St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

18 August 2021

Weekly Prayer Reflection

Visiting the Jesus Museum, oopps Church

Last week, Prep and Year One students from a local Catholic school visited the Parish Centre.  They came for Mass and a Meet and Greet with local parishioners.  They were so excited.  For many, it was their first trip on a bus.  When they arrived, the students were greeted by the parishioners, one of whom was told by an exuberant child that they were coming to visit the Jesus Museum.   Well, they could have believed it was just a museum, that is if they had just stayed for the Mass.  For an unknowing observer, we seemed like a group of older and elderly people gathered for Mass, unrelated to the vibrant township at the bottom of the hill.

But after Mass, they got a different perspective.  While the Parish Priest, gave the Preppies a tour of the Church, we were interviewed by the Year One students.  We told, in brief, what we did in the Church.  Then the questions came, and there were no shortage of those.  In our lives, prayer was right up there, of course, closely followed by the friendship we have with each other.  One woman said, it was her second home.  But what was an eye opener to me, was the breadth and depth of service these people were giving.  I know these people have known some for decades and I knew they did good things but even I was surprised by just how much they were up to helping people whose lives were not going well.  For example: helping the homeless, providing for those in need of food and services, visiting the sick and housebound and teaching catechetics.  This was only the tip of what our parishioners do – as nearly all these people were retired.  They were pretty vibrant for Museum pieces.

The parishoners were not people to blow their own trumpet – they quietly go about their prayer lives, and even more quietly offering service to those in need.  Most importantly they try to be good friends to each other and to those they help.  From the outside the Church might seem like a Museum, but in reality it is a living, breathing body – the Body of Christ Jesus, His Church.

Loving Jesus, let me realise that through the people of your Church you want to be present in our world.  It is through me that you want the love and life of God to spread in our world.  Give me your Sprit that I might be a channel of your wisdom and love.  I ask this in your name, confident that the Father will hear me.

Sr Kym Harris osb   

From the Principal

Welcome home to our Year Six students. By all accounts a wonderful time was had at school camp last week. Thank you to Mrs Starr, Mr Ivory, Mrs Lidster and Miss Hinz who travelled with and supervised our students last week. I am sure that all of our students have made the time this week to thank these staff members for leaving their own partners and children for the four days, to enable our children this wonderful experience. 

Father’s Day Stall

This year, Father’s Day will be on Sunday 5 September. On Thursday 2 September we will have our Father’s Day gift stall. Between now and Wednesday 1 September, please donate a gift to the value to $5- $10 for the stall. On the day a special gift may be purchased for dad or another significant person in your child’s life for $5. If your child wishes to purchase two gifts, you will be required to donate two gifts. We require some parents to help set up and run the stall. If you can assist, please contact the school office. All profits from the stall go to our P and F, which in turn purchase resources and equipment for our learners.

Prep Acceptances 2022

Our first round of Prep acceptances will be distributed, via email,  this Friday. Confirmations of acceptance are due, in writing, to the school office, by the following Friday 27 August. This will enable us to work through our substantial waiting list and hopefully offer a second round of offers.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Our second round of Parent Teacher Interviews for the year will be held at the end of this term. These interviews are formal conversations which focus on the academic progress of your children. Interviews will be held in the school hall over a couple of afternoons. As always, we urge all parents to book a Parent Teacher Interview.

WHAT: Semester Two – Parent/Teacher Meetings

WHEN: Monday 13 September and Tuesday 14 September (please note, some teachers may also choose to open spots on Wednesday 15 September)

TIMES: From approximately 3.20pm, 20 minute slots

WHERE: The school Hall

Bookings will be made online via Parent Lounge, and will be made available in the next couple of weeks.

These bookings are strictly 20 minutes. We know that some families and teachers require longer conversations and that for some of you, multiple meetings regarding learning support, or medical conditions will be required. Parent Teacher Interviews are not the only opportunity to meet with the teachers, but for some families, a 20 minute discussion focussed on academic progression suffices.

School Fees

Term Three School Fees are due now OVERDUE. 

Concession Card Tuition Fee Discount:  A 70% Tuition Fee Discount is available for ‘means tested’ government Health Care and Pensioner Concession cards. These cards must meet eligibility criteria for this concession to apply.  Please check the expiry date of your card and ensure that we are provided with up-to-date information.

Pupil Free Day

Friday 3 September is a Pupil Free Day. If your children require care on this day, please contact our friendly OSHC staff on (ph.) 0429316543 for enquiries or bookings. Our teaching and support staff will be onsite during this day, participating in a range of professional development opportunities.



Preparation for our annual High Tea is well and truly under way.


Donations:  This year we are not looking for help cooking for the event, but rather need your support through donations of prizes for the raffles conducted on the day.  Donations could also include money to offset the costs of the event.

Raffle Ticket sales:  A book of tickets has been distributed to each school family today. Please check your children’s bags for these. We appreciate you selling these tickets, to support our High Tea fundraising efforts. Spare books will be available from the school office. All books , sold, or unsold, will need to be returned to the school office.

