Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 8 - 11/06/2021

Principal's Message - Kim Fraser

Our amazing Environmental Officers braved the rainy, freezing cold morning yesterday to participate in the City of Stirling school verge planting venture. The students planted trees along the verges on Mountainbell Road and Campus Way. Huge thank you to Ms Samsa for organising the children, to the volunteer parents and grandparents, Rotary, Councillor Proud and to Candice Le Roux and her team from Stirling Council for the exceptional organisation of this event, what a great community, team effort!

The Executive Team would like to give a very big thank you to all the parents who support us while doing crosswalk duties these past 2 weeks. It’s been really nice to greet you all as you enter and leave the school with your super friendly greetings that make our day!

We are pretty excited to have begun the planning with the Community Focus Group for the Oval Creative Play SpaceThis link will take you to an overview of the project.

The P & C are always so generous by providing the school with financial donations that supplement our many cost centre learning areas. Committees have been using this extra funding to provide further resources. 

The STEAM/Robotics team have purchased:

  • Materials to make new robotics mazes for our RobocupJr program,
  • New trolley to store our robotic Lego kits,
  • A range of additional robotics sensors and parts to further extend our capabilities.

Thank you P & C, the equipment is most useful and has allowed us to support up to 6 competing teams in the RobocupJr this year as opposed to two last year.

There has been an increased amount of issues with poppets, fidgets and Pokémon cards. The children have been ‘trading’ these items and as you can imagine causing a few robust discussions between kids on ownership rights! To curb this, children will no longer be able to play with these while at school. We are totally aware that some children with sensory issues may use these during recess and lunch as part of their engagement plan and this will continue to be managed by the teachers and parents of these children. There has also been an increase of toys dangling from many school bags – some of these items are being taken or lost which causes a lot of distress for the children. We would greatly appreciate it if you could please support the message of ‘no toys at school rule’ and reducing the toys on their bags. 

STEAM/Robotics new resources! Planting Trees - Learning is so much fun!

Merit Certificates Week 6

Congratulations to the following Merit Certificate recipients:


 Luke L, Lewis B


 Michael G, Annabelle G

 Room 1

 Ines C, Kelly Mc, Caspar M

 Room 3

 Jordan L, Emma H, Casper P

 Room 4

 Evangeline C, Konrad N

 Room 5

 Nia K, Lucas L

 Room 6

 Isaac M

 Room 7

 Tavishka G, Emmett B

 Room 8

 Isaiah W

 Room 9

 Tingna W, Omar T, Nate C

 Room 10

 Zhiqing H, Angus P

 Room 12

 Daniel G, Matthew W

 Room 13

 Milla S, Jessica Mc, Aden B

 Room 16

 Sarah D, Jake O

 Room 17

 Bailey K, Declan C


 Hiro C, Nika M & Room 3


Sustainability News

City of Stirling - Tree Planting and Partnerships.  Click here to see more.

Kindergarten and Pre Primary Enrolments 2022

Don't forget to enrol for Kindy and Pre Primary 2022!

Please let your friends and neighbours know if they are not already at our amazing school! 

For more information see the Kindy and Pre Primary flyers

STEM Classroom Cash

This year Churchlands PS will be participating in the STEM Classroom Cash initiative. Please collect the coupons from The West Australian newspaper over the next four weeks and drop them at the collection points in the library and front office.  Let’s see if we can win some money to boost our STEAM resources!

Hannah Reid

DUCKs @ Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre


PLEASE NOTE;  When processing direct deposit to our school bank account that you use the reference as stated on the Unpaid Billing Items Reminder letter - ie:

Student Surname,  Student First Name, Room Number

Reminder - Student Update Form

Any changes to student details that may occur throughout the year must be notified to the Admin office as soon as possible.  Or you may prefer to email


EALD / ESL News (English as an Additional Language / Dialect) (English as a Second Language)

Eligible EALD students received a letter in term one to explain that they are on our EALD census and will also receive Progress Map levels on their reports. Mrs Key supports students who are working within levels one to five. The levels provide extra information with how they are making progress and developing their English skills. 

From Churchlands Senior High School


Enrol now for the winter season swimming with UWA West Coast Swimming Club Junior Development squads. 

Maintain your swimming fitness this winter by training with us for the short course season.   

Register for Winter Squads: 

For more information about winter season and term 2 swimming contact the UWSC office via email at 

or phone 08 6156 1900 

Eclipse Martial Arts - Expressions of Interest


Eclipse Martial Arts Academy is seeking expressions of interest from students wishing to start classes in Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu and MMA.

Master Instructor Brad Emmett 6th Dan has over 35 years experience teaching and competing in both traditional martial arts and modern combat sports.

Classes for age groups 4-6, 6-8, 8-12 and 12 up.

The youngest students would begin at 4.00pm.

We are interested in feedback regarding suitable days. These will be held in the  CPS undercover area.

You can register by contacting Brad for more details on 0428 347770 or by email at or collect a form from the administration office.

Triple P Positive Parenting Flyers Term 2 2021

Click here for further information.