St Andrews PS Newsletter

15th of March

Our School Vision

Principal's News

We have had so many amazing activities going on over the last few weeks. From our Prep's very first and VERY entertaining assembly, to our very first Athletics carnival, it's easy to feel thankful to be a part of such an amazing school. 

Athletics Carnival

A huge thanks to Ryan and our parent volunteers for organising a terrific Athletics carnival. Our students put a high level of energy and enthusiasm into each activity and we are very proud of each of their individual achievements. We can't wait to see what you all achieve nect year! 

School Council

A big welcome and welcome back to our 2021 School Council Members: Ingrid Oosterhuis, Gabriel Baldessin, Theo Vouthas, Jane Courtier, Tegan Baillie, Steph Ryan, Elise McColl, Robert Powers, Chan Ruwandeniya and Michelle Commerford. We have our first official meeting this coming Monday and I'm looking forward to working with an amazing team this year. 

Twilight Sports - March 25th

We are so excited to jump into a sports evening next Thursday. Hopefully we have this week's weather forecast. Students will start their school day at 12 noon before starting games at 3:30. We will run a range of activities through until 5:30. Please come along (bring the your family and friends) and join the fun. Our amazing PFA will have food available from 4pm - gourmet sausages, fruit icy poles and cake stall. If you need support with care for your children that morning, please contact the school by Friday. 

Echidna Council Meeting

We had our first Student Representative Council meeting a few weeks ago with our new members; Paisley, Maxwell, Odin, Margot, Wade, and Mira. Our school captains did a great job of chairing the meeting. They're keen to be working on reducing calling out in classrooms and rubbish in the yard and are planning a Movie and PJ day on the last day of school to raise money to buy watercolour brushes for the art room. 

'Come and Try' Sessions

We are so excited to have planned out the 'Come and Try' sessions for children who are looking to join STAPS in the future. All of the details can be found below. Feel free to join in and/or spread the word. 

Tea Ceremony at Arthurs Creek PS

Lastly, I wanted to say a HUGE well done and thank you to Ada, Scarlett and Rahni who ventured across to Arthurs Creek PS yesterday to assist Kerry with running a tea ceremony for the school. Our students love learning Japanese and it was so nice to be able to spread that enthusiasm beyond our school. 
Hayley Styles

School Wide Positive Behaviour

Each week we do a lot of work, teaching and acknowledging positive behaviours that are directly linked with our school values; Caring, Courageous and Responsible. 

We are so very proud of the amazing way that our students have taken to school this year and are blown away on a daily basis by the way they show such care for each other. 

Students recieve an Echidna Card each time that we see them demonstrating positive behaviours. A lot of our students have just reached their first acknowledgement milestone - 25 Echidna Cards. This means they're enjoying rewards such as; slippers for a day, class book selection, prize box, stamp/sticker. 

We are so proud of our students

Meet our newest staff member, Tracey

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tracey and I am the new STAPS Chaplain.  I have been a School Chaplain for 15 years now and I still love it!  There are never 2 days that are the same.  I don't know what to expect from the moment I arrive at school to the minute I leave.  I find it very rewarding though and have met many amazing people.  I am very excited to be here at this wonderful school and feel very priviliged for this opportunity.

I am sure that the word "Chaplain" has some of you concerned about what that entails.  Hopefully I can help reassure you and to ease your minds.  My key role as a chaplain is to care for, help and support the students, staff, parents and the whole school community.  As I tell the students, I am here as an adult friend.  Someone they can talk to if they have any worries or concerns, or even good stuff they'd like to share - such as going on a holiday, sharing proud schoolwork or a new baby brother or sister, etc. 

As you would have noticed in the packs sent home at the start of the year, there was a consent form to be signed for this service.  This permission form is just a formality for me to be able to take your child/ren for a separate one to one conversation. If you haven't completed a form, you are still able to sign one at any time you feel your child/ren may benefit from some extra support.  If I speak with your child I will touch base with you if there are any concerns or if you would like an update on how they are going.  I also only take case notes for serious conversations.

In my one to one sessions with the students I get them to do lots of fun and interesting activities, including playing a game or 2!  I try to make my time with the students enjoyable and as relaxed as possible. While I am a chaplain by name, religious education is not part of my role. 

My role is very flexible and I am here to work to the needs of the school, students, staff and parents.  Everyone is important and ultimately, if the staff and parents are ok then the students will be ok.  

