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Term 3 - Week 10 (24 September, 2021)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Gospel: Mark 9: 38-48

Every parent knows how distressing it is when children fight.  A fractured relationship is an open wound for all.  How much our heavenly Father must despair over the lack of unity amongst Christians!  Sunday’s Gospel reminds us that no one group has a monopoly on God’s grace.  As the Church strives for unity, let us begin in our own relationships with others.

Holy Communion

Congratulations to Chloe Bartlett, Caitlin Bisset, Korben Cooper, Beau Criddle, Maya Dean,  Jack Kermode, Angelica Kraske Beck and Mitchell O‘Neill who received the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time last Sunday.  The ceremony was made even more special as the students remembered Emmett Tayler whose birthday it was on Sunday but who would have also been celebrating with them and receiving his Holy Communion.

Meet the Member

Last Friday, the Honourable Darren West MLC paid a visit to our school.  He was taken on a tour of the school by our Head Boy Miji and Head Girl Olivia before joining the staff for morning tea and then meeting with representatives from the School Advisory Council (Luke Growden and Marie Bartlett) and P&F (Meg Gethin).  Dan Wood (SIA and CEWA representative) also joined us.  Mr West was most impressed with our school, our students (the Year Sixes gave him a few suggestions on what they would want to see in Merredin) and the passion our community has for doing what is in the best interests of our students.

Learning Journeys

It was wonderful to see so many families at the Learning Journey on Tuesday afternoon.  The children were so proud to share their learning  with their parents and grandparents who were actively engaged in the process.  A big thank you to all the teachers for all the time and energy that they put into the preparation and planning of the journey and their classrooms.


Thank you to Miss O'Callaghan and Pre-primary for presenting this morning's assembly about Australian Animals.   I have had the pleasure of watching and hearing the students rehearse during the week and am disappointed to have missed the 'real show' this morning.   There are some budding public speakers and performers in Pre-primary!

COVID19 Update

As you may have heard, all Western Australians aged 12 to 15 are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department of Health has also announced it is offering allocated times for school students aged 16 years and over and school-based staff to access WA Health clinics.  More information about clinic locations can be found on the 
HealthyWA website. Please find attached a letter from the Chief Health Officer, providing details about the clinics, including information about consent.  If you have any questions or concerns about vaccinating your child, please visit the HealthyWA website.  Thank you for your support in keeping our students, staff and community safe.

Please click on the link below to view the letter from the Chief Health Officer.

Gateway Merredin

Over the weekend and starting tonight, the Gateway Merredin Festival is being held.  St Mary’s School will have some of the art works that the Year 3/4 and 4/5 class produced under the guidance of Chloe Flockhart.  These will be on display in town – if you are going to the festival, be sure to go and have a look.

Thank You

Term Three has once again proven to be another busy and productive term at St Mary’s School.  Thank you to everyone (parents, staff and students) who have all contributed in some way or another to making this term so successful!  It’s everyone working together that makes our community so special and such a wonderful place to be a part of!

Key Dates for Term Four

It is hard to believe that Term Four is nearly upon us.  The term promises to be a very busy one with some important events for our community – starting with the School Fair on Saturday, 16 October.

Please also place the following dates in your calendar:

Monday, 22 November:  Community Meeting including AGM of the School Advisory Council and P&F – 7.00pm

Wednesday, 1 December:  School Concert at Cummins Theatre – 5.30pm onwards

Information about both events will be disseminated closer to the time.

Happy Holidays

I wish all the St Mary’s School community a happy and relaxing holiday. Enjoy all the pleasures that holidays bring such as lazy mornings in pjs, fun activities and spending time together with friends and family. Please stay safe and be safe. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, 11 October. Please be reminded that the students will need to return to school wearing their summer uniform.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Class News

Year Three/Four RE Corner

In Year 3/4 we have spent this term helping our Year 4’s prepare for their Holy Communion. Well done to Maya, Beau & Angelica who received the sacraments. We created posters and mind maps showing all our knowledge about the Eucharist.

Ruby: From making my poster, I learnt more about Jesus calming the storm and how it shows he looks after his people.

Blake: I learnt more about the bread and wine and how it is changes into body and blood of Christ at consecration.

Angelica: My favourite part of Holy Communion was the responsibilities I had to do at the mass. I enjoyed receiving the bread and reading. 

Pre-Primary Class News

In Pre-Primary we have been busy learning all about Australian animals! In our Talk for Writing Unit, we are learning how to write an information report. These include appearance, habitat, diet and an interesting fact.

In Mathematics we have been learning how to add and subtract using different strategies such as using manipulatives, using our fingers, counting on, counting back and so on. We have created our own addition and subtraction stories.

In Geography, we have been learning about maps and their features. We created a collaborative class map that focused on our Merredin community. Our map features IGA, St Mary’s School, the Wild Poppy Café, Cummin’s Theatre and many more.

In Religious Education we have been learning about the Sacrament of Baptism. We explored the symbols of Baptism and what they each represent.

Design and Technology

Pre Primary class investigated how plants and animals can be used as food or materials for clothing and shelter. They explored a range of foods from plants and animals and a range of foods from different cultures.  The students chose their own ingredients and made rice paper rolls to eat!

