Term 1 2021 | Week 9

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News from the Principal

Congratulations to this years elected Governing Council.

Chairperson: Mychelle Franke

Deputy Chairperson: Lynette Veart

Treasurer: Graham Borlace

Secretary: Bec Lehmann

Other members will be announced once all community and parent members are finalised. I wish them all well in their positions and thank them for their commitment to improving our site and for the governance of the school. If you would like anything raised at our bi-termly meetings, please approach a sitting member (in writing) who will gladly support your discussion points or recommendations.

The site has just completed it’s first round of literacy testing in line with our site improvement journey. I am excited and pleased to see student growth and progress across all year levels. Students who did not meet personal growth benchmarks will be provided with intervention strategies to provide extra support for their learning. Please make contact via phone if you would like to discuss the current progress of your child. The scheduled progress report will provide you with information on how your child has progressed during term 1. This will be sent home on Wednesday 7th April. If you would like to discuss this report with your child’s teacher, please arrange a phone call meeting through the front office.

I would like to thank you for continuing to practice COVID—19 safety expectations by not entering foyers before or after school. Together we can continue to make everyone in the school community as safe as we possibly can.

Our school oval was looking in trouble a short time ago. We have invested time and funds to ensure the oval is safe and ready for students to use. It is now looking lush and green again.

Bryan Rotherham



Senior Leader Literacy

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an Introduction to Sensory Processing held at the Education Office here in Whyalla.  It was a great opportunity for me to understand some of the issues some of our students grapple with daily.  I have arranged for this presentation to be delivered to our staff next term as I feel it will benefit all of our students to be able to identify and regulate their feelings and emotions.

I have also attended training on the Inclusive Education Support Program (IESP) in Adelaide.  This training has given me more information regarding the application for funding process and how I can better support our staff, families and students through this process.   The IESP team were in Whyalla last week and ran a spotlight session for staff to run through the process and their responsibilities.  If you have any questions regarding funding please feel free to make an appointment to discuss these with me.

Jodie Turpin

Student Wellbeing Leader News

At Long Street Primary School we are very privileged to be supported by our local Foodbank.  Foodbank help us in running our breakfast program, emergency lunches and food packs (The Building Health Program) that we send home to families in need.

Breakfast Club: Foodbank supports programs that give students the opportunity to eat a wholesome, nutritious breakfast on a regular basis. Having breakfast has been shown to have a positive impact on factors such as physical and mental health, social skills, concentration, behaviour, attendance and academic outcomes. Foodbank South Australia currently support more than 500 school programs throughout South Australia. With a mission to make sure that South Australian children, regardless of their circumstances, have an equal start in life. A key area of Foodbank SA’s work is to source and acquire food items to support school-based food relief programs across metropolitan Adelaide as well as regional and remote areas of South Australia.

Emergency Lunches: Foodbank South Australia has identified that children suffering food insecurity often require more than just breakfast if they are to be given an equal start in life. They need access to healthy food at ALL times. Through consultation with schools, agencies and community it has become apparent that a high number of children are not eating lunch due to a lack of food availability. This lack of adequate food has a significant impact on their school day, overall attendance and learning capabilities. At Long Street we provide students with a sandwich and snacks if they have not been able to access food at home.

Food Packs: The Building Health Program (BHP) proudly supported by BHP, gives South Australian school students who are food insecure, access to FREE nutritious take home food packs. The Program also helps to educate young people about the importance of healthy eating and provides them with nutritious meals to help fill their rumbling tummies. By promoting healthy eating in young people we can improve their overall growth, development and wellbeing. The programs objectives are:

  • To provide young people with packs containing nutritious, easy-to-prepare food to be prepared and consumed within their homes over the weekend.
  • To distribute nutritious, wholesome food in a caring and discreet manner.

We would just like to thank Foodbank for their continued support into 2021. If you would like any information on any of these programs please don’t hesitate to ring me on 86458303.

Becc O’Neil 

Diary Dates


Wednesday 31stSports Teams Day
Friday 2ndGood Friday
Monday 5thEaster Monday
Friday 9th

Last Day of Term 1

2.10pm finish

Monday 26thAnzac Day
Tuesday 27th1st day of Term 2

What's Happening in ........


It has been a great start to the school year in our science classroom so far this term. We have all set ourselves up for the years learning by looking at how having a Growth Mindset can help us when things go wrong in scientific investigations as well as what the scientific method is and why it is so important. Foyer A classes have been focusing on how we can use our 5 senses to observe and notice things in the world around us. Foyer B have been learning about change, growth and life cycles, with Room 7 connecting their learning to their Design and Tech focus of using design to find and create solutions for environmental problems. Foyer C has also been looking at life cycles, as well as animal and plant adaptations. Meanwhile Foyer D has been learning about the different environments that exists and how animals survive and thrive within these spaces, as well as what happens when change occurs within them.


Around our School

Girls Netball Carnival

Harmony Day

World Down Syndrome Day

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