TIDINGS - Term 2 Week 1 . 2021


Welcome back!

Over the holidays I hope you had time to reflect on the goodness of God during the Easter weekend at least.

I found myself binge watching a series called The Chosen. It is an interpretation of the calling of Jesus’ disciples. It is one of the best series I have watched in a long time.

The first season brings to life the early stages of Jesus’ ministry and what it would have looked, felt and sounded like for the first few disciples, and their surrounding society, as they began to encounter Jesus for the first time. There is a palpable sense of uncertainty, excitement, curiosity, wonder and fear.

One phrase kept catching my attention. Many times, the new disciples would worry about how they were going to achieve something, go somewhere or speak to someone, but the response that kept coming from one follower in particular was, ‘The Master knows’.

Whilst it did not solve anything, the response constantly brought peace in the midst of the uncertainty of the struggle.

Pastor and Educator Rod Thompson speaks on this idea of uncertainty and struggle. He argues that struggle is something that we must learn to embrace as a part of life, suggesting it has the power to form and refine who we are, spiritually and within our character.

When discussing the life of Joseph (Genesis 37 - 50) he highlights how God used the events to not only save the people but to bless them and in doing so, showed how good God was. It is no different in the life of Jesus we see in the Easter story as God used the circumstances to rescue the people and again, show His love for us. The main difference being that in this story, it is God himself enduring the relentless injustice and struggle.

Rod Thompson argues that to endure the struggle we must surround ourselves with people who will help us through the struggle and to embrace the struggle, not those who are struggle avoiders or struggle solvers as this only serves to increase our sense of tension and frustration, rather than to allow it to form the good and God in us.

It is my prayer that, as educators and parents of the next generation, through rigorous education, opportunity and significant support we can enable our students to go through their struggles and not rescue them when it is ‘hard’. It is so important to remind our children that the ‘Master knows’ and encouraging this faith is critical to building their hope.

When we can do this, be struggle embracers in our children’s and friend’s lives, we will provide our students with the foundations necessary to thrive and take hold of every opportunity that comes their way; the difficult and the easy.

I hope you will enjoy all that this term has to offer. It is full of so many opportunities, from soccer and netball gala days to culture presentations and primary and secondary camps. It should be amazing.  

I also encourage you to continue to partner with us and attend the parent – teacher afternoons next week to share about your child’s progress. It is at these meetings we continue to gain insights into and provide for your students. If you cannot make these times, please contact us and we will make a different time.

The Master knows…



Any student who is unwell, even with the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms, must stay home and be tested and not return until a clear test result is provided and symptoms have abated.

Everyone must continue to practice good personal hygiene. Washing of hands and respiratory hygiene is still essential.

Birthday cakes are permitted in consultation with your student’s teacher. Food no longer needs to be parcelled.

Visitors and volunteers are allowed on campus. This includes attendance at assemblies and other events. Any visitor to the school must comply with sign-in arrangements.

Any person who is unwell, even with the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms, must stay home and be tested.

Visitors should maintain 1.5m physical distance from other adults (including staff) and other visitors when on the school site and at school pick-up and drop-off times where practicable.

Introducing Mrs Amy Goodwin

We are pleased to welcome Mrs Amy Goodwin to the School Office Administration team.  Amy comes with a wealth of administration experience and is excited to have joined the RCC Community. Please say hello next time you are in the office.

From the School Counsellor

It's great to be back with you all and journeying with your students as they learn and grow through the next term.  As students journey through the challenges and pressures of life, many students benefit from mental health awareness and tools to help navigate, manage and thrive.  Whilst we discuss these topics in school there is always room to learn more or to refresh. The Black Dog Institute, a well recognised organisation supporting mental health,  have the following free 30-45 minute webinar sessions coming up over April, May and June.  The sessions are designed for teens and parents/caretakers. You may like to watch one or more of these together, my favourite topic is mental fitness. The topics they will be discussing include:

  • Mental fitness
  • Navigating teen mental health
  • Breaking down depression
  • Insight into understanding mental health
Book into one or more of these sessions using the following link Registration for Black Dog Institute webinar sessions

Kind Regards, 

Lorin Lynden-Bell

School Counsellor



Monday 26 April - Thursday 29 April 3.10pm - 4.00pm


Monday 3 May - Wednesday 5 May


Thursday 6 May - 9.00am - 2.30pm


Wednesday 12 May 5.30 - 7.00pm



Friday 25 June



Monday 19 July 2021


Primary Merit Awards

ANZAC Assembly - Lest we forget

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Peer Support

The Peer Support program in Primary commenced this week and will continue in Term 2 for one period each week. Thank you to Mrs Weingarth and Mr Shouten for preparing the Year 6 leaders for their leadership role this term. It was exciting to see the Year 6 Peer leaders put into practice the skills they learnt in their Peer Support training last term by planning and delivering an engaging workshop with students from younger year levels.

The module we are exploring this year is called "Moving Forward - Resilience". Students will learn practical skills and strategies to positively manage challenging situations. The Peer Support program is developed by Peer Support Australia and responds to evidence of the effectiveness of whole school approaches to student wellbeing.

Peer Support

Launch of "Big Write" in Year 3 this week

Students in Year 3 were very excited to begin their weekly celebration of writing through their daily writing workshops with Ms. Chilcott and Mr Fernandez this week. "Big Write" is an approach to the teaching of writing that focuses on the importance of talk and oral rehearsal, and the basic skills of punctuation, grammar, spelling, handwriting and editing. Each Thursday, students engage in a "Celebration of Writing" by engaging in an extended period of time to write the ideas they have gathered across the week. Thank you to Ms. Chilcott for leading the implementation of "Big Write" in Primary classes. It is fantastic to see how engaged and excited the students are about their writing!

Year 3 "Big Write"

Primary House Cup Challenge

Yesterday students and teachers were excited to participate in the first House Cup Challenge of the term - a Primary "Dance Off' competition. Thanks to Ms. Chilcott, Mr Fernandez and Mrs Walker for showing off their dance prowess by their demonstration of "The Shuffle". The results are out - Fenwick in first place with 31 points, Yeager 30 points and Rous 26 points.

Primary House Cup Challenge



Racecourse Café will continue to provide a lunch canteen Monday to Friday in Term 1.

Bring your orders into the School Office before school or by 10.30am.
Please write the name and order on a bag or envelope and enclose the exact money. 

Note: No Change will be given as orders go straight to the Racecourse Café. 



Relaxed, fun learning atmosphere with qualified female coach

When: Wednesday's  4pm - 5pm

Where: Saunders Oval, Ballina

Cost: $10per session

Ring Wendy 0490 806 105 for more information or to book a place