Santa Sophia Catholic College Newsletter

September Newsletter - Term 3, Week 10 2021

Welcome Address by Mark De Vries

Watch this special edition of our e-Newsletter where Principal Mark De Vries speaks about NAPLAN results, the transition to Box Hill and farewells a very special person who has been part of our school's journey from the beginning, Daryl Castellino

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Santa Sophia Connect: Parent Webinar on the Industry Skills Program

Parents and carers of students in Years 8, 9 and 10 are invited to a webinar to learn more about Santa Sophia's Industry Skills Program. Our panel will provide an update on the program and speak about the recently distributed Student Progress Reports.

TONIGHT: Wednesday 15 September at 7:00pm  |  Register here

Transition to Box Hill

At this time, it is our intention that all students will begin learning at our new school site located at 1 Lakefront Crescent, Gables (Box Hill) from 8 November 2021.

However, as you would appreciate this plan may need to be changed in response to further Government and Public Health advice or other circumstances that may emerge in these uncertain times.

All updates regarding our transition to Box Hill and new arrangements will be provided on our website.

Mark De Vries on remote learning in the Hills Shire Times

My Top Tips

  • Keep to a daily routine of study
  • Ask your teachers for help if needed
  • Have a break from screen time (do things you enjoy; read a book, do some exercise, have fun with your family)
  • Engage in extra fun activities at home: National Science Week, Book Week, Fitness challenges, Dress up days

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Wellbeing Update

It has been a huge term with Remote Learning which has certainly had an impact on wellbeing for all within our community. We have seen the introduction of Wellbeing Wednesdays which most students have used very successfully to break up the week, catch up on tasks and consolidate their learning whilst engaging in much needed wellbeing activities.

Many of our students have continued to do digital wellbeing check-ins on Pulse on Wednesdays which has given us good data and helped guide us in knowing who to reach out to for the provision of additional support. Thank you also to the many parents who have also directly reached out to us to communicate about the wellbeing needs of their children. Although it has been more challenging to support the wellbeing of students remotely, it has been gratifying to be able to utilise the technology on hand to still provide interventions such as run small support groups as well as provide more individualised support.

Throughout Remote Learning we have also continued to use our reinforcement systems by going digital with our stamps as an interim system. This helps to motivate and acknowledge efforts of students on a regular basis in our virtual classrooms. In addition, we have continued with our PBS4L certificates to recognise more consistent behaviour that is in line with our values of Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Love. Although all certificates have been delivered digitally in Term 3, the students will receive their hard copies once we re-commence face to face learning in Term 4. A few students have also earned Bronze, Silver and even a Gold Award (for 5, 10 or 15 certificates achieved respectively) - these will be presented in more formal assemblies once we return to school.

We hope you have also enjoyed the various wellbeing videos that staff created on a weekly basis and were released on social media over this period of time. Our staff have been tireless in their desire to do whatever they can to lift the spirits of the community and to stay energised and focused. I'm sure you will agree that the coming school holidays will be a well earned break for the whole community - students, parents and staff!

We look forward to the commencement of Term 4 where the countdown to Box Hill and return to face to face schooling will really gather momentum. Although Remote Learning has brought many challenges to wellbeing, it has certainly taught us to appreciate the freedoms and social interactions that we perhaps took for granted before.

Principal's Award recipients | Term 3

Congratulations to all students who have earned themselves a Principal's Award this term!

Principal's Bronze Awards

Isabella G,  Harrison Z, Vivaan A, Shreyas PAUDYAL, James SANTOS, Christian MAZZULLO, Renee PISANI, Roman BIZZANELLI, Charlie HALLAL

Principal's Silver Awards


Principal's Gold Awards


Inside the Happy Families Parent Membership


1. Overwhelm: Self-Care Strategies For When Everything Is Too Much

Mon 20 Sept 8pm AEST | FREE when signed into your premium membership

Dr Justin Coulson delves into the latest research to explore what self-care can really look like for busy parents who just want a chance to go to the bathroom in peace.

2. LIVE Q&A with Dr Justin Coulson

Thurs 16 September |  Live Q&A | Pre-register Your Questions

Enrolments remain open for 2022

Temporary Office Hours

Our office hours have been reduced during lockdown restrictions to 8:00am - 2:30pm. 

Please also note that enrolment applications are now being accepted via e-mail -

All documentation must be attached as per instruction checklist or the application will not be accepted. For more information, visit our website.


Dates for your Diary:

Wednesday 15 September

- Industry Skills Program Webinar for parents of Year 8-10

Friday 17 September

- Last day of school

Tuesday 5 October

- Students resume remote learning classes for Term 4

Monday 25 October

- Kindergarten and Year 1 return to face-to-face learning at Kellyville

Monday 1 November

- Year 2 return to face-to-face learning at Kellyville

Monday 8 November

- Year 7 to Year 10 return to face-to-face learning and ALL students begin learning at Box Hill