Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

Term 2 Week 6: Friday 28th May 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

Over the last two days I have had the opportunity to participate with several of my colleagues in the Diocesan leaders retreat. An opportunity to “renew the batteries“ of being a Religious /Formation leader, as an integral part of my role as a Principal in both our school and Parish community. It was an opportunity to reflect, study and act upon two days of prayer, discussion, contemplation and decision making about one’s self , growth and future direction in my school leadership role. This opportunity was a time to learn more about prayer in our lives- ‘Why we do it?’ ‘When? and ‘How does it change our lives and the lives of others we interact with each day? Pope Francis’ most recent book “Let us Dream” reminds us that “we pray so we believe so we live. A faith that is strong will make prayer real, make prayer purposeful and something we want to do as Christ centered people”

Prayer encourages us to seek and read more discerningly of scripture to undergo a process of reflection and to finally react in a positive and loving way towards God and others.


Last Monday George and Joseph Diab accompanied me and representatives from all our Diocesan schools gathered to celebrate 200 years of Catholic Education in Australia. The celebration commenced with a traditional Indigenous Welcome to Country smoking ceremony followed by a celebration of the Eucharist. Each school was presented with a commemorative plaque to celebrate the occasion that was blessed by Bishop Vincent -Bishop of Parramatta. We ask our Lord’s blessing on the next two hundred years of Catholic Education in Western Sydney.


During the week, families were emailed details regarding the 2021 TTFM Parent and student  surveys. It is important for both our Diocesan schools and the Catholic Education Office  Parramatta that feedback from the surveys is completed by as many of our families as possible. I encourage all families to complete the survey during the upcoming weeks. Our Years 4-6 students will complete the survey at school. Information collected by the survey is anonymous. Reports will be made available to the school over the next few months. The link to the survey will be sent home early next week.


After some fifteen months of consultation with both Parramatta Council and residents our proposed Pickup Zone in Burradoo Close has been approved. The relevant signage for the zone will be erected by council during the upcoming winter holiday break. The implementation of this imitative is to ease congestion on the Statham Avenue drive through of an afternoon. More details regarding how this will operate will be distribute in the coming weeks.


Details regarding our upcoming parent teacher interviews in weeks 9 and 10 will be distributed early next week. Parents will have the opportunity to choose either a face to face or phone interview with their child’s classroom teachers to discuss their semester one progress. Reports will be sent home prior to the interviews on Friday of week 8 [11th June]


Over recent weeks more children are bringing toys to school. This is something we would ask you to discourage as it has caused some angst and disagreements amongst students. Your support of the this request will be greatly appreciated.


This term our office ladies have noted an increasing number of students coming up to the office requesting food for recess and lunch either because they don’t’ have any or they are still hungry. We have also noticed a number of students throwing uneaten food in the bins on the playground. It would be appreciated if parents can discuss this matter with their children to determine what they like to eat for both recess and lunch and the quantity. Thanks

Have a great Week

Tony Hughes


Something to ponder

Weekend schedule too busy, bring the family to Tuesday evening Mass each week.

Upcoming Events

Term 2, Week 7

Monday 31st May 

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports Uniform
  • Student Boot Camp at lunchtime
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00 - 4.30pm

Tuesday 1st June

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am - 12.30pm - appointment only via the office
  • PE: Year 5, Kindy, Year 4 {Group 1}
  • Drama Club: Years 3 & 4

Wednesday 2nd June

  • PE: Year 6, Year 2
  • Drama Club: Years 5 & 6
  • Chess begins: 3.00-4.00pm

Thursday 3rd June

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 {Group 2}
  • Drama Club: Years 1 & 2

Friday 4th June

  • BAND: 7.45am for all existing students from 2020 only. Band groups for new & existing students throughout the day.
  • Design & Building Club at lunchtime

Term 2, Week 8

Monday 7th June

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports Uniform
  • Student Boot Camp at lunchtime
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00 - 4.30pm

Tuesday 8th June

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm - appointment only via the office.
  • PE: Year 5, Kindy, Year 4 {Group 1} 
  • Drama Club: Years 3 & 4

Wednesday 9th June 

  • Stage 3 Boys Soccer Gala Day
  • PE: Year 6, Year 2
  • Year 6 Reconciliation
  • Drama Club: Years 5 & 6
  • CHESS: 3.00-4.00pm

Thursday 10th June

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1 Year 4 {Group 2}
  • Drama Club: Years 1 & 2