I am also here if you would like to pop in for a chat and a cuppa. It may just be for a bit of 'chit-chat' or it could be for more formal type conversations.  Whatever type conversations I have with you, everyone of them is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.  I am not here to judge and I respect everyones right to have their own choices and I will treat everyone the same. 

If you have any questions please feel free to come and have a chat with me about them so I can help to alleviate your worries.  I am here for you all as a support service.

It's always hard starting in a new place and getting to know everyone so please make yourself known to me - stop and say 'Hi!'

I'm the one with the COLLINGWOOD footy scarf on so you can't miss me! :D

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Take care, 

Tracey : )

"Go Pies!!!"

Upcoming Dates

Monday March 22nd 4pmSchool Council (with new council)
Wednesday March 24thFirst Wednesday for Preps
Thursday March 25th

Twilight Sports Carnival (with BBQ)

School from 12 - 5:30pm

Wednesday March 31stSchool Photos

Special Japanese Assembly 3pm
Thursday April 1st

SRC Movie and PJ/Onsie Day - $ donation

Last Day of School. 2:30 finish

Classroom News

Prep/One News

Did you know there are 44 sounds in the English language? Every day we are learning a new sound, and then finding out which letters can make those sounds. Last week we learned the sound /j/ and then practised writing the shape of the letters we know in some jelly crystals. The formation for writing our letters can be hard to remember, so writing them in different ways can help our brains hang on to the learning. The jelly was a memorable change from the blackboards and whiteboards we usually practise writing on!

The Preps are doing a great job of blending together sounds to read words, while the Grade 1 students have been practising their fluency by reading every day.  

Lastly, I am so proud of the way all students stood up and spoke in front of the school and community for their very first assembly! 

Two/Three News

It's been a quiet few weeks in the Grade 2/3 classroom. The class has continued to work hard on their; 'Read to Self' and 'Read to Someone' stamina, phonetic codes and skip counting skills. For Inquiry, we have also been learning all about the three levels of government in Australian politics. We even had a special visit from the Member from Eildon, Cindy McLeish, on Friday. The class loved learning all about her role as a politician. 

On behalf of both teachers, we would also like to commend each and every Grade 2/3 on their stellar efforts during the school Athletics Day. Everyone had a go at all of the events and were extremely patient whilst waiting for their classmates to have their turn. Well done all!

4/5/6 News

After a few busy weeks the students of the 4/5/6 class have settled back into classroom life and are beginning to gain momentum in their academic studies. 
Over the past two weeks, the students have been working on implementing skills that make them independent and self-directed learners. To this end, students have set themselves writing and maths goals based on their understandings during pre-testing. In reading they have been focusing their efforts on time management so they can ensure they are prepared for their weekly group conference. In all of these case, the students take it upon themselves to ensure that they are successful, and meet the expectations they have set themselves.

Specialist News

Athletics Day Results!

On the 4th of March STAPS held its first Athletics carnival. The students were excited in the days leading up to the event and that shone through in the number of events they chose to compete in. We were blown away by just how many kids gave every event a red hot crack. Last Friday, the student age group champions were awarded their ribbons. These are the students who consistently attempted events and usually did well.

Results are as follows:

8yr old boys8/9yr old girls9yr old boys10yr old girls10/11yr old boys11/12yr old girls
1st: OdinCharlotteHarryJasJettAsha
2nd: HarrisonMarthaWadeMiraCalAda
3rd: JarvisNellyTrumanAmiraRahni
 District Athletics takes place in Term 3. Please note that even if your name is not in the results above, you may have been outstanding in a particular event. That means when District Athletics takes place you maybe invited to attend for that event.

On a final note, thank you to all of the parents that attended to help as timekeepers or with set up and pack up. Setting this up has been a huge task, and could not have been implemented without your support. 

Kind Regards

STEM with Chan

The Sun's energy is a amazing thing! We looked at how much of it falls onto the earth and how we can harness it into usable forms. The younger students had a look at how the sun's energy can warm different materials and thought about why different materials might heat up at different speeds. The older students had a go at using solar energy kits and creating functional solar powered machines. Some of them were grand creations including ferris wheels, cars, motorbikes and tight rope walkers. While the sun wasn't out in full force, we still managed to get them to work quite well!

