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Hindmarsh Edition: Term 4 Week 5

? ? ? Wheels Day in Week 5 & 6 ? ? ?

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Sports Day Highlights
  • 2022 School Board Nominations
  • Join us for our Remembrance Day Liturgy
  • Socktober Highlights
  • Wheels Day in Week 5 and 6
  • Save the Dates
  • Preschool: Eat a Rainbow Program
  • Vacation Care Program out now!

Diary Dates

? Upcoming Events:

8th - 12th Nov | R-3 Swimming Week at Seaton Swim Centre
11th Nov | Yr 4-6 Wheels Day
18th Nov | R-3 Wheels Day
24th Nov | Instrumental Evening

2nd Dec | School Concert
7th Dec | Thanksgiving Mass
9th Dec | Last day of Term 4, finish at 3.10 pm & Year 6 Graduation Dinner
10th Dec | Pupil Free Day

24th Dec - 9th Jan | Vacation Care Closed
10th Jan | Vacation Care Reopens

31st Jan | School Begins Term 1, 2022

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

It is fabulous to welcome back parents, volunteers, and visitors to our school.  ?

SA public guidelines state that:

  • All parents and visitors are required to complete a COVID-Safe check in when entering the school grounds or buildings and practise physical distancing from other adults.
  • It is recommended that parents and other visiting adults wear masks when entering school buildings. This includes volunteers.
  • Masks are not required outdoors if adults can physically distance. This is consistent with community mask use requirements.

We look forward to seeing you at Assemblies once again.  Parents will need to be seated outside.  As the weather heats up, school shelters are available.  We would appreciate parents' support with setting up and putting away shelters as teachers will be supervising students. ?

?? Year 4 -6 Aquatics Excursion ??‍♂️

The year 4-6 students had a fantastic time at Aquatics Day in Port Noarlunga in week 3! Check out some highlights from their day.

? ? Sports Day ? ?

It was wonderful to come together as a community for Sports Day this year!  As mentioned at the oval, this was made possible with significant preparation behind the scenes!

Thank you to our sports captains who led their teams with vigour and passion!

Thank you to our wonderful students for participating so wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, and to staff who assisted students on the day! 

Appreciation and thanks to the Parents and Friends committee who creatively fulfilled the restrictions of the COVID plan by arranging to have individually wrapped donuts and to Helena for baking delicious Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Brownies available for all!  Great initiative! 

Thank you to our Sports Day committee for organising an awesome Sports Day!!

An enjoyable day was had by all!

Highlights from Sports Day

2022 School Board Nominations

This year we are seeking 2 nominations to the School Board, nominations close on 6 December. If you are interested please fill out our digital nomination form by following this link.

Role and Function of School Board

Each diocesan School Board has delegated responsibility from the Archbishop for the overall well-being of its school, within South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) and diocesan policies and guidelines. In practice, this means that in a spirit of partnership, the School Board acts to:

  • develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school;
  • develop the relationship between the school and the local Church;
  • promote educational excellence within the school;
  • support the administration of the school;
  • foster harmonious and positive collaboration within the school community;
  • protect children;
  • monitor buildings and grounds development and maintenance;
  • exercise financial stewardship of the school; and
  • ensure compliance with legal obligations.

School Boards are important as they bring together, in a formal setting, the significant parties concerned with the provision of education of young people in the school.

The structure of the School Board includes:

  • Parish Representative
  • Chairperson
  • School Principal as the executive officer
  • Elected Parents
  • Staff Representative
  • Parents & Friends Representative
  • Preschool Parent Representative

The School Board is a partnership between parish and school, parents and staff, the school and Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) as a whole, and between the school community and the broader Church Community and society.

Currently, School Board meetings are held each month.

Membership of the Board will be for a period of two years for elected, nominated and appointed members. Members (other than Ex-Officio Members) should not serve more than six consecutive years.

The Criteria for membership is as follows:

  • possess an enthusiasm for and willingness to promote the mission of Catholic schools;
  • bring to the Board their gifts and skills;
  • desire to give service to their school community;
  • have an ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all Members of the Board
  • be prepared to undertake formation;
  • have an ability and desire to uphold confidentiality in Board matters;
  • have sufficient time to devote to Board duties; and
  • have a current police check clearance for the Screening and Verification Authority—Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide.

There are four vacancies. If you are interested in being part of the School Board please nominate. If you are interested in being on the School Board please complete the nomination form. Should there be more than three nominations a vote will take place.

Nominations close on 6th December 2021. An online voting process will also take place along with the voting slip in this newsletter to ensure that everyone has the opportunity of participating in this important decision.

The School Board Manual is available on request or you may wish to have a conversation with me or a current member of the School Board if you would like more information about what the role involves.

School Fees

We are delighted to announce that there will be NO increase to school fees in 2022!  Information regarding school fee payments will be included in the 2022 Information Pack which will be distributed to families next week.

God Bless,

Maria, Helen and Rita

Leadership Contact Details

Maria D'Aloia
APRIM & ICT Coordinator:
Helen Clark
Leader of Learning:
Rita Garreffa

Religious Education News

✝️ Remembrance Day Liturgy

Parents/guardians are welcome to attend our Remembrance Day Liturgy on Thursday 11th November at 10.30 am for 10.35 am start.

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Before we were born, God willed for us to live with Him forever.  When we were baptized, we became part of a special family called the communion of saints, who share in Jesus’ gift of His holiness.

