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Term 4, Week 2, 2021

World Teachers’ Day

Australia celebrates 

Friday 29 October 

Australia will celebrate and thank the teaching profession on World Teachers’ Day on Friday 29 October 2021.    Teachers (with support from parents and carers) have ensured education continues across the country this year, despite the major challenges of COVID. It’s reinforced the significant role teachers play in the lives of children and students, their families, and communities. 


On Friday 29 October, you can say a big thank you to your teacher by posting a photo in your sunglasses on Twitter or Facebook, either on your own or with family or friends. Use these tags: #BrightFuture @aitsl  

Explore photos from 2020 for inspiration: 
https://twitter.com/i/events/1320498810343231489  From 14 October, help collect a million virtual apples to thank teachers across Australia at www.worldteachersday.edu.au. Other ideas for how parents/carers and students can get involved are: 

1. Thank you note/drawing 

A short note, email or drawing from you or your child will be sure to make any teacher smile. Try thinking of something the teacher might have done recently to make it more personal. 

2. Personalised card 

A personalised card/digital card is another easy and thoughtful way to say thanks. The free downloadable  
World Teachers’ Day Celebration Kit  includes World Teachers’ Day thank you cards to decorate and add your note to. 

3. Badges 

Check out the badge templates in the Celebration Kit. Print out and create a badge for the day.  

4. Small gift ideas 

Chocolates, tea, a coffee voucher or even a packet of native plant seeds are popular small gifts for teachers. Use the gift tags in the Celebration Kit to add a personal touch.  

5. Show your support on social 

The Celebration Kit has graphics for Facebook and Twitter. Tag other parents/carers online and encourage them to show their support. 

6. Share with other parents/carers, friends and colleagues 

Spread the word either in person or on social media. Use the posters in the Celebration Kit to promote the day in your office, or if you’re working remotely, use the World Teachers’ Day virtual meeting background in the lead-up to World Teachers’ Day. 

Introducing Nick Porublev (Pastoral Care Worker)

Hello, my name is Nick Porublev.  


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my role at Burton Primary School. I grew up in Salisbury with a brother, sister and non-English speaking parents.  Growing up I occasionally helped my parents on the farm with glass houses and the chicken sheds. I was often called upon to act as an interpreter for my parents as they struggled with the English language. I went to school at Salisbury primary and then onto Salisbury East High School.  I am married, have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  


Throughout my adult life I have worked with children of varying ages, languages, cultures and beliefs. I have always valued peoples’ diversity and am passionate in guiding and supporting their academic, physical and emotional development and in the importance of accepting people for who they are.  


This passion, my beliefs and values, encouraged me to apply for and become a pastoral care worker at Burton primary where I will continue building and developing strategies that support links between the school and the community, those structures that foster self-worth, a purpose in life and a positive identity.  


My aim is to be available to listen and respond to peoples’ needs, to be there and encourage people to work their way through whatever they are going through.  I will be available to the school community on Thursdays and Fridays.  I can work with students, parents or other community members. 


If you want to make a time to have a chat with me then please fill in the form next to the PCW message box, that is located in the front office, and place in the Message box. Alternatively ring and contact the front office staff on 8280 6277 and they will pass the message onto me through the message box. I will try and get back to you as soon as I can.  

Hope to meet and get to know you all better soon.  

Nick Porublev (Pastoral Care Worker) 


Be At School- Be On Time

It is crucial to successful learning that students develop habits of regular 

attendance from an early age. It is important that children be at school. The benefits of daily attendance for students include the development of skills and attitudes of self-discipline, punctuality and organisation. There is an increased likelihood of being successful at school, positive social skills development and making friendships. 


 Being on time is important too. Students who are late miss the important instructions that teachers give as the start of the day. Students who are late can quickly become dis-organised, distressed and disconnected from school. 


Did you know? 

Missing one day a week of school from Reception to year 10 means missing the equivalent of two years and one term of education by the end of Year 10……..  20% of that child’s school education is lost. 


Missing 5 days in each term from Reception to year 10 means missing the 

equivalent of more than a year's education ……..  10% of that child’s school education is lost. 


Being 10 minutes late to school each day from Reception to Year 10 

means missing the equivalent of 6 months of education by Year 10. 


Being 20 minutes late to school each day from Reception to Year 10 

means missing the equivalent of 12 months of education by the end of year 10. 



Attendance Shield Award.


A big congratulations to the following classes for lifting the percentage of their attendance.

Room 7, Room 11 and Room 22.

A weekly shield will be awarded to the class that has the highest percentage of attendance.

Looking forward to presenting this to classes.  Let’s work together and work towards our 93% goal.


