Newsletter Number 1 • Wednesday 2nd February 2022

From the Principal

I would like to welcome students, parents and staff to the 2022 school year. I particularly welcome the new students and families and look forward to their involvement and input into our school.

Covid and its insurgence into South Australia has greatly affected all of our lives over the past couple of months, disrupting Christmas and holidays for many families in addition to disrupting the start of the school year, as we all grapple to get our heads around new Covid restrictions, requirements and protocols.  We have followed the advice of SA Health and the government, and implemented a 'staged' return to school and preschool in the hope that this will reduce the Covid cases in SA and minimise the strain on our health system.

Regrettably, we had to cancel our scheduled professional development on Restorative Justice for teaching and assistant staff on the Monday pupil free day this week. We will hopefully be able to reschedule it for later this year.  As a staff we met on Zoom last Thursday to officially start the year which isn't the ideal way to begin a year, particularly for new staff.  However staff have gracefully accepted our current circumstances and 'gone with the flow'.  As I keep saying.......'it is, what it is'.

The past two years of COVID-19 disruptions has taught us all to be resilient, flexible, adaptable and to accept swift decisions and changes to plans at short notice.

And as a staff this is what we have done!  There have been many different meetings and lots of planning involved to enable on site leaning for Cycle 1 Preschool, Cycle 1 Primary and Cycle 4, and remote learning for Cycle 2 and Cycle 3.  I am grateful for the amazing staff team at our school and the many hours they have put in to ensure a successful start to the 2022 school year for all students.

I also thank students and parents for their understanding and support during these challenging times.

I hope the COVID situation will stabilise across the country in the next few months so we can fully focus on our important work of teaching and learning. In the meantime we will all play our part to ensure the safety and good health of our school community, state and country.

I wish for a positive, fulfilling, safe and healthy year for everyone, and particularly for our students, a year full of rich and diverse learning experiences and opportunities.

Cathy France


2022 Theme - 'Appreciation'

Each year, as a school, we have a key focus for our school and community. This year we have decided the theme will be 'Appreciation'. 

Appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

It's important for our wellbeing and mental health to feel appreciated. It makes people feel valued and drives them to do their best. Appreciation can really make a difference to people's lives.

Appreciation could include thanking someone for assistance and help they have given, for showing kindness and support or for being a good friend. Words of thanks and appreciation don't have to be long and fancy as long as they are heartfelt.

As we continue to struggle with COVID-19 and the challenges it poses, now more than ever before, it's important to let people know when they are appreciated.  Kindness and appreciation go a long way during challenging times. 

I truly appreciate the wonderful staff that work at our school. They band together, support and care about each other and I thank each and every one of them for their pragmatism and efforts in the past few weeks as we have prepared for the return of the 2022 school year.

Staff will use the 'Appreciation' theme within their classroom programs this year to encourage students to be appreciative and grateful.

Cathy France


“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.  Your willingness to put it all into words is all that is necessary."  Margaret Cousins

COVID Updates

Returning to School

All students commence school on Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

Cycle 1 preschool and Cycle 1 primary students commence with on site learning at Yultiwirra.

Cycle 4 students commence with on site learning at Wairoa.

Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 students commence with remote learning - for the first two weeks of term.

Infant Program is on hold and will commence on Monday 14th February.

Essential services workers

Parents who are providing essential services or are required to attend their workplace and do not have any other appropriate supervision for their Cycle 2 &/or Cycle 3 child/ren, can bring their children to school. These students will be supervised as they engage with their remote learning program. 

Parent reminders

It is very important that parents:

notify us immediately if their child tests positive to COVID-19

keep their child/ren home if:

  • they are unwell
  • they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (even if symptoms are mild)
  • any other member of the household has COVID-19
  • they are a close contact of a person who has COVID-19 and are required to quarantine.
  • notify us immediately if their child tests positive to COVID-19


Students in Cycle 4 will be required to wear a face mask while indoors at school.