Year One class identified that living things live in different places that suit their needs. The students designed a bird feeder for their garden that would provide for the needs of local birds. They constructed and presented their bird feeders to the class. 

Year Two class explored how technology is used in the kitchen. They investigated technologies used to ensure the safe handling of food and how this meets their personal and social expectations.  The students were involved in designing a new kitchen gadget and came up with some practical and innovative ideas! 

Year Three and Four class investigated the journey of food.  They looked at the cycle of bread, cotton, wool and cheese.  The students chose one of these to create their own flowchart of a food or fibre and present it on a digital app.  The class looked at how ‘food and fibre’ journeys have changed over time due to new technology and inventions. For example, an important invention in the journey of bread was the combine harvester. This made harvesting wheat and other crops much quicker.

Year Four and Five class investigated the different journeys that food and fibre products go on before they arrive in our shops. They identified the similarities and differences between food and fibre production in modern and traditional societies.  The students were involved in designing and constructing a water filtering system.  The systems were put to the test and most of them were successful. 

Year Six class investigated the difference between ‘natural and man made’ fibres.  The students researched sustainable cotton and wool farming in Australia.  They were able to understand how important it is that these farmers work sustainably to be able to continue in the future.  

School Value Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the Values Certificate for Sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship - We play fairly for the enjoyment of all and encourage each other to do our best.

Pre-Primary: Lucas Nelson

Year One: Layla Gregory

Year Two: Andrew Wilson

Year Three/Four: Ruby Smith

Year Four/Five: Taj Jefferys

Year Six: Jack Kudas

Award Winners

Excellence Award

Pre-Primary - Kate Growden

Year One - Koby Scarrott

Year Two - Ella Bullock

Year Three/Four - Hamish Carr

Year Four/Five - Ellie Atkinson 

Year Six - Jonah Clarke

Christian Values Award

Pre-Primary - Kyle Stoinski

Year One - Sanjo Onikola

Year Two - Mia Crees

Year Three/Four - Caitlin Carlson

Year Four/Five - Brock Barnett

Year Six - Savannah Dean

Performing Arts Award

Pre-Primary - Ruby Jardine

Year One - Thomas Dolton

Year Two - Alena Madaffari

Year Three/Four - Greta Gethin

Year Four/Five - Jack Kermode

Year Six - Charlotte Criddle


Health Award

Pre-Primary - Lucas Nelson

Year One - Logan Sharp

Year Two - Emmett Bennett

Year Three/Four - Lilith Gilmore

Year Four/Five - Jack Kermode

Year Six - Olumiji Onikola

Design & Technology Award

Pre-Primary - Lucas Nelson

Year One - Jake Mills

Year Two - Kayla Smith

Year Three/Four - Matilda Carr

Year Four/Five - Elsie Swarts

Year Six - Tyler Geier

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 15 September was our Interschool Athletics Carnival against Merredin College and a team from the Central Wheatbelt. The weather proved to be a tad bit nicer than the day of our Faction Carnival, in fact it was glorious. We started the day with Jumps and Throws and then moved into the track and team game events. The students blew our minds with their effort, precision and encouragement in their team games, it was a pleasure to watch.

Thank you to all the parent helper volunteers on the day, Kylie Bryant from Merredin College for all her organisation for the carnival and to Mrs Riethmuller, Miss Walsh, Mrs McDonald and Mrs O’Malley for their expert training of the students in preparation for the carnival. You could definitely see the improvement in those team games. Well done to all the students for always cheering each other on and working together as a school. You have made us very proud.

Results are as follows; 

R/Up Junior Champion Boy - Andrew Wilson & Toby Sharp (St M) 

Junior Champion Boy - Jobe Walker (MC) 

R/Up Junior Champion Girl - Melita Meyers (MC) 

Junior Champion Girl- Ava Lamond (CWT)

R/Up Champion Intermediate Boy - Beau Manning (MC) 

Champion Intermediate Boy - Koby Sayers (St M) 

R/Up Champion Intermediate Girl - Keira Major (MC) 

Champion Intermediate Girl - Camee Roberts (St M) 

R/Up Champion Senior Boy - Emillio Jovanovic (MC) 

Champion Senior Boy - Jamie Hardy (MC) and Jake Casella (St M) 

R/Up Champion Senior Girl - Chloe Major (MC) and Lara Sillinger (CWT)

Champion Senior Girl - Alionah Pickett (MC) 

Overall Shield: 

1st: St Mary’s 

2nd: Merredin College 

3rd: Central Wheatbelt 

Other News & Important Dates

Please find below the link to the Term Four Planner.

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St Mary's Parish Merredin - Mass Times

Saturday - 6.30pm

Sunday - 10.30am

Kellerberrin: Sunday 8am

P and F - Fundraiser Plates & Bags

Today some of the Plate orders arrived and have been sent home with students. The bags and remainder of the plates will be sent home as soon as possible when they arrive next term. Thank you for your support.

St Mary's School Fair LEGO Competition

LEGO Competition Entry Form

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Let Us Pray

Father in Heaven,

we know how you long for us to be one.

Give us the grace to seek unity with others.


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