St Andrews PS Newsletter

18th of February 2021

Principal's News

New School Council

There are 4 openings on our new school council. We're looking for open minded, active parents who would like to join us. Our School Council has 8 meetings a year (2 per Term) and membership is for 2 years. We will have nomination forms available from Monday for interested parents to complete. Once we have our membership finalised, our first meeting will be on Monday March 22nd at 4pm. 

Volunteering Opportunities

As you're aware, small schools just cannot function without volunteers. We are so thankful for the parents and community members that offer their time up to support us. Thank you to each one of you! A huge thank you to Laura Wells who has put so many hour into our library upgrade! 

Playgroup is back on and one of our lovely staff has rejoined us!

Another fantastic volunteer of note is Felicity, who has spent many hours recently, preparing our playgroup room and running weekly sessions for the parents and young members of our community! Thank you! If you'd like to join in with playgroup, it runs on Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:30. 

School Captains

We are looking forward to seeing our Grade 6 students present their School Captain speeches to the school tomorrow. We have three captain positions; School Captain, Sports Captain and Student Voice Captain. They work together closely with students and teachers in a broad range of areas. All students will vote tomorrow and our 2021 Captains will be presented at a special assembly next Wednesday at 9am. 

Band Program

As you're aware, senior bands and lessons have not started yet as Kyle is unavailable but it's looking very likely that we've found a great person to fill his spot while he's gone. Keep an ear to the ground for more news soon!

Drop off 

After some community consultation, we have decided to keep the quick drop off area in place. When you drop your child off in the morning, please leave the left hand side of the drive free for parents who are pulling over breifly and allowing their children to walk into school. For those wanting to park and take your time or stop for a chat, we would love to have you do so, just try and keep that space free please. 

Well done and thank you!

Lastly, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastically positive reaction to the quick lockdown over the past week. We are very fortunate to have such an understanding and open community. I hope it didn't put your lives in too much of a spin. We're pretty well back to normal here. Visitors are still welcome but must wear masks when we cannot social distance and when inside. 

Our School Vision

SWPBS Program

Our students have adjusted so well to being back at school this year. To support their continued positive behaviour, we teach regular explicit lessons about positive behaviour and acknowledge students behaviour through the presentation of 'Echidna Cards'. We have some children who are very close to achieveing their first milestone of 25 cards and we look forward to celebrating them very soon!

Upcoming Dates

Friday 19th of Feb 9amSchool Captain Speeches
Friday 19th of Feb 3pm2/3 Assembly
Wed 24th of Feb 9amSchool Captain Presentation
Wednesday March 3rd

House Athletics Carnival

Helpers Needed - See Ryan

Friday March 5thCurriculum Day - No School
Monday March 8thLabour Day - No School
Friday March 19thPrep/One Assembly
Week Nine or TenSpecial Dress Up Fundraiser (SRC TBC)
Monday March 22ndSchool Council (with new council)
Wednesday March 24thFirst Wednesday for Preps
Thursday March 25th

Twilight Sports Carnival (with BBQ)

Helpers Needed - See Ryan

Wednesday March 31stSchool Photos
Special Japanese Assembly 3pm
Thursday April 1stLast Day of School. 2:30 finish

Classroom News

Prep/One News

Jen asked the Prep One class to talk about some of the things we have learned this year. This is what they said:

Otto - We have been learning how to write and we have been learning letters.

Paisley - We have been drawing stuff and eating some food and crafting and going to OSHC.

Olivia - We have been reading silently. I like reading Molly books.

Freya - We have been making posters of the letters and we have been doing maths.

Joshy - I've learnt how much people feel when they get hurt (We read 'Have you filled a bucket today' at school this morning).

Sam - I love writing about my family. I love playing games with my friends.

Apple - I love playing with Max and Amelia and Emilia. 

Eve - I like writing letters in my dictionary. 

Isobel - I love doing making and making presents and doing all kinds of stuff. I also put ribbons on. I read books.

Harold - I like doing sports with Ryan because it is fun.

