Macedon Primary School Newsletter

17 November 2021

School Values: Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Integrity, Teamwork

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

There has been a bit in the media recently about the new rapid antigen testing protocol that schools and parents will be able to opt into if we have a confirmed COVID case at school and subsequent primary close contacts.  The protocol is aimed to reduce the amount of time student need to spend at home during quarantine by adding daily rapid antigen test in the second week.

For families participating in the at-home rapid antigen testing program, children must still quarantine at home for seven days. On day six of quarantine, the child must get a standard (PCR) test at a local COVID-19 testing site. If the test is negative, they must provide the results to the school, and can then return to school on day eight.

Students will then be required to return a negative rapid antigen test result each morning from days eight to 14 on school days, which must be reported to your school by 8:30am before they arrive at school.

It is important to note that rapid antigen testing does not replace PCR testing for the purpose of diagnosis of COVID-19 in children, staff and students, regardless of their vaccination status.

This protocol does not reduce the importance of the “Stay at home when unwell and get tested” policy. 

Anyone unwell must remain at home and get tested for COVID-19 with a PCR test, even with the mildest of symptoms, regardless of a negative rapid antigen test result. 

Year Five Leadership Program

The Year five teachers are currently working with their students to support them to prepare of the school captain and other leadership roles around the school.  We have opportunities for student to hone their leadership skills through the following student leadership roles. School Captains, Student Council Captains, Prep/Year 6 Buddy Captains, Environmental Captains, Cultural Captains, Technology Captains, Arts Captains, Sport Captains and House Captains.  Each of the roles has a specific set of guidelines to support the development of student leadership across the 2022 year and a teacher will support the students with these roles.  It is a program that we aim to strengthen through incorporating student voice and providing the students with a sense of agency in 2022. 

Camps and Excursions

We are putting the final touches on the camping and activity week excursions and incursions.  We are very excited that we have been able to connect with local business owner Chris Humphries at Wild Action Zoo to create some tailored incursions to enhance the student experiences for the Year 3-6 students in activities week.  Chris has planned to bring some blockbuster animals to excite and engage out students.

Transition and step-up processes

With the end of the year fast approaching we are beginning our transition process with students through several “step-up” activities over the coming weeks.  During these activities, the student from a one year group “step-up” to the next year group for an hour to experience what it might be like to be in the older year group, there is an opportunity to ask questions and experience some of the school work set out for these year groups.  We do three of these mornings between now and the end of the year to help prepare our students.  The students will find out their new teacher and classmates in the final week of the school year.

The year six and new foundation students also have the opportunity to visit their new schools to experience that next step and we are in regular contact with the local kinder and the secondary school our students attend.

2022 Foundation Transition

Today we had our third transition for 2022 foundation students.  We will be doing a final transition  on the 24th of November and a parent information session on the 6th of December. Please check your emails for more information. We look forward to welcoming all of the new students and new families.

Visitors Onsite

From the 1st of November, parents and visitors will be allowed back on site at school. All parents who enter the school building are required to wear a facemask and check in using the QR codes and visitor’s book. Facemasks do not need to be worn outside, however people must adhere to physical distancing requirements.

Vaccination Requirements for Parent Helpers

There may be activities later in the term where we seek parent helpers, these can go ahead from now.  Any visitor or volunteer performing work in schools are required to be fully vaccinated by 29 November (unless a medical exemption applies) to attend on site.

Under the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Specified Facilities) directions issued by the Victorian Chief Health Officer, schools must ensure that all visitors and volunteers who attend the school comply with vaccination requirements.

Parents that wish to volunteer on camp, excursions or school activities must supply vaccination information to the school indicating their vaccination status. This can be in the form of the following;

·         a letter from a medical practitioner confirming the person’s vaccination status or confirming a person is medically exempt.

·         A certificate of immunisation

·         An immunisation history statement obtained from the Australian Immunisation Register.

The school will maintain a vaccination register for visitors and volunteers.

 A visitor or volunteer attending a school site as a parent or carer for the purposes of collecting or dropping off children is not considered to be attending for work purposes and will be subject to the same requirements as all other parents collecting and dropping off children.

 Kind Regards and Sampai jumpa (until next time

Matt Forrest

Important Dates

19 November - Whole school transition Session - 10am, literacy

24 November - Foundation 2022 orientation session #4 

25 November - Fish stocking event at Macedon Res - 9:30am

26 November  - Yr 5/6 Hanging Rock bike ride

30 November - Y 3 & 4 Camp at Middle Gully

1 & 2 December - Yr 5 & 6 Camp at Middle Gully

2 December - Yr 3 & 4 - excursion to Hanging Rock

6 December - Numeracy Step Up Day - 10am

6 December - Foundation Parent Info Session - 7pm 

8 December - Tabloid Sports 9:00am - 11:00am

10 December - Foundation - Yr 2 Zoo Excursion (new date)

10 December - Macedon Primary Billy cart races - 2pm start.

14 December - Grade 6 Graduation Dinner

16 December - Year 6 excursion to the city

17 December - Last day of year (1:30pm dismissal)

Notes sent home

Please click on the links to find the notes that have been sent home recently. 

Year 3/4 Excursion - Hanging Rock - due back 26th November

Year 6 Graduation Dinner - due back on 1st December

Year 6 Billycart Race Day

Year 6 Melbourne city excursion - due back 6th December 

Year 5 & 6 Bike Ed - forms due by 15th November

Year 3 & 4 Middle Gully Camp - due 26th November

Year 5 & 6 Middle Gully Camp - due 26th November 

Foundation, Year 1 & 2 Zoo Excursion - due 3rd December

From the office

Collection of Students

If you need to collect your child from school early, can you please email or call the office on 5426 1518 to advise. With the children participating in outdoor education and possibly being over at Middle Gully it is a great help to have advance notice. Our recess starts at 11:00am - 11:30am and lunchtime is 1:00pm to 2:00pm, if you can endeavour to pick up at these times, it limits the interruption to class time.

