceful, loving and you would feel cared for. I think it would be a great place to live because there would be no war.

Ruby: The world would sound like people are helping each other, sharing, being kind and having fun. 


This term we are learning about Physical Sciences.  Each class are focusing on a different aspect of Physical Science.

Pre-Primary – investigating how objects move and change shape. How we can describe the different movements of objects? For example, roll, slide push and pull. We will be classifying how different objects move. 

Year One – investigating sound and light. The students will identify light, sound and heat energy. Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed. The students will use their senses to identify and compare observations.

Year Two – the students will investigate how there are different strengths of ‘Push and Pull’ and how this affects the movement of an object. The students will be introduced to the concept of ‘gravity’ and how it pulls things towards the earth.

Year Three and Four – the students will explore heat energy is produced and identify different sources of heat. They will investigate the effects of heat energy on our everyday lives. They will investigate the ‘transfer of heat’ from one object to another. Investigating different forces and how forces can be exerted in different ways.

Year Four and Five – the students will question, explore and investigate different forces including gravitational force and magnetism. They will understand that forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance. They will explore the transfer of light and understand that light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted. 

Year Six - consider how electricity has transformed household life and the consequences of generating electricity from renewable or non-renewable sources. Students will use practical science skills to investigate electrical circuits and perform an experiment to test a hypothesis.


We are starting more recycling at Saint Mary’s this term.

Each class is going to be collecting different types of recycling.

These are:

KindyMobile phones/Printer Cartridges
Pre-PrimaryCollecting tin top, eg milo lids
Year OneAluminum ring pulls and cans
Year TwoBatteries
Year Three/FourCoffee Pods
Year Four/FivePlastics and packaging, eg Juice boxes
Year SixGlass Bottles

The Container Deposit Scheme trailer is in the Drop and Drive area.

Please remember to use it and put your recycling in the correct bin.

Our code for Saint Mary’s School is:  ID – C10323720

Every eligible container is worth 10 cents.

Other News & Important Dates

Term Two Planner

Please find below the current Term Planner for Term Two. This can also be located in the Skoolbag App when you select the "General" heading and then "Term Planners 2021".

2021 Footy Tipping Update

After a few teething problems with the ESPN footy tipping platform changing hands and messing with people's log ins, we are now nearly a third of the way through the 2021 AFL season!

Congratulations to all our round winners so far and thank you to our amazing group of sponsors who have been so generous in covering our costs this season!

Week 1 sponsored by Merredin Steel Supplies won by troym90

Week 2 sponsored by Ross's Diesel won by Jonelle Beck

Week 3 sponsored by Walker Electrical Contractors won by beetsnmarie

Week 4 sponsored by Merredin Refrigeration & Air Conditioning won by jase musca

Week 5 sponsored by Transplus won by Chad'e

Week 6 sponsored by Wheabelt Coffee Time won by alex settineri

Our ladder leader is currently Matty_J_ with 41 points.

Let Us Pray


You are the real vine!

Keep us close to you so that we may be nourished by your love.

Help us to bear lots of fruit.


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