Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter

Term 2 Week 9: Tuesday 15th June 2021

Principal's Message

Two amazing things happen this week at MIPS.

This week we begin Student Led Conferences for 2021! And we extend the use of the Compass Parent Portal.

Today Year 4 host their conferences and they are just so excited share their learning achievements with their parents. The other grades will then follow before the end of the term. When we introduced Student Led Conferences, we were for most going into new grounds. I had already introduced it at my previous school and I knew how wonderful it would be for the MIPS students and parents. Being able to share with parents their learning is both a challenge and an exciting celebration for students. The students have been preparing and are looking forward to having parents again in their classrooms. Some grades as needed will supply prompting questions to stimulate the conference discussions. Teachers will of course be available for any qualifying questions parents may have. If parents still need a follow up interview, that can also be arranged for another time that is mutually suitable. Student Led Conferences have evolved from the research that identified the huge learning gains for students when they themselves have a clear understanding of their learning progress and next steps. Have wonderful Conferences everyone!

We are also extending further features available through the Compass Parent Portal. Compass will put many more features into your hands directly. We won't roll everything out at once. So you don't have to worry about being bombarded by too many new features at the same time. You will, this semester, be able to access your child's Academic Report via the portal. See below for further instructions. You will be able to print the report if needed as well. Another feature available now also is the ability to record and explain your child's absence from school. This is a feature in Skoolbag that we will be moving to in Compass. Please read below for further information about Compass.

The update on the School/Parish Carpark is that proposed plans have been developed and will be reviewed by our head office. Our apologies for the developing potholes! We have needed to wait till now in the process and will be taking steps to improve the potholes. Thanks for your patience!

With appreciation for your ongoing support, 

Stephen Dowd


Compass Parent Portal

Two features have been added to the Compass Parent Portal and parents/carers will now be able to explain their child's absences and access school reports (known in Compass as Academic Reports). Academic Reports will available during this week.

Instructions on how to add an Attendance Note to explain when your child is absent from school and to view Academic Reports can be found in the Compass Parent Guide.

We will let you know about new features when they become available. 

 The Parent Portal can be accessed from the following link: by downloading  the “Compass School Manager” app for iOS and Android. 

An email containing parent portal access details will be sent to all parents who have not yet accessed the portal. If you have trouble accessing the  parent portal please email

Religious Education Coordinator's Message

First Holy Communion

Please keep these students in your prayers as they make their First Holy Communion. May the gift of the Eucharist strengthen the lives of our students and call them to a life of "love and service" in the Good News of the Lord! 

Mrs Helen Moore 

Religious Education Coordinator

Thursday 3rd June (6pm)Sunday 6th June (2pm)Thursday 10th June (6pm)Sunday 13th June (2pm)Sunday 20 June (2pm)

Adelaide T

Alexander B

Alex JAllegra PAbby I
Dane PCourtney FAbbey BAmelia MBenedict A
Ellayna HElizabeth CJayden MAva BChelsea W

Ethan E

Elke-Rose BLucas BByron LDaja S
Gabriel EElla BNoah BChloe BEthan S

Harper P

Izabelle NPreston MDanica DJamie J
Heleni MIsaac GDylan SKarl S
Keira MNicole OHelena NKayla S
Max OOlivia PIsabella SLachlan C
Wynter PRachel PJacob OLucas P
Karlee SRuby BKristine BMarc F
Zarah RSophia AAviel FNoah E
Travis LLillian WNoah L
Lomax MSebastian C
Ruby PSophie H
Samuel O
Sophie G
Sofia S
Teagan N

Learning at MIPS

Athletics Carnival

Mary Immaculate Athletics Carnival for Year 3-6 (and 8 year olds in year 2 who wish to compete), has been postponed to Friday 18th June at Cornucopia Reserve, Glenwood. 

Thank you to those parents who registered their children for zone trials. A reminder that the trial registrations are now closed. 

We are seeking parent volunteers to be involved and assist with the running of the events for MIPS School and Zone Athletics Carnivals

If any parents are available to help,  please complete the following Google Form. 

Miss Rowena Benjamin

PDHPE Coordinator

Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to the following students from MIPS who attended the NSWCPS/ NSWCCC Cross Country Championships on Tuesday 8th June.

Liam P, Ruby P, Ella C, Amelia M, Zoe P, Charlotte B 

We are extremely proud of their efforts.

Miss Rowena Benjamin

PDHPE Coordinator

The Year 5 Gold Excursion

Half of Year 5 went on a history excursion on Monday 31st of May and, on Tuesday the other half went on the 1st of June. Year Five went on a spectacular excursion to Camden Park Educational Environment Center. Along the way we met Mr Matthews, Mrs Toller and Louise as they guided us and taught us about the Australian Gold Rush in history.

Firstly, we arrived at school at eight o’clock, did a quick roll check and then hopped on the bus - more like we ran out with excitement. Then, it took us around one hour and a bit to get there with lots of chatter on the way. Most of us were entertained and full of excitement when we entered.

Secondly, we walked into the classroom and learnt about wool and history. After that, it was the boys v girls face off and that was for whoever rounds up the sheep first wins. On Monday, we were all saying “let's see where the boys go wrong,”and in the end they smashed us in ten seconds. On the other hand, the girls smashed the boys on Tuesday. Louise and Mr Matthews taught us how to check if the sheep are healthy and after that, we counted them jumping and surprisingly didn’t fall asleep.