Request for Credits / Refund /Donation

A reminder to please return the forms for credit / refund / donation as soon as possible so Julie can process these requests. 

Facemasks in the school

Visitors are now allowed back in the school buildings, we ask that all visitors people sign in using the QR code and wear a mask inside. Masks are no longer required outside.

It has been great to see the students wearing their facemasks to school.  We encourage students to bring their own facemasks to school, however, if their mask becomes damaged or lost we do have some supplies here in the office.

Students feeling unwell

Students are required to stay at home if they are feeling unwell. Even the mildest of flu-like symptoms should be followed up with a COVID19 test. Students who present with or develop flu-like symptoms at school will be isolated at school and sent home. If your child vomits at, they must stay at home for at least 24 hours.

Julie  and Emma

Fish Release at Macedon Reservoir - 25th November

On Thursday 25th November grades 3 to 6 will be involved in a release of fish at Macedon Reservoir from 9:30am.
The event will be attended by some people from both the Fisheries department and Fishcare. After the release, grades 3 to 6 will have the opportunity to catch some fish using the new rods which have been donated to the school by Fishcare. If any parents are available to come down and assist this would be greatly appreciated. Please see Mr.O if you would like to come down.

Thanks so much to Cara Cummings for arranging this event and the donation of the fishing rods. We hope to include fishing as a regular part of our outdoor program.

 Mr Oxworth

Student Achievement Awards

The following awards will be read out at our virtual assembly on Friday at 3:00pm

F/1TT - Zoe R - For her caring nature and hard working attitude.

F/1TT - Tommy G - For an awesome effort with all of his learning.

F/1TT - Matilda L - For a terrific effort to write all herself.

F/1MS - Eloise M - For her enthusiastic and positive attitude when settling back into school.

1KH - Ted S - For always putting his best effort in and showing dedication to his learning.

1KH - Flynn R - For his positive attitude and amazing effort with class work.

1/2KB - Ida S - For always working well and giving her best to learning tasks.

12/KB - Clio F - For always being such a bright and bubbly class member.

2RG - Zara G - For an outstanding drawing of a blue tree, brilliant!

3VW - Patrick S - For his fantastic Remembrance Day acrostic poem.

3/4MS - Max M - For putting a lot of effort into the 'Reading a Map' activity.

3/4MS - James M - For always being kind and considerate and helping others.

3/4MS - Chelsea B - For fooling Mr Smith with her amazing card trick. Superb!

4CS - Max P - For being an excellent support in the classroom.

4CS - Harrison H - For taking on the responsibility for his spelling routine.

4CS - Phoenix W - For his bravery and resilience.

4CS - Johanna D - For always doing her best and working with a positive attitude.

Uniform Shop News

Jump Rope for Heart

I am excited to announce that Macedon Primary School are participating in Jump Rope for Heart this year – a fantastic fundraising and physical activity program by the Heart Foundation.


By participating in Jump Rope for Heart this term, we will get our students moving. Over recent weeks, as part of the PE program, your child has learnt new skipping skills and increased their physical activity. We have ropes available to use at lunch times and recess to encourage everyone to help raise funds for lifesaving research and support programs. It has been great to see so many students practising their skipping skills.

The program will launch this week with a skipping display by representatives from each class. 

When you register your child online you’ll get access to additional skipping resources to help give your child a great reason to get away from the screens and get outdoors. Register and create your own secure webpage at:

By signing up online, you and your child can:


-          Easily raise funds online

-          Track skipping skills progress and earn virtual badges along the way

-          Post updates to your page so family and friends can follow their progress

-          Access additional skipping resources


If you would like to fundraise, please do so through the online method. We will not be accepting cash donations at the school. The last date for fundraising will be Thursday 18th November.

If you experience any issues with the online fundraising or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for getting involved in Jump Rope for Heart!                                                                            

Yours sincerely,

David Oxworth

Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator

Remember to be SunSmart

With the change of seasons we remind all students to please wear their hats when they are outside. UV radiation cannot be seen or felt , can be reflected off surfaces, can pass through light clouds and varies in intensity across the year (it is highest in Victoria from mid-August to the end of April). 

At lunchtime and recess we ask that children seek shade, slip on protective clothing, slap on a sun protective hat, slop on some sunscreen and slide on some sunglasses!

Hats are available to purchase from the Beleza Store in Gisborne

Outside School Hours Care

Enrolments for 2022 are filling fast, if you need OSHC next year please let us know.

Spaces are filling up for OSHC.  Most spaces are taken up by permanent bookings and we are unable to book casuals in (they will have to be placed on a waiting list).  If you have a permanent booking and do not need the service for After School please advise the program as soon as you know, preferably before 11.00am on the day so we are able to give that space to another child.  For Before School, please call before 6.30pm the day before or email the service on

Late cancellation fees apply if your child’s place is cancelled after 11.00am.  Further, if you do not cancel your child and they do not attend, fees may still apply.

Our rates are: $15.00 for Before School Care (7:00am - 8:45am) and $22.00 for After School Care (3:30pm - 6:30pm). All you need to do is call the school 5426 1518 or email to book.  If the unexpected happens and a casual booking is required within 24 hours, please contact the school via phone, we cannot accept walk-ins after school.  Please note that enrolment forms need to be completed at least one business day before the first session of care.

Please pay through the school via Direct Deposit, using the following details (not BPay):

Account name: Macedon Primary School

BSB: 063-840

Account: 1003 4330

Vicki, Helen, Karen & Marie.

Community News

Macedon Primary School

Macedon Primary School acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the country upon which we learn and work. We recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.