Mansfield Primary School Newsletter

No.13 November 12th, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

We are already halfway through Term 4!  Every term is busy at Mansfield Primary School, but Term 4 is particularly so.  We are planning for 2022, running Kinder and Y7 Transition, running S2S camps and excursions, writing reports as well as our normal teaching and learning. 

The Grade 6 students are nearing the end of their Social Enterprise Schools unit.  They have been trading at recess times and, even though COVID restrictions have thrown some challenges at them, they have learned a lot.  This is just one example of how our students, teachers and families have adapted and supported each other so that learning has continued over the last couple of years.

A huge thankyou to Bernie Scott (5C), Kate Bennett (4B) and Marylaure Farnault (French) who have stepped in to support our students this term.  This is another example of our students having fantastic teachers to support their wellbeing and learning.

Parents and Guardians Onsite

Parents and guardians are able to come into the school grounds to pick up their children.  If you need to come into the office or into a classroom you will need to sign in using the QR code and show the office staff a valid vaccination certificate.

If there is a COVID case at Mansfield Primary School

A number of schools across Victoria have had positive COVID cases during this term.  The Department of Education and Department of Health support schools when this occurs.  We hope that it will not happen at MPS but we have a plan in place.

Step 1: A COVID case is confirmed

Principal identifies close contacts and asks them to get a PCR test, then stay at home and wait for contact from the Department of Health.

Step 2: Possible school site closure, then reopening

If necessary, the school may close for 24 hours to allow time to complete the identification of close contacts.

Step 3: Cleaning

Daily COVIDSafe Routine Cleaning can continue even if the school site is closed. A deep clean is not required; COVIDSafe Routine Cleaning (including high-touch clean and disinfect) is the appropriate level of cleaning.

Step 4: Return to school

Principal informs the rest of the school (those not identified as close contacts) that they can return.

Classes 2022

Next year we will have 5 prep classes and 3 classes for every other year level.  This will mean a total of 23 classes across the school. 

We are currently finalising which staff will teach in each area and the best place for each and every student.  The biggest piece of work is our teachers using their experience, knowledge of students and professional judgement to place all 525(ish) students into classes.  Students will identify peers that they learn well with to help this process. 

Our whole school transition morning on December 15th will give students an opportunity to spend a morning in their new classroom with their new teacher.

Remembrance Day

On Thursday morning our Grade 6 School Captains and I attended the Mansfield Remembrance Ceremony. Mrs Sketcher led the orchestra and played The Last Post.  Our students at school observed a minute’s silence at 11:00am.

Support to Get Your Kids Active

If you have a Healthcare or Pensioner’s Card, you may be eligible for $200 to support your children to participate in sport or recreational activities.  Please see the flyer attached to this newsletter.  Call the office if you have any questions.

Like always, please get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.  Call or email your classroom teacher, call the front office or email me

Have a great weekend.

Take Care,




November 16th - Grade 6 Rifle Butts Leadership Day

November 17th to 19th - Grade 6 School to Summit Camp

November 24th - Grade 2 Hike

November 25th - Grade 3 Sheepyard

Notes from the Office


We have received a delivery of uniforms. If you have placed an order prior to last week please check at the front office for your order. 

Uniform is to be ordered through Spartan School Supplies.

We now have a full range of uniform on display at the front office for you to view before making your purchases online. 

We have a limited range of second hand school jumpers available that can be purchased from the front office.


Please note we cannot return items that have no name. Please ensure uniform is clearly labelled with your child's name. 


A reminder to pack spare clothes for your child. We have a small supply of spare clothing if needed however we are in need of smaller sizes 4,6,8 in pants & shorts. If your child has come home in a change of clothing we ask that you please wash & return to school. Thank you. 


Please make sure you have been in contact with us regarding bus travel for next week. Any changes to your afternoon bus travel arrangements are to be made by 2.30pm of the day of travel. This can be made via the Skoolbag App under E-Forms, email or by phone. 


We have lots of library books that are now overdue. Please have a look around home & return to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

Parent Payments for 2022

Dear Families,

Today we will be sending home an important letter for parents and guardians regarding Parent Payments for 2022.  This letter will be sent home with the youngest child in each family so please check their school bag. There are some noticeable changes from previous year’s so we encourage you to read this letter and direct any questions or queries to the school office.

One change is that families will no longer purchase stationery packs.  Stationery supplies will be ordered by classroom teachers and distributed to students as required.  

In addition, there is a new payment procedure where parents simply view contribution requests and make their contribution of choice by any of the payment methods available. Invoices for voluntary contributions will not be processed onto family accounts.

Invoices for Extra-Curricular Items and Activities will continue to be invoiced to families. Families who receive Camps, Sports & Excursions contributions (CSEF) can still use these funds towards these activities.  Please note that with all the changes to activities at school during the past two years many families have a credit amount on their family account. Please be assured that these amounts will be allocated to contributions of your choice.

Your contributions are valued and continue to assist us to broaden the educational experience for our students. If you are unable or choose not to make financial contributions, your child will not be disadvantaged or denied access to the resources required to deliver the curriculum.  

Spartan School World back to school information for 2021/22.



Due to the prolonged lockdown in Term 3, 2021 we have extended the 2021 Prep CSEF uniform package until the end of November.  This means that any families/carers that have not yet submitted their forms can still do so until the end of this term. All the information for these packages can be found on our website here.

Support to Get Your Kids Active


2022 Rotary Calendar

We are very excited with the 2022 Rotary Calendar featuring fabulous drawings by our local Primary School students!

We were delighted with the entries and congratulate all students who put in an entry!!  Choosing the winners was a most enjoyable experience with so many colourful, creative drawings.

We think they would make a lovely Christmas present with the cost being only $15.00. They can be purchased from the school front office, at the Information Centre and during the Rotary Club BBQ’s (Nov 13th & Dec 11th).

 We would like to thank Cameron at Mansfield Printing for a wonderful job. They look excellent and were completed in a short time considering lockdowns.     

 Thanks again to all Staff who have assisted the students and us to produce this lovely Calendar.

 Sue Reynolds



GoFundMe MPS - Ninja Warrior Course


Parent and Relationship Education 2 hour Sessions Term 4


Positive Parenting Telephone Service


North East Health Disability Support