2022 Classes

Soon we will be working on class structures for 2022. If your child is currently in Reception to Year 5, and your child will not be attending Burton Primary School in 2022 OR you have any parental requests for placement next year, please follow the link to the quick form and complete by end of week 3 - Friday 29/10/2021.


If your child is away from school for any reason, please send a text message to


Please state the child’s full name and class number along with the reason for the absences.

If your child is absent for more than 3 days unwell, you are required to supply a Medical Certificate for absences.




If your child is going to be away for more than 3 days for a Family trip/holiday you are required to fill in an exemption form for this time, please see the office to complete this form.




New Reception transition visits:

To assist your child with their transition to school in 2022, we would like to offer the opportunity of three transition visits as an introduction to school (dates and times are shown below). Please come to the Front Office on arrival. More information will be given to families this week. If you have any questions please contact Renee Philp on 8280 6277.


Visit 1 –

Wednesday 27/10/21

9am – 10:30am

Visit 2 –

Wednesday 3/11/21

9am – 10:30am

Visit 3 –

Wednesday 10/11/21

9am – 11:00am (includes recess play)

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, hat and a drink bottle with your child.

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, hat and a drink bottle with your child.

Parents/Caregivers to drop students off at Burton Primary School.

Please send along a small bag with a healthy snack, recess, hat and a drink bottle with your child.



Dates to Remember

Monday 25th October

Year 6/7 Aquatics: Rooms 17,18,23,24

Wednesday 27th October

New Reception Transition Visit 1 9-10:30am

Chinese Dance Workshop Year 1/2's

Monday 1st November

Year 6/7 Aquatics: Rooms 19 and 20

Tuesday 2nd November

Governing Council

Wednesday 3rd November

New Reception Transition visit 2 - 9-10:30am

Monday 8th November

Children's University Graduation - 6pm in Bonython Hall

Year 3/4's Like Me Like You performances 

Tuesday 9th November 

Year 1/2 Excursion - Kaurna Wetlands

Wednesday 10th November

Year 1/2 Excursion - Kaurna Wetlands

New Reception Transition visit 3 - 9-11am (Includes recess)

SAPSASA Girls Footy (Crows Cup)

Thursday 11th November

Remembrance Day

Friday 12th November

Pupil Free Day

Colouring In Competition - Entries close Friday 4th November

We are now on Facebook

Dear Families,   Burton Primary School is now on Facebook! Being on Facebook will allow us to communicate more easily with families. 


Liking our page will enable you to see our posts. You can like our page by going to https://www.facebook.com/Burton-Primary-School-110890621367317


This page will be used alongside SeeSaw and Skoolbag to communicate about events and learning at the school and within the community. We encourage parents to comment and message to provide feedback, ask questions and contribute to the Burton Primary School community. We ask that you read the following guidelines to ensure the page is used safely and respectfully. 


Comments which are:  

- Abusive, harassing, threatening, defamatory, offensive or attacking others 

- Identifying students, staff, families or members of the community in a negative or disrespectful manner.  

Will be removed by our Administrators. 

 If you have a specific concern we recommend you contact the school directly via email dl.1844.info@schools.sa.edu.au or by phone on 8280 6277. 


For us to post pictures of students online, in newsletters and other publications we are updating our Media Permissions for all students. If you are willing for your child’s photo to be used in newsletters, our website, School Facebook Page and other publications please fill out the attached form. Once completed this permission is valid for your child’s total schooling. If you do not want your child’s photo shared please indicate this on the form. Please return to the front office as soon as possible.  Kind Regards,   Travis Keane 

Deputy Principal  

Water Bottle reminder

Please remember to send your child/children to school with a water bottle each day.

The bubbler drink taps are still unavailable due to COVID.  

Alternatively, water is available for purchase through the Canteen. 

Thank You

Canteen List

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Lions Christmas cakes and puddings

Can you believe it is only 63 days until Christmas!

On behalf of the Lions club, we have available for purchase a range of Christmas cakes and puddings. Please see below the pricing.

All purchases can be made through the QKR app.


1.5 kg - $17.00

1Kg  - $13.00


900gm - $13. 00

Thank you for your support.

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Community Event

Dodgers T-Ball - We, once again, are hosting a T-Ball program for boys and girls at our Club, the Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club, known as the Dodgers Baseball Club. We are seeking T-Ball players for our U8 and U10 teams for our upcoming season’s T-Ball program. We have two Come n Try sessions Monday, 18 October and Friday 22 October 2021. We encourage all to come and have a go. Our one hour games are played on Fridays from 6pm starting 29 October. We are located in Surrey Downs at Illyarrie Reserve on Illyarrie Avenue.

Our vision

Burton Primary School's vision is to develop lifelong learners who can positively contribute to their rapidly-changing world.  Our aim is for students to attain high levels of literacy and numeracy along with information and communication and technical skills.