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From the Principal

What a busy fortnight it has been. With the swimming carnival, kindergarten assembly and the induction of our Student Representative Councilors and House Captains today. It has been exciting to watch the classes fall into routine and the students and teachers settle into some great learning opportunities. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent information meetings on Wednesday afternoon. I visited some of the classes and it was very pleasing to see most of the seats filled. I was even more excited to meet so many of you at the BBQ over a sausage sizzle. 

We are very mindful that we would like to see more of you on site. At the moment assembly has been invitation only to the kindergarten parents in week one and the SRC and House Captain families today. We are eagerly awaiting further updates in regards to COVID to have more of you in our school more often.

The photo attached to this report is of Mr. Jack from Kindergarten who came to visit me in the office to show off his beautiful work in Sound Waves. Congratulations Jack - I love it!

Ms Greta Lewis

Principal (Rel)

Around the Playground

Our school playground is a very busy place especially when it is wet. I have been reminding all students to wear their hats and remember to stay safe around our oval when it is damp. 

School sport has begun for Stage 2 and 3 students, with groups for Rugby League, Soccer and Basketball. The official NRL coach began today, teaching some impressive skills. We are keen for the other coaches to begin supporting our teachers to help our children learn new skills and get active. 

Garden Club

Attendance Reminder

Just a reminder that school is compulsory. Unless you are unwell. In this case please provide a note. 

It is counted as an unexplained absence for all absences that do not have a note and early departures after events are seen as an unapproved reason and will go on your child's record. 

I cannot stress enough, the importance of your child being at school EVERYDAY!

Chook Club

Technology Around Our School

Every week our students visit the library and engage in a STEAM program. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Children have been learning about operating laptops effectively and creating google presentations based on quality learning projects. Mrs Martin has been guiding students through ways to incorporate research and artistic was to present their findings. 

Term 1 Calendar

Wk 5


District Swimming


18/3/2019/3/2020/3/20 - Crazy Sock Day SRC - Gold Coin 
Wk 61/3/212/3/21


Bike Day Years 1 & 2

Wk 78/3/21 Kindergarten Bike Day9/3/21


Regional Swimming Carnival


Wk 815/3/2116/3/2117/3/2118/3/2119/3/21

Week 3 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiLna A, Zahli B, Cate B, Liam B, Jack C, Zavier D, Sofia D, Joshua F, Logan F, Harrison K, Fath K, Tyler L, Katelyn N, Evelyn N, Amelia N, Henry O, Carter R, Evelyn S, Joel S, eden T, Constantine W & Tyler W
Year 1 BirrahleeMay R, Nell R & Zac W
Year 2 CooindaArlo B, Ella H & Scarlett N
Year 3 Wonga WongaEmily T, Madeline W, Tahlia W, Darcy D & Judah S
Year 4 Kookaaraa

Lulu D, Margaret M, Luca P, Alexis T & Marcy W

Year 5/6 WombarraChloe A, Tannon C, Amy H, Mahala P & Indianah R
Learning Habits Dimity B, Billy R, Indi B, Joshua N, Reagan D & 

Week 4 Assembly Award Recipients.

Kindergarten WalabiZahli B, Jack C, Logan F, Henry O & Evelyn S
Year 1 BirrahleeAmrli E, Isabella P, Lachlan P, Grace S, Bailey S & Shelby V
Year 2 CooindaAlexander C, Beau H, Zane M, James M, & Beau R
Year 3 Wonga WongaBridie H, Ava K, Indi P, Archie S & Amelia W
Year 4 Kookaaraa

Ben C, Lulu D, Kyle R & Billy R

Year 5/6 WombarraMali B, Nate F, Hayes H, Deni R & Calhoun W
Learning HabitsCharlo R, Mia S, Lulu T, Imelda C, Maebry C, Windradyne C, Hayley M, Finn P & Annabelle Y

Please remember to update your child's health care plan on Operoo and supply a paper copy to the office.

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