Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 10, 30/07/2021

From the Principal

Dear Families,

It is fair to say that Term 3 wasn't quite the start that we were expecting with a 7 day state lockdown, however I am so proud of our school community's united spirit. Students have returned back to school refreshed and settled, to continue another term of successful teaching and learning, sharing stories of their online learning and 7 day lockdown. 

I would like to thank you, our families, for taking on remote learning in such a positive and persistent manner, ensuring that our students were engaged and supported. Our teachers and SSOs worked tirelessly to also ensure that families were supported with the transition to remote learning by touching base daily and working with you throughout the day. Hard copies of learning packs were also provided for families with no access to internet or electronic devices as we wanted to ensure that everyone had access to learning during the lockdown.

We loved receiving photos and updates of the learning taking place in homes and have compiled some snapshots down below to share with you all.       

It would also be remiss of me to not mention how well our students have accustomed to being dropped off and greeted at the gates - we are so proud of the resilience demonstrated – brilliant job everyone! We would like to thank you all for your continuous support and understanding, including wearing masks upon arrival or entering the office as this is a requirement. Unlike high schools, primary students are not required to wear masks, however our staff are required to wear them whilst indoors in the staffroom but not whilst teaching.

We will continue to follow the department and SA Health’s directions and keep our families updated as changes arise. We are confident and know that we are prepared if we ever need to transition back to remote learning. In saying this, classes have decided to continue to use the online platforms with families to further strengthen the skills acquired in such a short time.

On behalf of the all the staff here at VPS, we would like to thank our parents for your acknowledgement and words of appreciation during the lockdown - they were uplifting during a time whereby our staff transitioned to remote teaching as well as having families of their own to take care of.

Learning Together, Learning For Our Future.

Warmest Regards,

Voula Pounendis

Interview Follow Ups

Towards the end of last term parents were asked to book in a time for an interview time with your child’s teacher. These interviews are based around providing further depth to the mid-year student report.

We are currently following up with those parents who have not been able to have their interview. If you have not had an interview with your child's teacher, please make contact with the school to arrange a time to have an interview over the phone. During the interview your child’s teacher will talk to you about your child’s ‘next steps’ in learning to support the second half of the year. We will then send your child's report home with them. 

Attendance and Arriving to School on time

Did you know?

Our aim is for all students to attend school at least 95% of the time. This equates to no more than 10 days absence for the year.


If your child misses ..That equals ....Over 13 years of schooling, that's....
1 hour per week7 days / 1.5 weeks per yearJust under half  year
1 day per fortnight20 days / 4 weeks per yearNearly 1.5 years
1 day per week40 days / 8 weeks per yearOver 2.5 years
2 days per week80days / 16 weeks per yearOver 5 years

Students are expected to attend school unless they are ill, or parents have sought a written exemption from the principal (if less than a month) or the minister of education (if longer than a month.)

Lastly, it is important that students also arrive to school on time. This means that we want students already at school when the first siren goes at 8:50am so they can go to straight to class and be unpacked, ready for learning by the time the second siren goes at 8:55am. Families are able to drop off children from 8:30am as we have a staff member on duty in the yard. This allows plenty of time for children to arrive to school way before the sirens go.

Whilst greeting students at the gate, we have noticed an increase of students arriving late to school after the siren which is concerning as they miss the morning learning routines in place.

We would like your support with this so we can ensure that we have all our students here at school on time ready for learning.

We also have  free breakfast breakfast available thanks to Kickstart for Kids. We can do this everyone - let's go!

Class Structures for 2022

It is that time of year when we begin planning class structures for the following year. It is extremely important that we have accurate information about who will be attending and/or leaving next year so we can refer to these numbers when deciding on how many classes we will need .

We are asking for families to please click on the link below to complete a quick form if you child will not be returning in 2022

This will assist us with our class structures and staffing requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the front office. Also, if you know of families who are in the zone and would like to enrol their child/ren here, please encourage them to let us know as soon as possible.

We thank you for taking the time to complete the form by clicking on the link below.

Student Shout-outs!

Shout out to Mia from room 9 for donating her long hair to a special charity called 'Variety - The children's charity' to help other children in need!

Mia has been growing her hair very long so that she can donate it and have it made into a wig for another child who has lost their hair due to a medical condition. During lockdown, it was finally time for Mia to have her hair cut for the charity!!

There are children with medical conditions which make them lose their hair. Wigs can cost families up to $6,000, which only last 1-2 years. This means that families have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy their child wigs throughout their childhood and teen years. By making a donation to the charity, wigs and other vital equipment can be provided to children and families in need. Mia had a goal to raise $1,000 for the charity. But guess what?...Mia doubled that!! And raised over $2,000!!!

WOW!! Mia, you have done such a brave thing to help others in need! We are very proud of your compassion and courage to do such a kind act for others! Your new hair style not only looks amazing but has helped children and their families in need! Well done Mia!

Dates to Remember

Term 3 2021

  • Wednesday 4th August - Governing Council meeting (through TEAMS)
  • Friday 20th August - Casual Clothes Day
  • Wednesday 25th August - Book Week Parade (further details to follow)
  • Wednesday 1st September - First day of Spring
  • Tuesday 7th September - Festival of Music Performance
  • Friday 24th September - Last day of term 2:15 finish


2022 Reception and new Student Enrolment Information is required as soon as possible as we need to finalise numbers for next year.

If you have any siblings, neighbours, familiy members or acquaintances  that are due to start school in 2022 please see our Front Office staff for a registration of interest form, these forms need to be returned asap. 

Please note that your child will need to turn 5 by the 1st May 2022 to begin Reception in January 2022.

Policy Updates - Mobile Phones

Please find attached a copy of our updated Student Mobile Phone policy.

Please read the attached document, so that you are aware of the Department for Education's and VPS' expectations of students having mobile phones at school


Parenting Ideas 2021- Managing anxiety before it becomes a problem

The president of Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) recently highlighted the enormity of the anxiety problem that

children are facing. A survey of primary schools across Australia conducted by the APPA showed that 80% of school leaders

regard anxiety as a significant issue for children.

Research shows that childhood anxiety left unmanaged will almost certainly re emerge, highlighting the importance of early

detection and management of anxiety. Parents, as first responders, play an important role by minimising the impact of stressful

moments before they lead to full-blown anxiety. Here’s how they can help.


Term 3 Calendar 2021


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