Friday 11th June

  • BAND: 7.45am for all existing students from 2020 only. Band groups for new & existing students throughout the day.
  • Year 6 at Parish Mass
  • Semester 1 reports going home
  • Design and Build Club at lunchtime

Dates for your diary

Monday 14th June

  • Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Monday 21st June

  •  Athletics Carnival / Barton Park
  • Life Education van visiting CTK Kindy - Year 2

Wednesday 23rd June

  • Stage 2 Soccer Gala Day
  • Life Education van visiting CTK Kindy - Year 2

Friday 25th June

  • Last Day of Term 2 / Athletics Carnival back-up day

Friday 16th July

  • School Photo Day

Friday 30th July

  • Grandparents Day TBC / Subject to COVID restrictions

Friday 6th August

  • Staff Development Pupil Free Day

Term 2      Monday,      19th April              to      Friday, 25th June

Term 3      Monday,      12th July                to      Friday, 17th September

Term 4      Tuesday,      5th October          to      Friday, 17th December

Other School News

Parramatta Eisteddfod

The City of Parramatta Eisteddfod commenced on the 8th of May this year, and continues each weekend until the 20th June.

I am so proud of all of the children who have worked so hard to prepare for this event. For most of the children this is a new experience for them, and their confidence to stand before a crowd to recite a poem, read an extract or perform a mime has been commendable.

All of the children have done so well, with the following prizes being awarded so far:

Isabella D – Encouragement Award and Second Place

Zoe O – Second Place

Tania K – Third Place and Fourth Place

Apeksha G – Encouragement Award x 2

Rayan K – Fourth Place, Encouragement Award and Highly Commended

Eloise A – Second Place, Third Place, Fourth Place and Highly Commended

Ethan B – Third Place

Summer R -  Highly Commended x 2 and Encouragement Award

Cate R – Highly Commended

Eloise R – Fourth Place and Encouragement Award

Mia N – Highly Commended

Peter J – Third Place

Emily B – Highly Commended and Encouragement award

Lucy B – Third Place and Encouragement Award

Kenzie B – Third Place

John J – Encouragement Award

Chanelle R – Highly Commended

Sophia A – Third Place

We wish the children who are yet to perform all the best. Another update on results will be given in 2 weeks. 

Happy performing!

Mrs Danielle Atkinson

Year 3 Newsletter Item

This term Year 3 is learning about Living and Non Living Things. Students have been engaging with the different types of animals and plants in the world around us. So far they have been thoroughly enjoying becoming experts about their own animal and plant. They have been researching, categorising and reporting on their specific animal. So far they have created an interactive game using Google Slides to help determine what category of animal they have and currently they are creating a movie in iMovie to explain a particular plant.

The students can’t wait to get further into this unit over the coming weeks and learn more about how these plants and animals interact with one another. This learning will lead to them creating their own safe haven for these animals to thrive using Minecraft. They are thoroughly engaged in this unit and everyone has already learnt so much.

Also as part of this unit we have looked at former living things, dinosaurs. We participated in an incursion in Week 4 teaching the students about some Australian dinosaurs and what it is like to be a paleontologist. This was a great experience for the students which also coincided with the end of NAPLAN.

We can’t wait to see what else the students will learn about all of these living things over the next few weeks.

Captain's Chat

Term 2 has been an amazing few weeks. In the past weeks, of Week 5 and Week 6 we have already had a debate with St Bernadettes and we had the Girls Stage 3 Soccer Gala Day.

To end Week 5 Christ the King competed against St Bernadettes in a debate. Each school had 8 debaters, arguing whether all Australian zoos should be closed. Our Christ the King debaters all did extremely well, and we were able to win one of the debates. The teams did very well, as they only had one week to prepare. We wish them a big congratulations.

On Wednesday Week 6, we had our Stage 3 Girls Soccer Gala. The team of girls did a great job. They didn’t stop trying and ended up winning two games. We are so proud of what they accomplished and we hope they keep doing what they love. Please give these girl a big round of applause.

So that was all the big events that happened over these past two weeks. We are so proud of our                                                                                                   whole school.

                                                                              Mackenzie and George

                                                                              School Captains

Term 2 School Fee Statements

Term 2 School Fee Accounts (30 day accounts) were due for payment on 26th May, 2021. Please make payment of the Term 2 account a priority to avoid receiving a reminder. Thank you to those who have finalised their account. Many thanks also to those who have taken up the option of an extended payment arrangement plan. As always, if you are experiencing financial difficulties please do not hesitate to contact me on 8846 2700 to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss.