We strongly encourage students in Years 3 to 6 to wear a face mask while indoors at school.

Parents who enter the school grounds must wear a mask at all times.

Physical distancing requirements will continue 

We ask that parents and carers continue to limit their time within the school grounds.  Please drop your child off at the gate if at all possible.  Parents are asked to promptly exit the school as soon as is practicable after drop off and not to congregate in the courtyard.

We ask that parents continue not to enter the classrooms before, during or after school.

Preschool parents/carers need to drop their child off and pick them up from the Preschool so they can sign them in and out – this is a legal requirement.  We ask that Preschool parents do not enter the Preschool classrooms.  

Cycle 1 Primary students will continue to be taken to the gate at 3.20pm and will be supervised at the gate whilst parents collect their child from the drive through area of the car park. 

We ask that parents avoid entering the school at pick up time.

Communicating with staff

If you need to communicate or speak with your child’s teacher or the office, please phone or email directly or email to arrange a meeting.  All meetings between staff and parents need to be by Zoom until further notice.


Please read the letter that was sent to parents on 27th Janaury regarding what families need to do if they or their child/ren test positive to Covid.

Staffing News

We welcome the following new staff members to our school: 

  • Erin Lewis - Cycle 1 Preschool Assistant
  • Kylie Kennewell - Cycle 1 Primary Assistant
  • Jenny Burgoyne - Cycle 2 Assistant
  • Isobel Scott - Cycle 3 Assistant
  • Rom Evangelista – Learning Support Assistant – Cycles 1,2 & 3 
  • Deb Clapp – Individual Learning Support Assistant – Cycles 2 & 3 
  • Olivia Moore – Individual Learning Support Assistant – Cycles 2 & 3 
  • Katy Walker - Student Wellbeing worker
  • Alexandra Blenkinsop - Cycle 3 teacher

    We welcome the following staff members to new roles within our school:

    • Huda Alshamari – Cycle 1 Primary teacher 
    • Bonnie Scott – Cycle 1 Primary teacher 
    • Maddy Ryan  - OSHC Coordinator

    We welcome back Tim Moore (Cycle 4 teacher) who has returned from six months' long service leave and travelling around Australia with his family.

    We congratulate Alice Nisbet (Cycle 4 teacher) who is expecting twin babies. We welcome back Ben Noble as a Cycle 4 teacher who will increase his workload to smoothly take over from Alice when she takes maternity leave.

    Welcome to our new staff

    Farewell Maree

    It is with sadness that we farewell Maree Clarke who has worked in the school for 31 years.  Maree has made the difficult decision to retire and stepped down from her position of Specialist Music teacher at Yultiwirra.  

    Over the years Maree has taught hundreds of children.  She is a much loved staff member and I thank her for the love and care she has shown the students and I greatly appreciate the dedication she has shown to our school.  Maree has made a significant contribution over the years and will be sorely missed by staff, students and parents. I know you will all join me in wishing Maree happiness and good health in her retirement.

    Welcome New Students

    We welcome the following new students and their families to our school as well as some new Infant & Transition Program families.

    Cycle 1 Preschool – Frances, Xavier, Harrison, Axel, Luca, Jack, Jasper, Sigrun, Hamish, Vivienne, Elsie, Tom

    Cycle 1 Primary – Corey, Alice, Anouk

    Cycle 2 – Sage, Zohair, Juna

    Cycle 3 – India, Ayaan, Zora, Hester, Shiba, Nina 

    Cycle 4 – Evelyn, Grace, Tyson, Mohammed, Elizabeth, Jiujiu, Jack, Lily

    Vacation Care News

    Summer Vacation Care

    We have had a great Vacation Care full of laughs, new experiences, and oodles of fun! We have been getting crafty making nature wands and crowns, experimenting with slime, mixing potions, designing cubbies, building racecourses, and lots more. 

