St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

31 March 2021

Weekly Prayer Reflection

Just what is Resurrection about?

This coming weekend we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus – but just what is it that we are celebrating? In a real sense it is easier to ‘appreciate’ his suffering and death, after all, we know suffering, we have experienced the passing of loved ones.  Even the Gospel writers who experienced the risen Jesus seem baffled, speaking of someone elusive – even while they stake the rest of their lives on preaching the reality of the amazing life Jesus offered (and still offers).  All our Church life hangs on the reality of this Resurrection.  How are we to appreciate what it means and make it a reality in our lives?

In one of the Easter stories, two of the disciples tell the Risen Jesus, whom they have not recognised, how all their hopes had been in him and that these hopes were dashed when he was tortured and killed.  Then Jesus unravels their story and gives them a new understanding of himself…and of themselves.  Their hopes and dreams were true and valid – they were just looking for their fulfilment in the wrong places, in the wrong way.  We too have hopes and dreams, sometimes ones so amazing that we fear even to tell them to ourselves.  At heart, these dreams are about being loved and loving.   Their truest fulfilment comes when we allow the Risen Jesus to speak to our hearts about these dreams and how we are to bring them to fulfilment in our lives.  Then, like those two disciples, our hearts will burn within us and we will know a new light guiding us.

Loving Jesus, come walk with me.  Listen to my hopes and dreams and untangle the ways in which they become twisted within me.  With your love and wisdom, may they blossom into new ways of living and loving.  I ask this in your name, confident that you will hear me. 

From the Principal


The religious celebrations of Easter are considered the most significant of our Christian faith. Throughout this week at school our children and staff are gathering to share and reflect on some of the important aspects of the Easter story. Over Easter our local churches will celebrate these events and you are most welcome to gather, reflect, pray and be renewed by God’s Word. May the risen Christ be with you and your family this Easter season.

I look forward to catching up with you all when I return from Study Leave in Week 2 of next term.

Thank you!

Thank you to you, the community of St Joseph’s Wandal. Throughout Term One, many parents, carers and grandparents have generously supported the school, working in partnership with the staff to provide a positive learning environment for all of our children. Please know that your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Winter Uniform

With the cooler weather not too far away I know many of you will be beginning to organise your child’s winter uniform during the Easter break. The rainy and slightly cooler weather experienced lately obviously took many families by surprise, and we noticed lots of our children in the incorrect jumpers and jackets. Please ensure you have the correct items leading into a cooler second term of school.

The winter uniform consists of the SJW logo jacket and plain navy tracksuit pants.

· Girls may wear navy blue tights.

· Long sleeved shirts under uniform shirts are not permitted.

· Jumpers and pants with stripes, brands and logos etc. are not permitted. · ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted.

Once again, a reminder that all students are to wear plain black leather shoes or plain black joggers. Canvas style shoes are not a part of school uniform and should not be purchased by families replacing school shoes over the holidays.

 I also take this opportunity to remind parents about appropriate hairstyles for school. If you are unsure whether a particular fashionable style is permitted, then please refer to the Guidelines, or ask the school office for clarification.

ANZAC DAY – Sunday 25 April

* Reminder * We have accepted the invitation for the students of St Joseph’s Wandal to march in the ANZAC Day March and encourage as many children as possible to represent our school at this important commemoration. We ask that the children gather in Alma street behind Target by 9.15 am.  The children are to wear their formal school uniform along with their blue school hat. Please ensure that your child has applied plenty of sunscreen before attending the march. Children may carry a water bottle. At the conclusion of the parade, parents are asked to collect their children along Quay street, just past the Walter Reid Centre. Our school, under the supervision of Mrs Riley and Mrs McKenzie will also make a tribute at the Dawn Service with a laying of a wreath. We are looking forward to a strong turnout from the students of St Joseph’s Wandal. Further communication of the march route will be advised when it becomes available.

April Vacation Care Program

A reminder that Vacation Care will be operating at our OSHC from 7am-6pm over the upcoming Easter break. All school-aged children may attend this service and we welcome enrolments from other schools. We are pleased that we are able to offer this service to our community and thank you for supporting our Vacation Care program. For bookings or enquiries, please call the OSHC staff on 0429316543.


Yours in partnership,

Kellie Jenkinson

From the Assistant to the Principal: Religious Education (APRE)

Prayer - Gospel Reflection

On Sunday morning while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. She ran to Simon Peter and to Jesus' favourite disciple and said, "They have taken the Lord from the tomb! We don't know where they have put him."