Maxwell - My favourite part of the day is maths because I can do times tables.

Emilia - I like drawing. Normally I like to draw stuff that is realistic.

Two/Three News

Welcome back to another exciting year in the 2/3 room, and what a great start we’ve had! Over the past few weeks the grade 2/3’s have been doing a fantastic job settling in to their new classroom. Within our Numeracy lessons, we have created our own personalised classroom calendar. It features our very own student artworks, alongside all our important class dates (such as birthdays). We have also been learning all about place value this week and even had time to build MAB houses. In Literacy, we have been focusing on finding our ‘Just Right’ books and building our reading stamina. So far our best time is 21 minutes and 52 seconds! If you happen to be down by the school, come and check out our Holiday Postcards in the window, describing all our great holiday adventures. 

4/5/6 News

Today’s update is coming from Skye and Scarlett. 

Here's what you need to know;

Kayaking has been rescheduled to next Wednesday (24/02). The 4/5/6's are really looking forward to it.

Leadership day is next Thursday (25/02). They will talk to us about how to be a good leader and what we could do as our Year 6 project.   

For remote learning over the last few days, I was super excited to make pancakes for Maths! I normally don't really like maths but this was the best maths activity ever! They were delicious! Skye.

Because it was optional, some people didn’t do any work at all. I decided to just work on my captain speech and it turned out really good! Scarlett

Specialist News

STEM with Chan

This week we got out the pipes and jumped around for the sake of data. Check out what we did on the new and updated blog:

Japanese with Kerry

Hisashiburi! Long time no see.

2021 – Ushidoshi­ – The Year of the Ox – We look forward to  a year of hard work, positivity and honesty!!

It was great to see minasan last week. We started the year in Japanese getting into the spirit of Japanese. Students made their own hachimaki, painting their names in katakana and decorating the strips of material provided. They are now dried and ready to be worn next week in class.

 This term, the Year 1 students will be learning about the Juunishi – Japanese zodiac animals, Year 2&3 students will be learning about the Kyoushitsu – the classroom, and Year 4/5/6 students will be learning the Hiragana  script.

Mata raishuu – See you next week!

News for Parents

The Schools’ Privacy Policy informs the school community that information about students can be shared to fulfil the schools’ core functions of educating and supporting our students.

The Schools’ Privacy Policy establishes a clarified ‘need to know’ framework, where school staff share information about students with other staff who need to know as part of their role. This is consistent with Victorian privacy law.

Each year we communicate this policy to parents to ensure everyone is aware of it. Please, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Join us!

We love volunteers here at STAPS and we're so grateful to those of you who are already volunteering your precious time for our school. Some of the ways you can get involved are;

  • Join School Council
  • Gardening - Wednesdays at 2pm
  • Feedback meeting opportunities - Keep an eye out. we're looking for feedback on a range of topics
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Grant Writing and Searching. We have a few applications underway at the moment but they can be mammoth tasks. If you hear of something suitable or want to help out, get in touch. 
  • Library Support (See Laura)

Get in touch if you're interested in any of these, or if you have another idea in mind!

Community News

A - Z for Parents at STAPS

Our A-Z Handbook for Parents has been updated for the new school year. It's a great document to save for future reference as it's packed full of bits and pieces of handy information that will arise throughout the school year. 

Please take note that our Band program has just undergone a recent change. With Kyle now taking on more hours at university, we are looking for someone to take on the teaching role in his absence. If you know of anyone with the skills and/or interest, please get in touch with Hayley, Michelle or Kyle. 


Be Amazed #beascout

Free Parenting Seminars with Berry Street

2021 Dates

School StartsThurs. January 28th
Curriculum DayWed. February 3rd
Curriculum DayFri. March 5th
Labour DayMon. March 8th
Term 1 Holidays2 -18 April
Term 2 Holidays26 June - 11 July
Book WeekAug 21 - 27
4/5/6 Camp JungaiSept 6 - 9 (TBC)
Term 3 Holidays17 Sept - 3 Oct
Term 4 Holidays18 Dec