Term 1 2021 | Week 6

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News from the Principal

As many of you may know, the current state of our school oval is not looking good. There are a number of reasons for this and fortunately these reasons will be rectified in the near future. At this point in time I am working closely with facilities managers to develop a plan of installing extra water pipes, pop up sprinklers and a new control panel. This will allow for complete watering to occur to all areas of the oval surface. Once Governing Council have approved the upgrades this project will be set in motion.

We will also be looking to internally paint our classrooms which are well overdue for an upgrade. Again, this process will be moved through the correct channels for approval. A schedule will be sent out as soon as we have the go ahead for this project.

Staff have been vigilant in addressing this year’s Site Improvement Plan goals. Reading is our number 1 goal with writing being our 2nd focus. Other areas of the curriculum are being addressed but coaching and mentoring and rigorous data analysis is occurring in both our main goals. Numeracy improvement also sits high on our learning improvement agenda for 2021. Staff are currently engaged in professional meetings to ensure the needs of our students are being catered for.

While Covid still weighs heavily on everyone's lifestyle, we as a Department remain vigilant in keeping our students, staff and families as safe as we possibly can. Please ensure you do not enter foyers or classrooms and continue to practice social distancing expectations. It is because of these strategies that we continue to not have any cases in our school. Please keep up the great work. Please sign in using the QR process at all times.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Bryan Rotherham



Senior Leader Literacy

We started Read, Write, Inc last week and our students were excited to get back into it.  This is great to see as it means that not only do they enjoy the program, but that they are seeing that it is helping them to become more confident readers and spellers.  It is really pleasing to see our students use their ‘Fred Fingers’ to spell new words and to identify the sounds within these words.  Our RWI instructors this year are Miss Knapton, Miss Bulaya, Miss Stirling, Mrs Utting, Breanna, Julie, Shirley and Wendy and we thank them for the work they are doing with our Reception - Year 3 students.  Our Year 4 - 7 students are working through the Literacy and Language programs in their classes. 

Some students have been identified to work with Miss Smith, Miss Yates and Mr Miller in Intervention groups that will either build their Literacy and Numeracy skills, or extend their abilities if they are working above standard.


 Jodie Turpin

Student Wellbeing Leader News

Sanitary Products Commitment at Long Street Primary School

If you are a parent of a female student in years five to seven you would have already received a letter from me outlining Long Street’s commitment to providing sanitary products to students who need them. Our code word at LSPS is a star envelope, so students can come to the admin staff or myself and use the code word and receive a discreet envelope that contains sanitary products.

Overview: This commitment supports the attendance, wellbeing and engagement of female students through the provision of sanitary products when needed. 

Rationale: Sanitary products will be readily available so that students feel comfortable and in this way they are better equipped for learning. At Long Street Primary we believe that our school should provide a safe, educationally stimulating and success oriented environment. In order to fully participate and to gain the maximum benefit from the learning and care, all students must attend school every teaching day. Access to sanitary products is an important part of the support that may be required to best assist our students to learn and achieve.   

Detail: All students who may need access to sanitary products so that access does not present a barrier to learning will be provided with them in a way that is respectful and in this way ensures easy access from a range of points.  The school will regularly review methods for students to access sanitary products as required. 

Roles and responsibilities

Teachers: Adhere to a simple agreed code word that is used to reduce possible embarrassment for the student.

Administration staff (Lisette and Raylene): Allow calm, discreet access for students who need sanitary products without comment. Adhere to the agreed code word when used to reduce embarrassment for the student.

Wellbeing Leader (Becc O’Neil): Develop strategies to engage with students of all relevant ages to gain input on availability of products through the use of student representative council. Evidence how this is shaping a review of provision with new distribution methods developed into the future.  Re-stock sanitary product packs in Wellbeing Office and Front Office.  Allow students ready access to sanitary products as needed. Adhere to the agreed code word when used to reduce possible embarrassment for the student.

Parents: Parents will discuss with students of the relevant age to foster respect and dignity of others. They will reinforce the provision of products at home where possible.  

Becc O'Neill

Diary Dates


Thursday 18thNetball Carnival
Friday 19thHarmony Day
Monday 21stWorld Down Syndrome Day
Wednesday 31stSports Teams Day
Friday 2ndGood Friday
Monday 5thEaster Monday
Friday 9th

Last Day of Term 1

2.10pm finish

Monday 26thAnzac Day
Tuesday 27th1st day of Term 2

What's Happening in ........

Room 5?

In Room Five we have been discussing growth mindset and its importance. Growth mindset is where we focus on resilience and the power of ‘yet’ instead of giving up when we face a challenge. Students looked at more positive ways we can speak about challenges we may face instead of using harsher words. For example instead of saying “I’m rubbish at this” saying “I can’t do this yet”. This supports the students to understand that if we try our best we may just be able to do the things we found challenging at first.

We then completed a task looking at things we can do and something we can’t do YET!  Making this a goal for the students to try harder at.


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