The saints are people who said “yes” to God’s plan for them and are now in heaven.  Some were children and young people, some were mothers and fathers, some were monks, priests or nuns, and some were single people.  On All Saints Day (November 1) we praise and thank God for what He has done for us through these holy people.  We ask the saints to pray for us that we might love our God and neighbour the way Jesus taught us.  On All Souls Day (November 2), we pray for all people who have died.  We ask God to bring them to the joyful banquet of heaven to be with God and the saints forever.

Remembering our Loved Ones ❤️

On All Souls Day (2nd Nov), there will be a space set up in front of the altar in the chapel where students and staff may leave a memorial card or the name of loved one who has passed away. This space will be left set up for the remainder of Week 5. 

Prayer Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen

Socktober- Year 5-6s socking it to poverty!

 Thank you to Miss Taormina and the Year 5/6 classes for their involvement in Socktober. It was great to see them raise awareness of what is means to be mission and to live out mission and being Church.

Highlights from Socktober!

Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Bulletin

Save the Dates

? ? ? Wheels Day in Week 5 & 6 ? ? ?

?? School Concert

Our school concert is just around the corner! 

Add the date to your diary so you don't miss out!

Come and enjoy the show on Thursday 2nd December on the School Oval.

More information will be released soon!

? ? Instrumental Evening ??

Is your child part of the Instrumental Program? 

If so, keep a look out for information about our upcoming Instrumental Evening, where you'll be able to watch the students perform songs they've been learning.

Join us on Wednesday 24th November at the School. 

Find out everything you need to know about National Recycling Week. We can all do our part to help look after our planet! ?

COVID-19 Update

Stop the Spread by staying home when sick

Please consider others. Stay home if you, your child or someone living with you us unwell.

Fruit Fly ??

We have contacted the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and confirmed we are in the red ? zone . 

We have been advised that ? honeydew, ? watermelon, ? pineapple,? rock melon,? cucumber and ? carrot can be brought on to our premises and is also permitted to leave the school if the student has not consumed it during the day.

You can purchase fruit from a green ? or yellow ? zone store and bring to school. However, if the fruit is not consumed it must not leave the school. Please note fruit purchased from a store in the red zone or home grown in a red ? zone are not permitted to be brought to school.

Please refer to website for current maps of zoning as this is regularly updated by PIRSA. If you have any further questions regarding zoning and the various requirements, please contact PIRSA directly. 

??? Eat a Rainbow Program ???

As part of the Early Years Framework, our focus this term is on healthy eating and learning about the health benefits gained by eating different colours of fruit and vegetables.

?? Eat a Rainbow: Let's eat red! ??

Children truly embraced eating a rainbow of red in week 2! To help cool them down during the warm weather, both the Gold and Blue group enjoyed a 3-ingredient strawberry milkshake (fresh strawberries, milk and honey). The Blue group also indulged in wedges of juicy watermelon, whilst the Gold group helped to make a strawberry loaf! 

? Preschool Pizzeria: Let's eat red! ?

 After weeks of use of the ‘In the Town’ ELLA app, specifically in the pizza restaurant, reading books such as ‘Pizza Party’ and ‘The Runaway Pizza’, as well as sociodramatic play in our preschool pizza restaurant where children have been ordering, making and serving pizza’s, it was finally the children’s turn to make their own pizza’s! 

A brainstorming session with both the Blue and Gold group led to some great suggestions of different vegetables we could use as toppings on our pizza. As our focus has been on eat a rainbow or red, we tried to incorporate as many red ingredients as possible. 

Our ingredient list included: 

  • Pizza dough/bases 
  • Pizza sauce 
  • Red Capsicum 
  • Tomato 
  • Mushroom 
  • Pineapple 
  • Basil 
  • Cheese 

? ? Preschoolers join Sports Day! ? ?

Our school Sports Day was full of fun and excitement. With the blue team Joseph taking out the shield this year. A great 2021 community event! 

Congratulations to all the Preschool children who participated in the whole school relay, health hustle and games such as tug of war, egg and spoon, sack race and running races. 

? Footy Carnival

The girls had a great footy carnival…They didn’t come away with any wins as they were put up in Div 1 against some much stronger teams. Nonetheless, they had lots of fun, met new friends and held their heads high! 

?‍♂️ SACPSSA Athletics Carnival

Several Year 3-6 students represented our school at the SACPSSA Athletics Carnival on 2nd November.

The girls team finished 4th and the boys finished 9th.

Thank you to Mr So for his organisation of our team and also to Mr Colella, Jessica and Sera for helping out on the day.

? Vacation Care Closed: 24th Dec 2021 - 9th Jan 2022

✅ Vacation Care Reopens: 10th Jan 2022

? Vacation Care Program Out Now!

The Dec/Jan Vacation Program is now available. Get in quick as spaces fill fast!

Pick up a copy from OSHC today or head to the link to download a copy!

Our Vacation Care Program was released today. We hope you enjoyed the pancakes served at Breakfast club to celebrate the release. ?

? Did you know?

As part of your Child Care Subsidy guidelines you are entitled to 42 absent days per financial year. To view how many days you have utilised, please check your statement on page 2 to keep track of your YTD (year to date) absences. Anything over 42 will result in full fees being charged on any absences. 

Parenting Insights

Article: Screen time habits for good eye health

As children and teenagers spend more time online it's important that adults equip them with the skills and strategies to protect the health of their eyes.

Article: How birth order knowledge helps parents

Birth order knowledge provides a rich view of information to help parents better motivate, manage and communicate each child or young person in their family.

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards Program

St Joseph's Hindmarsh has partnered with Credit Union SA on their School Community Rewards program, which provides a regular financial benefit for our school without having to donate any time or money, please see the latest offer for our school community.

➡️ View the Credit Union Home Loan Offer here


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