Next, the bell rang which was our que to go to the bank to get our money. After that we ran to get our miners license that was one pound. Then we made groups and added our money together. Mr Matthews got into a black suit and a black shirt as he delegated his commands. There was the blacksmith, the damper and butter making, also the shop to buy the shovels, tent cloth, pans, a hammer and some already made pegs.

We set up our tents and we helped others who needed help and, in return, it came around to us. We had morning tea back at the classroom. Just like usual, when we hear the bell we run. They divided us into small groups and one group was gold panning, while the other group was on a wooden tractor tray that pulled that group near the water to search for tiny pieces of gold like specks. The other group were at the dirt patches with four wooden boundaries and the rules were no touching the dirt with your hands or if you are away from your group at any time or, don’t have your miners license at any time you’d cop a fine. Then, we switched.

LUNCH, woo-hoo!!!!! And what's even better is that we had it in our tents with our friends!!!!! It felt like camp but we just needed to stay in our tents with doors. We had to sadly pack up but, the day hadn’t ended yet, we still needed our damper and butter that we made!!!!! Mmmmm, it was delicious with maple syrup. We left with our gold and license as a souvenir to remember everything that had happened and everyone that we met.

This was one of the most memorable excursions that I’d always remember. We learnt about the gold rush and how life was like back then. I’ll always remember this gold experience and how it felt to be a gold miner.

Alexis H

Year 5 student

Environmental Officers

Students in Year 2 have been called to action as disciples of Christ. They recognised a need in the school community and wanted to go forth for the common good.

These Environmental Officers show respect for all of God's wonderful creations by volunteering their time to reduce litter around the school.

Over the coming weeks, you will see different Environmental Officers out on the playground. If you see them, go and say hello.

Well done Year 2!

Mrs Tara George

Year 2 Teacher

Year 6 Debating Team News

Debate Topic: That water is more precious than gold (MIPS were the affirmative team).

On Tuesday, 15th June, 4 debaters from Mary Immaculate debated against John XXIII, Stanhope Gardens, for their third debate. The team showed great sportsmanship towards the opposing school during the debate. All students represented the school with a smile and were very happy with their speeches and results.

The first speaker was Shenaya N, the second speaker was Laura C and the third speaker was Witi J, with Siobhan M as the refuting speaker. 

Shenaya spoke about how humans need water to survive, that water helps make vegetation grow and how it creates electricity for humans to use.

Laura spoke about how water is used for sacred purposes and how we use water everyday, including how to cleanse ourselves.

Witi spoke about how we humans use water in our everyday life and more information about our marine life, while refuting the opposing arguments and summarising the team’s ideas.

The result was fantastic- WE WON! Congratulations to the entire Debating Team for their collaborative effort and representation on the day.

Shenaya N, Laura C, Witi J and Siobhan M

2021 Debating Team 

Latest News


Instalment 2 Fees are now overdue

Reminder letters were sent to families with outstanding fees.

If you are not on a payment plan, please finalise your school fees as soon as possible.

Should you wish to set up a flexible payment plan, did not receive your statement or are experiencing difficulty with fees, please contact Liz  Padlan via email or 02 9933 7800.


Enrolling Now for Kindergarten 2022

We are currently offering positions for Kindergarten 2022. If you have a child who is eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2022 please submit your enrolment application to the school office as soon as possible as we are now finalising enrolments for Kindergarten 2022. 

Enrolment packs are available from the school office or can be downloaded from our website. 

Uniform Shop

Dear Parents/Carers,

The last day of trading for school uniforms for Mary Immaculate will be Friday from 8.30-10.00am. 

The first day back will be Tuesday 13th July  from 8.30-10.00am.

Please note: the uniform shop will not be open during the school holidays.

Stay safe!

Kind Regards,


Oz Fashions

M: 0421216414


School Canteen

Paula's Pantry is open Monday to Friday: before school from 8:25am, lunchtime and recess

Lunches can be ordered at the canteen in the morning before school or online via the QKR App. When ordering online please ensure you place your order before 7:50am

 Homemade Lasagna is only available on Thursdays. 

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 15th June 

Parish Mass at 9:15am: 5G and 5M attending

Tuesday 15th June 

Year 4 Student Led Conferences

Friday 18th June 

Athletics Carnival for Years 3- 6 (and Year 2 students who were born in 2013) at Cornucopia Reseve, Glenwood. 

Friday 18th June No Primary Assembly due to Athletics Carnival  
Sunday 20th June 

First Holy Communion for Year 4 students - 2pm

Tuesday 22nd June  and Wednesday 23rd June 

Grades 1 - 6 (Year 4 excluded) Student Led Conferences

Wednesday 23rd June Stage 3  Soccer Gala Day for Boys 
Wednesday 23rd June and Thursday 24th June

Kindergarten Student Led Conferences

Friday 25th JuneInfants Assembly (Kindergarten -Year 2 ) at 2:45pm.  No Grade presenting an item this week
Friday 25th June Last day of Term 2
Monday 12th July Term 3 commences

Community News

Big Yellow Umbrella

Community Advertising

"Please understand we are happy to support local businesses and programmes. However, the following notices are supplied for community information.
This by no means surmounts to an endorsement by the school." (Principal, Mr Stephen Dowd)

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