S.T.E.M. Creations

Japanese with Kerry

Japanese Assistant

Congratulations to Rahni for taking up the position of  Japanese Assistant. She will help me with the planning of Japanese events, making of resources, and promoting all things Japanese. Rahni has already helped with the making of Hiragana cards in her own time at school. I really look forward to working with Rahni this year.

Japanese Assembly - Wednesday 31st March 3pm

Students are busy planning and learning the Japanese language needed for the Japanese assembly. If any students would like to practice at home, I have uploaded the songs in the STAPS Japanese Google Classroom. 

Unfortunately I have not taught this years Prep students yet, but we do not have too much longer before we meet. I hope they enjoy the assembly and it sparks excitement to learn Japanese.

JLTAV Poster Competition

A chance for your art skills to be put on display!!

Students studying Japanese in primary and secondary schools are invited to design a poster to be used on the front cover of the 2021 JLTAV Annual Conference book for conference delegates and the front cover of the 2021 Year 12 Morning book.

Students are encouraged to be creative and to design a cover which reflects the Japanese language or Japanese culture. This is broad to enable students to be creative. For example students might like to design a cover in manga style. Students are able to submit a digital or hand drawn cover design. Please note that students are not able to use images that are already copyright (e.g. Hello Kitty etc.). No words are required on the poster.

Audience: Teachers attending the 2021 JLTAV Conference and students/teachers attending the 2021 Year 12 Morning

Size: A4 size (portrait size only)

Up to five entries per school.

Judging criteria

  • A creative design reflecting the Japanese language or culture
  • A4 size (portrait size only)
  • No use of copyright images
  • Individual entries only will be accepted

Daiso stationery pack to be awarded to the winning entry

Entries due to Rahni or Kerry Sensei by Wednesday 24 March 2021.

Entry is free!

News for Parents

Twilight Sports next Thursday

We are so excited to invite you all along to join in the fun next Thursday afternoon, March 25th. 

Due to the extended day, the school day will start for students at 12noon. If you are unable to have your children cared for that morning, please contact the school by Friday. 

The activities will commence at 3:30pm and run through to 5:30pm. Everyone is welcome to come along to join the fun so please invite your friends and family. 

Students will be completing a range of fun activities in the house groups so families can stick together and join in as well.  Activities will include; Bocce, Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, 3 Legged race, a bottle flip competition and more! 

The PFA will have cakes, icy poles and gourmet sausages available for purchase from 4pm so make sure to bring along some spare change.

We look forward to an afternoon of fun as a school and can't wait to see you for the fun next Thursday.  


We are so glad to finally tell you that individual lessons and band opportunitites are back at STAPS. We've got the very talented, Jayden Wilson, on board to teach your budding musicians. 

For now, individual lessons will be on offer from next week and band sessions will start next term. Lessons and band positions are on offer for students in Grade 3 and up at this stage. Students doing lessons are also invited to take part in bands. 

Get in touch to get started!

The PFA need you!

Dear Parents and Families,

On Thursday 25th STAPS is holding a Twilight Sports carnival for families and friends from 3:30-5:30.

The PFA will be holding a cake stall, sausage sizzle and selling icy poles from 4:00pm.

For the cake stall we would love donations of sweet or savoury single serve treats. They can be dropped at the school canteen Thursday morning.

We would also love helpers to do short shifts on the stall. We figure parents do a half hour shift each everyone gets more time to participate with their kids.

Thanks for your ongoing support.



Join us!

We love volunteers here at STAPS and we're so grateful to those of you who are already volunteering your precious time for our school. Some of the ways you can get involved are;

  • Join School Council
  • Gardening - Wednesdays at 2pm
  • Feedback meeting opportunities - Keep an eye out. we're looking for feedback on a range of topics
  • Classroom Helpers
  • Grant Writing and Searching. We have a few applications underway at the moment but they can be mammoth tasks. If you hear of something suitable or want to help out, get in touch. 
  • Library Support (See Laura)

Get in touch if you're interested in any of these, or if you have another idea in mind!

Community News

Come and Try Sessions for soon to be Prep Students

Free Parenting Seminars with Berry Street

2021 Dates

Term 1 Holidays2 -18 April
Term 2 Holidays26 June - 11 July
Book WeekAug 21 - 27
4/5/6 Camp JungaiSept 6 - 9
Term 3 Holidays17 Sept - 3 Oct
Term 4 Holidays18 Dec