Term 1 2022 | Week 3

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News from the Principal

Thank you so much for your support of the start of year expectations. The Department felt it was the best opportunity to stop the spread of COVID within our school. The overwhelming support meant we could welcome our new Reception and Year 1 students into school before other grades came back in week 3. We have been excited to welcome all students back this week and look forward to what lies ahead.

We continue to focus on Numeracy and Literacy as our key learning focus areas for 2022. We have set our targets high for all students and will be doing our best to ensure students are given every opportunity to be successful. Regular updates will be sent home to inform you of where your child sits in relation to learning outcomes.

This year we say farewell to Mrs Turpin who has been my Senior Leader for the past 4 years. During this time Mrs Turpin has been highly influential in improving Literacy outcomes for students and developing teacher skill sets in many areas of teaching. She has been an outstanding support to myself and to other Leaders within our school. The number of students and their families that she has personally supported and made a difference for cannot truly be measured. I thank her for her outstanding work and wish her well as she moves to the Whyalla Regional Office where she takes up the role of Special Education Support Officer for the Whyalla Partnership. All schools will now receive a very high level of support and commitment from Mrs Turpin. We will miss you. 

Bryan Rotherham



Senior Leader

I am writing this newsletter entry with mixed feelings.  On one hand I am super excited, on the other I am sad and feeling a little lost as this will be my first and last newsletter entry at Long Street for 2022.  I have accepted a job at the Education Office in Whyalla as a Special Educator and will be starting this position on February 28.

I am extremely thankful for the experience that I have gained at Long Street over the past 9 years.  I have met many wonderful people and taught many students who will always hold a place in my heart.  I have made many long term friendships and wish everyone the best for the remainder of 2022. 

I take a lot of memories with me, from camps to Adelaide, Spear Creek, Point Lowly and Errappa to Family Nights, Colour Explosions, Ponytail Drives and many, many laughs with students and staff over the years. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every member of the Long Street community, you all really have been a family to me and have supported me through many life events.  For this I will be forever thankful. 

Jodie Turpin

Senior Leader

Student Wellbeing Leader News

I have created a Wellbeing Room at Long Street, where students will be able to come and be taught coping strategies when they are feeling overwhelmed and how they can then regulate themselves. The Wellbeing Room (Room 14) will be open each day in lesson four and five. The Wellbeing Room is about teaching students the strategies to de-escalate and self-regulate their own emotions when they feel heightened or out of control. The room is not a drop in centre for students who are misbehaving or avoiding class. The Wellbeing Room is a calming and re-engaging space where students will feel safe to share how they are feeling.


Becc O’Neil 

Wellbeing Leader

Wellbeing Room

Diary Dates


Monday 14th

Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

Friday 1stSlime Spectacular
Thursday 14thLast Day of Term
Friday 15thGood Friday

What's Happening in ........


Why Indonesian?

The Australian curriculum requires that all school programs have Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia as a priority.  The Long Street school community chose Indonesian as their preferred language to learn.  They could have had a different language, but chose to wait over two years to give the school community what they wanted. 

Indonesian has the 4th largest population in the whole world.  It is predicted that by 2030, it will be the 5th largest economy in the world, and the 6th most spoken language in the world. 

“Indonesia is one of the most important bilateral relationships.  We enjoy an extensive cooperation spanning political, economic, security, development, education and people-to people ties.” www.dfat.gov.au

Indonesian has the same alphabet and phonetics as English, so it supports English learning and development.  This makes learning Indonesian very easy.

It is estimated that it only takes approximately 900 hours to learn Indonesian, compared to over 2,200 hours for Japanese, or Mandarin or Cantonese (Chinese). 

www.openculture.com  www.bigthink.com

All students have been exploring an app developed by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  You can not only travel all around Australia and learn lots for HASS subject, you can travel all over Indonesia as well.  It is called Next Door Land and is free to download from your app store. 

The picture below comes from the marine traffic website, illustrating just how much engagement Australia and Indonesia have, just in relation to shipping, importing and exporting. 

Importing and Exporting Graphic

Around our School

Room 1 construction in STEM

Community Informaton

Muso Sessions 2022

The WMAI presents the New Local Muso Sessions 2022!

Drop-In & Jam-Out with some known faces from the Local WHY-Rok Scene as they open up about their musical  experiences, share some of the tricks of the trade & answer any questions you might have!

We have something for all on offer as multiple sessions are planned, with different Musos coming in to play all sorts of genres, styles & instruments.

Our guests will go through their Workshop for the first portion of the evening focusing on a particular specialty. We will then round the night out by jamming together to use some of the skills that were discussed, so bring your instrument, join the music & share the fun!

Register your interest online ahead of time or call 0402 248 499 for more Info. Be quick & don't miss out!