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Latest COVID-19 Advice

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Term 3 - Week 6

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers

COVID-19 Update

I have just been informed from the Department that the lockdown is to be extended until Friday 28 August 2021.

Can I start off by thanking  you for keeping your children at home where possible. It is the safest place for them to be. The current spread of COVID-19 is most serious, especially as it seems to be increasingly affecting children. Now is certainly not the time to be sending children to school unless it is absolutely necessary. The school is running on a skeleton staff with 2 teachers and a School Learning Support Officer to provide minimal supervision of students.

The aim is to prevent the movement of people and therefore the spread of the virus.

Due to extension of the lockdown, our delivery team will be out on Monday to get the next two week's of work out to families.

There are many tools for parents and carers to explore, to support themselves and their children. See attached sheet of Apps that has been collated by which you may find useful. 

Our Facebook page is certainly humming. I took great pleasure in reading parent comments in relation to our staff delivering the, ‘Work at Home Packs,’ to my wife last night. Thank you for the positive feedback and thankyou to the delivery team who are looking  foward to delivering your packs to you again on Monday.

Happy Times At School Last Week

Afternoon Tea with the Principal. (If I owned a bakery, I would have a good cash flow.) There were two sittings last week, a junior and senior afternoon tea due to high numbers of guests. Students can buy an afternoon tea for a whopping 25 Green Grins which students earn through our Positive Behaviour for Learning reward system. I need to either buy a bakery or put up the cost of Green Grins needed to attend…. maybe 50 Green Grins! It is a great time which we all enjoy.

I think I’m becoming a trend setter. Check out Isaac’s tie which he wore to school last week. A very sharp look!

Thank you again to all of our GPS community for working together and helping us stay safe by following the COVID-19 lock down guidelines.


 Mark Sullivan


Afternoon Tea with Mr Sullivan

The Tie Team helps under 25s with everyday questions through to tough times. Visit the attached link now to get the tools you need to make life easier. Below are some apps available for additional support.






16 August 

-Learn from home

17 August

-Learn from home

18 August

-Learn from home

19 August

-Learn from home

20 August

-Learn from home


23 August

-Learn from home

24 August

Book Week Parade- POSTPONED 

-Learn from home

25 August

-Learn from home

26 August

-Learn from home

27 August

-Learn from home

Learning from Home – Parents and Carers

Follow the link below for excellent resources that can support you and your child/ren while ‘Learning from Home’. Explore the lessons provided in the learning packages and continue as a ‘Lifelong Learner’ alongside your child/ren!

Remember, the program provided by your child’s class teacher is the priority learning program for your child. From this site, you can choose one or more learning packages from any of the four streams in literacy/English, numeracy/mathematics, physical activity and more key learning areas.


Each learning activity package has a parent/carer guide with instructions, with many containing multiple play and do videos and audio resources to help you with your child’s learning.

These learning packages have been designed for use in the home if you are unable to access the learning provided by your school or you are looking for additional learning opportunities. Each learning package has options for students who may find the work too difficult or too easy. We recognise that students across NSW have a diverse range of learning needs and some of these materials may need to be adjusted to support your child.

Access and get ready for #EducationLIVE, 10am AEST daily:

Example: Friday 20 August: Get colourful and creative with an art lesson by Ken Done in his studio - The Ken Done Gallery.


Catch up on previous Education LIVE Videos, including Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis; Science Extraordinaire, Dr Graham Walker or Award-Winning Hip-Hop Dancers Libby Montilla and Shaun Parker.


On Friday 13 August 2021 Goulburn Public School took part in Jeans for Genes Day to help raise funds for The Children's Medical Research Institute.

Students wore their Jeans to school and had fun designing their own jeans for this great cause.

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped support Jeans For Jeans day and The Children Medical Research Institute.

We raised a total of $272.20. Well done everyone!

PBL News

Term 3, Weeks 4 & 5

PBL Expectation - Weeks 3 & 4

Our PBL lesson for this fortnight is to “practice good hygiene”. Students discussed the importance of social distancing, hand washing, face masks and vaccinations. We encourage you to ask your child about this lesson. Goulburn Public School staff are required to uphold NSW government guidelines regarding hygiene practices, cleaning practices and restrictions on visitors. And we do so in order to keep our school community safe from past, present and future health concerns.

Here are some things you can do to support the idea of practicing good hygiene.

● Talk with your child about the importance of applying all hygiene strategies where possible.

● Encourage you and your child to practice social distancing, wash hands where possible, wear a mask when in public places and discuss vaccinations with your GP. 

Week 4 Award Winners 3-6

PBL Expectation - Weeks 5 & 6

Our PBL lesson for this fortnight is about “cooperate with others”. Students learnt the importance of cooperating with others while at GPS. We encourage you to ask your child about this lesson. Cooperating with others is a key life skill at school, home and in the community. Whether we are the best of friends or Here are some things you can do to support your child’s view of cooperating with others.

·         Talk with your child about the importance of working cooperatively with others while at school. When staff and students work towards the common goal of everyone learning and growing, everyone wins

·         Encourage your child to make positive choices when working with others. Listening when others are talking, responding appropriately and cooperating with staff and peers.

Week 5 Awards Winners K-6

Book Week Parade Postponed

Joke Of The Week!

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Please contact the school office to update any details that may have changed.