Thank you.

Susan Ritchie

Senior Finance.

Leaders needed for children's Liturgy

We have had a number of wonderful Children's Liturgy volunteers whose circumstances have changed and are now "going on leave" from Children's Liturgy. This is an urgent request for new leaders / teachers of Children's Liturgy. We would like to recommence Children's Liturgy at 10am Mass on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month, commencing shortly. We are in desperate need of parents or teachers, who could lead a small group of primary school-aged children. All volunteers will be supported by resources and by experienced leaders of Children's Liturgy. You do not need any experience nor any theological background but will require a Working With Children Check. Lesson plans, Scripture readings, discussion questions and worksheets are all provided.

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Erica Rheinberger via email:

The Good News from CTK to YOU

The busy month of June!

With the Easter season over and the Holy Spirit having descended upon Mary and the Apostles one would think that the business of life may begin to slow down a little. Yet, for our Church (and probably most people) life seems to run along at a great pace. Although we are getting ready for the cool weather and short days that come with winter, our northern neighbours are preparing for longer days and the greenness and warmth of the spring and summer seasons. Our Church too is equally green during this time - and despite the fact that we have entered ordinary time - life is anything but ordinary. Many of the great feast days of our Church are celebrated in this coming month. We have the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate heart of Mary, Sts Peter & Paul (the greatest 2 evangelists and our first pope), St Ephrem (Doctor of the Church), Martyred St John Fisher (refused to give in to King Henry VIII and publicly support his actions) ,Martyred St Thomas Moore (refused to support King Henry VIII separation from the Church), St Josemaria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei) ,the feast of the first martyrs of the Church and the birth of St John the Baptist. Of course there are others I have not mentioned  - but what an amazing list all the same.

Yes, as we have entered into ordinary time we enter that time for growth. The Church itself strives to continuously grow more fruitful each year. We too are also called to grow - the Church after all is made up of people, not buildings, and the Church is strong when its people are strong.

We are fortunate to have so many examples of strong faith-filled people with which we can learn from and ask for intercessions. Most of us will never reach the same heights as the men and women who we recognise this month but that is not the point. Each of us is called to a special purpose and God has a special plan for us that He wants us to achieve. We may not be able to write as eloquently and with the same authority as St Peter, St Paul or St Ephrem but we can speak to our own family in a way that brings them closer to the faith. We may (hopefully) never have to forfeit our lives for our beliefs as Sts Thomas Moore & John Fisher, but we can stand up for our faith when it is under attack. We may not be able to found a new religious group or prepare people to a new way of living like St John the Baptist or St Josemaria Escriva but we can practice this new way of living within our own hearts and lead others by our example. At the end of it all - it is only our efforts that matter and helping us along the way we have our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate heart and our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacred heart. Let us spend our ‘ordinary time’ growing towards God and spreading His news.

God bless,

Ben Horne

Parish News

Weekend Masses

We are currently allowed to have a maximum of 120 persons attending each Mass.

All Parishioners must wear a MASK while attending Mass.


Parishioners attending all weekday Masses are required to complete their details on the registration form provided in the church foyer.

Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am (note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am

Do I need to make a reservation for weekend Mass? Yes

There is a limit of 100 people at each Mass. excluding the celebrant and assistants. All Masses are regularly evaluated and updated accordingly. We have designated the Sunday 8am Mass for Seniors of our Parish but of course anyone may attend. It is still a government requirement to register all attendees to assist in contact tracing should it be required. Therefore the Eventbrite website from this weekend, will allow 100 parishioners to register to attend their chosen Mass.

 All reservations are to be made before Friday 5:30pm.

Volunteers are required for the Readings and to assist in operating the music PowerPoint. Please email the parish office: or phone 9871 8710 after reserving a place at your selected Mass.

Thank you for your assistance.


Please follow the instructions when making your booking. You need to separately book each person in your family and bring your ticket or mobile phone with your e-ticket to Mass. Please contact the parish office on 9871.8710 or via email: should you encounter any technical issues registering. Thank you. 

We wish you a Blessed week ahead.

Stay strong and safe,

Fr Ian McGinnity

Parish Office Information, Parish Mass Times, Reconciliation and Rosary

Parish office hours are Mondays - Fridays 9am - 4pm.

Our current contact details are phone: 9871 8710 and email:


Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am

(note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)  


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am


Saturday after Mass (9:30am - 10am) or by appointment

Community News

School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave other than illness