    We have also been on several excursions throughout the holidays. We had a blast at Woodhouse getting lost in the Labyrinth maze and muscling our way through Challenge Hill. Aurelia excelled at the rope swing, hauling herself over the river in a show of fierce determination. Some of us also got very wet.

    We had fantastic fun stuffing ourselves with strawberries at Beerenberg Farm, the evidence painted all over our faces as we smacked our lips and rubbed our bellies with satisfaction.  A few kids claimed they could “never eat a strawberry again!” after our foraging experience.

    Vacation Care is never complete without a visit to Hahndorf Farm Barn where the kids got to pet a variety of animals such as baby chicks, guinea pigs, rabbits, and a calf. A lucky few got to bottle-feed the lambs and we all got a shot at milking Cab Sav, the dairy cow.

    I want to thank the OSHC community for supporting me as I navigate my new role as coordinator. My predecessor, Roxy, has made a lasting impression on many families and I certainly have big shoes to fill. I look forward to working closely with families and welcoming some new faces into our OSHC community.

    Maddy  Ryan

    OSHC Co-ordinator

    Vacation Care Photos


    Yultiwirra Campus Information Night will be held on Thursday 10th February

    Wairoa Campus Information Night will be held on Wednesday 16th February

    PLEASE NOTE: All Information Nights will be held on Zoom.  Parents will be sent the link closer to the time.

    At Information Nights teaching staff provide parents with vital information covering their program and plans for the year and expectations of the classroom and cycle. Parents will also have the opportunity to ask questions and meet other parents. We seek your attendance and support as we believe a strong partnership between the school and parents is crucial in establishing a successful learning environment for your child.

    Notices and information about both Information Nights will be sent out via Skoolbag soon! 


    Primary students who will be travelling regularly on a bus service from school or walking or riding their bike home must fill in a Travel Arrangements Form with parents giving consent and details of the arrangements made for their child. We will send forms home to students who catch the bus or walk home; however if you do not receive one of these forms please contact the office.


    The Fire procedures are emailed with this Newsletter to inform families of school procedures in the case of a bushfire. Please read the procedures carefully so you are well informed. It is vital that everyone reviews their own bush fire survival plan.

    Note: The school is closed on a day with a Fire Danger Rating of Catastrophic for the Mt Lofty Ranges. The school also reserves the right to close on a Severe or Extreme Fire Danger day if deemed necessary. Parents will be notified of this decision and be given as much notice as is practicable.

    It is the responsibility of parents to check the Bureau of Meteorology website ( for the forecast and Fire Danger rating issued after 4pm daily.


    If your child has moved cycles/classes in 2022 you will need to make slight changes to your Skoolbag preferences and re-select the new class in 'Groups' on the Skoolbag app. The Skoolbag app is our main form of communication with parents. Most consent and permission forms will not be sent home as paper notes. You will need to access these and all other school communication via the Skoolbag app.

    Diary Dates

    Term 1 2021

    Monday 7 February

    Cycle 4 Big Day Out

    Tuesday 8 February

    I & PC meeting 8.00am - online

    Finance meeting 6pm - online

    Thursday 10 February

    Yultiwirra Welcome and Information Night - online

    Friday 11 February

    Fundraising committee meeting 9.00am - online

    Sunday 13 February

    National Apology Day

    Monday 14 February

    Cycle 2 & Cycle 3 students return to onsite learning

    Tuesday 15 February

    Executive Meeting 6.00pm - online

    Board meeting 7.00pm - online

    Wednesday 16 February

    Cultural Understanding committee meeting 4pm - online

    Student Wellbeing committee meeting 4pm - online

    Wairoa Welcome and Information Night - online

    Tuesday 22 February

    Marketing meeting 4.00pm - online

    Wednesday 23 February

    Policy meeting 4.00pm - online

    WHS Meeting 4.00pm - online

    Thursday 24 February

    Class parent rep meeting 2.15pm - online