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August 5, 2021 - Term 3 Week 3

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents & Community Members,

Once again I want to sincerely thank our school’s volunteers, especially the P&C.  Hopefully you managed to see the photos that were sent home last week to celebrate P&C Day; especially the one that showed the children enjoying the Friday Finger Bun Frenzy.  What a treat for the children and one that was thoroughly enjoyed.  Prior to the Friday, a number of other photos were sent out recognising how the P&C have supported our school, although it is very difficult to photograph information technology or Mathletics.  To all members of the P&C – thank you.

Traditionally, Term 2 is the time of the year when the focus shifts to physical education and implementing the skills taught when competing in our athletics events.  I am sure children have been inspired by the success of our athletes at the Olympic Games; now it’s their turn.  Save the date for the school’s House Athletics Carnival; Friday, September 10.  In the meantime, all the very best to our Interschool Cross Country team next Tuesday.

While recognising our athletes, the efforts of our music students should also be acknowledged. The senior choir will be performing at the Crown Theatre next Wednesday evening as part of the Western Australian Government Schools Music Society, “Schools Make Music” concert.  I know our participants will do us proud.

 Peter Meston


Public exposure sites and COVID-19 testing

Please check the HealthyWA website to view the locations visited by confirmed COVID-19 cases. Some of the locations require anyone who has visited these locations at the specified time, to get tested immediately and quarantine until a negative result is returned. Anyone who has visited these sites should monitor for symptoms, and if they develop, they should immediately get tested and isolate until a negative result is returned.

Upcoming Events


Friday 6 - Fab Food

Tuesday 10 - Interschool Cross Country

Wednesday 11 - WAGSMS at Crown

Friday 13 - Assembly: Room 8

Monday 16 - Parliament House Excursion: Room 9 & 10

Wednesday 18 - Mullaloo Beach Coastal Planting: Room 6

Friday 20 - One Big Voice at RAC Arena

Monday 23 - Book Week begins

Important Information

Around Glengarry

Cross Country

In Phys Ed and Sport we encourage everyone to always try and do their best.

Today there was one point difference between first and second place so everyone who finished and earned one point, you could have made the difference for your house.

Well done to you all for toughing it out in the weather and showing your strong character.

Dampier 1st - 653 points    Forrest 2nd - 652 points    Sturt 3rd - 602 points    Banks 4th - 566 points

Many thanks to all of the parents and teachers who helped out on the day and at training sessions leading up to the day.

Year 1 BoysMax MNate IHarley BCooper U
Year 1 GirlsHannah MEllie UEmily MSophie M
Year 2 BoysSamuel RDylan KEthan NDane M
Year 2 GirlsFinley JGrace FLiv VCharlize M
Year 3 BoysDarren KJackson MBen DEli L
Year 3 GirlsLyla EWillow LAllie RJessica W
Year 4 BoysAlex KFlynn FMark MEthan J
Year 4 GirlsEvie WBrooke MAmelie RZara J
Year 5 BoysSam OLuke GMateo BEliel K
Year 5 GirlsAlisa DEva RBailey BAmelie T
Year 6 BoysJack CJett JLuca PBrayden T
Year 6 GirlsHana KMiranda DAmelie PJasmine M

Cross Country - State Level

Sam from Year 5, Room 11 has just competed in the State Schools Cross Country Under 12s race.  He came fourth against much older boys and his brother, Ben the Forrest 2020 House Captain, came first.  

Below are some photos.  Look how muddy the course was!

Congratulations boys!  Glengarry Primary is proud of you both.

 Pam Algar

Health / Physical Education Teacher

Health and Hygiene

Protective Behaviours

This term classes from K-6 are learning about Protective Behaviours. Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program endorsed by the Department of Education in Western Australia.

Children will learn three key messages:

  • We all have the right to feel safe at all times.       
  • We can talk with someone about anything- no matter what it is. 
  • It is okay to say ‘No’ if you feel unsafe or unsure. 
  • It is important to reinforce the key messages and topics at home.  The Department of Education WA have compiled a fantastic Parent resource handbook for Protective Behaviours which can be found on their website.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Medication at School

    If a child has any medication that needs to be administered while at school, parents are required to complete an ‘Authorisation of Medication’ form.  This form is available on the school website or from the office on request.  All medication brought to school must be clearly labelled with the student’s name, medication name and strength, and where necessary, instructions from the prescribing doctor, and handed into the office for secure storage.

    We appreciate your understanding and support in keeping our students safe at school.

    Is your child feeling unwell?

    Please do not send your child to school if they are at all unwell.

    Any child who demonstrates or complains of being unwell will be removed from the class, isolated and parents/carers contacted.

    Our school is well stocked with hand sanitiser. This has been provided to all work areas (including classrooms) and children are expected to “sanitise out / sanitise in” at all times. Cleaning of hands following toilet use is also instructed.

    Chaplain's Chat

    Lunch Notes

    Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE sticky notes!  They are useful for daily reminders, grocery lists, bookmarks, labels, or even for a coaster in a pinch.  The best use I have found for sticky notes has been for lunch box notes for my children. 

    What is a lunch box note?  It is a word of affirmation, encouragement, and love that we can give to one another.  Here are a few ideas of notes you could slip in a lunch box to show your child (or even your partner or friend) how much you care:

    • Simply say, “You are special to me and I love you”
    • Sticker notes such as, “You are a ray of sunshine and you brighten the world” (with smiley sun sticker) or “Reach for the stars” (star sticker) or “You have such a kind heart” (heart sticker)
    • Lolly notes such as, “You’ve got this smartie” (with box of Smarties) or “Your sense of humour brings others joy and snickers” (Snicker’s bar)
    • Include a motivational quote or poem
    • Encouraging notes – “Way to persevere when the going got tough!”
    • Use your child’s name to make an acrostic that describes them (for example, JANE – J – Joyful, A – Athletic, N – Nice, E – Enthusiastic)
    • Theme lunch and note – for example, for Valentine’s Day a heart shaped sandwich, red strawberries, red capsicum, and a heart shaped love note

    These little notes can build self-esteem and confidence, enhance family relationships, and help others feel accepted and valued.  For more ideas on how to praise children with words, check out the link below ?

    Jennifer Wolff


    Community News

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