Peter and the other disciple started for the tomb. They ran side by side, until the other disciple ran faster than Peter and got there first. He bent over and saw the strips of linen cloth lying inside the tomb, but he did not go in. When Simon Peter got there, he went into the tomb and saw the strips of cloth. He also saw the piece of cloth that had been used to cover Jesus' face. It was rolled up and in a place by itself. The disciple who got there first then went into the tomb, and when he saw it, he believed. At that time Peter and the other disciple did not know that the Scriptures said Jesus would rise to life. 


By dying on the cross and rising to new life, Jesus took away our sins and showed how much he loves us. Jesus is alive now in our midst, helping us, guiding us and reminding us that we are loved and forgiven.

Holy Week Celebrations

Each day we have gathered as a school community to acknowledge the importance of Holy Week and spend some time in prayerful reflection. Students from Prep to Year 6 have told part of the Easter story, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Palm Sunday - is the triumphant arrival of Jesus entering the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Last Supper -  Jesus celebrated the Passover meal in Jerusalem with his disciples the night before he died. This meal is called the Last Supper. 

Jesus Prays in the Garden -  After the Passover meal, Jesus went with his disciples to the garden of Gethsemane, where he prayed. His disciples could not stay awake to pray with him. Then Jesus was betrayed by Judas and arrested.

The Crucifixion - Jesus was made to carry his own cross. At a place called Golgotha, Jesus was nailed to the cross and left to die. 

The Resurrection - The body of Jesus was taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb. Early on Sunday morning, when the women went to the tomb, they found the body of Jesus gone. An angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. Jesus is not here. He has risen, as he said he would.” The women ran to tell the disciples.

Holy Week Photos - Scroll through please

Crucifixion - Led by Year Five

Please click on the link to join with Year 5 in prayer. 

Term 2 Prayer Assemblies

23 AprilANZAC DAYYear 6R
30 AprilPrayer ReflectionYear 6S
7 MayMother's Day PrayerPrep A

14 May

Prayer ReflectionYear 5M
21 MayPrayer ReflectionYear 3I
28 MayPentecostYear 2R
4 JuneNational Reconciliation WeekYear2W
11 JunePrayer ReflectionYear 4E
18 JunePrayer ReflectionPrep B
25 JunePrayer ReflectionYear 4B

Thought of the Week

With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr

Curriculum Update

Implementation of the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

Throughout Term Two, our school will be implementing the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum with students in Prep to Year 6. The curriculum is based on principles of best practice in child safety education and centres around three key messages: Recognise, React and Report. Through a series of lessons, students will learn how to recognise, react and report when they are unsafe or find themselves in situations that can have a significant detrimental effect on their physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. Information about the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum can be found at

Learning is a 'Disaster' in Year Five

The Year Five students were very fortunate to have a visit from Mrs Kate Lipke, who spoke about disaster management. The students explored some of the online resources that show flood inundation models and found the presentation very engaging.

Thanks so much Kate for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Year Two Learning Celebration

Students in Year Two have been busy organising and planning a birthday party for Beth, a character from our novel study book, 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton.

During Term 1, Students have:

  • Used Google Docs to create invites
  • Browsed online food catalogues and created shopping lists
  • Identified money when purchasing gifts for the party
  • Designed and created their own party hats

Homework Club

Homework Club will not be in operation in the first week of next term, but we look forward to seeing lots of our Years 3 - 6 students there from week two.

Thank you

Thanks to those parents and caregivers who came to our recently held parent/teacher conferences.  Those of you who were unable to attend, please contact your child's class teacher to make a time in term two.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”

Sir Ken Robinson

 Janette McLennan

Student Awards

Congratulations to our students on their outstanding achievements.  Please click on the link for details.

Calendar Dates for 2021

Term Dates for 2021

Term 2      19 April - 25 June 10 weeks

Term 3       12 July - 17 September 10 weeks

Term 4      5 October - 3 December   9 weeks

Term 1 2021


1           Year 3-6 Cross Country and Term 1 Concludes

1           No Instrumental Music

Term 2 2021

19 April Term 2 Commences

25 April  ANZAC Day

26 April ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)

27 April Indigenous Hearing Screening

27 April    No Homework Club

29 April Prep Vision Screening


3 May      Public Holiday - Labour Day

5 May      Homework Club for Term 2 recommences

12 May     Year 6 Social Justice

14 May     Ninja Dash onsite at Wandal (afternoon session - bookings essential)

27 May    Questacon Science Circus


15 June Indigenous Hearing Review

17 June Photo Day

20 June Chamber Music Concert 1:00 - 4:00 pm Cathedral

25 June Term 2 Concludes


12 July Term 3 Commences

Parent Lounge Absentee


Fun Run 2021