Book now

Thank you for you support.


Position Vacant - OSHC Coordinator

Interested in joining our staff? We are advertising for an Acting OSHC Coordinator, to join our team from Term Four this year. This will enable our new Coordiantor to recevie 'on the job' training from our existing Acting Coordinators. This position is for 38 hours per week.

In partnership,

Kellie Jenkinson

From the Assistant to the Principal: Religious Education (APRE)

Prayer Reflection

May God grant that you are not troubled in mind about little things.

Mary MacKillop 1873

The poet Emily Dickinson once said that the only commandment she took seriously was, "consider the lilies." I think she was on to something important. Mary MacKillop put it in different words. She told us to trust in Divine Providence, in both good and bad times. If we can do this, it will lead to a sense of contentment, and we won't always be wanting more, in spite of what the advertisers tell us. Perhaps it's time fo us all to consider the lillies.

I tell you, do not worry.         Luke 12:22

Year Six Prayer Assembly

The scripture from Isaiah, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you”, is a reminder to each of us that amongst all of the challenges, connections and excitement of camp, that we witnessed Jesus in action through our dealings with the instructors, teachers and one another.  There were many times we felt afraid, but we also felt comfort, we felt strengthened and we felt the support needed to push through our fears.

Please join both Year Six classes this Friday morning in the Undercover Area at 8.35 am. Year Six will lead prayer reflecting on their time at Chaverium Outdoor Educational Centre.

After prayer assembly, parents are invited to the Hall to view a slide show presentation of photos from Camp and to enjoy a tea or coffee.

Real Talk Sessions for Year Five and Six

Thank you to the parents who joined us last night for the parent information session.  Today our Year Five and Six students participated in a seminar or reflection day. Topics discussed included the digital world we live in today, self worth, personal identity, good decision-making, love, relationships and puberty. 

Would you like to receive the Sacrament of Penance, Confirmation and Eucharist?

Continuing the Journey in the Catholic Faith Sacraments 2021 - 2022

Calling all families with children who have reached the age of reason (which is seven years of age) to join the preparation journey for 2021-2022 towards the celebration of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist in 2022.

To register please call The Cathedral Centre on 49 27 6744.

Term 3 Prayer Assemblies

20 AugustYear 6Prayer Reflection
27 AugustYear 1BPrayer Reflection
2 SeptemberPrepFathers Day Prayer Reflection
10 SeptemberYear 5Prayer Reflection
17 SeptemberStaffStaff to lead prayer reflection

Thought of the Week!

Parish Bulletin


With gratitude,

Rheanna Starr

Curriculum Update

BOOK WEEK - 23 -28 AUG 2021

Virtual Book Fair

This year we are trialling a virtual book fair.  Go to the Carnival Book Fair website, enter the state and postcode and go to the link for our school.  Select books for purchase and then wait for the books to be delivered.  St Joseph's Wandal will receive a 20% commission on all sales, allowing us to purchase additional titles for our library.

Read-In - Join us in the Quadrangle (with a book) and enjoy reading with us

Design a Book Cover

Vote for your favourite book

What is your favourite book of all time?  Vote here.  Let's find the most popular book at St Joseph's Wandal.

Book Character Parade

Book Week is always a week of enjoyment and learning!  This year we will once again be holding a Book Character Parade on Wednesday 25 August (gathering at 8:40 a.m. as a whole school in the Undercover Area). 

The Great Book Swap!

National Science Week

The school theme for National Science Week 2021 is Food: Different by Design. It honours the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.

Have you ever wondered how ice-cream is made?

Would you like to make salad dressing?

What about making frozen yoghurt?

Celebrate the science of food during Science Week 2021!

Year One Scientists

Year One put on their professor hats to celebrate Science Week. We were very lucky to have Mrs Dolgner come and teach us how to make sherbet! We made predictions about our experiment and then followed a procedure. It was a very exciting afternoon and we were surprised how delicious our experiment turned out. Thank you Mrs Dolgner for teaching us.

Wonder of Science Year Five and Six

Our Year Five and Six students spoke with science ambassadors from the Wonder of Science programme.  These real world scientists not only told us about their science careers, but also helped us to refine our designs for our STEM projects.  Year Five is creating a light project, and Year Six is engaging with sustainable electrical energy.

“Learning is like rowing upstream:  not to advance is to drop back.” 

– Chinese Proverb

Janette McLennan

Student Awards

Congratulations to our students on their outstanding achievements. 

“Striving for Excellence” Award – (for a student who has exhibited academic improvements and/or has been applying themselves to the very best of their ability)

Lewys W - Prep - For working consistently towards achieving your learning goals this week.  Thank you for being an outstanding role model for your friends in Prep.  Keep up the amazing work!

Logan S - Year 4 - For your amazing story, 'The Ash Dragon'.  You achieved our writing goal by using a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences.  Keep up the amazing work! 

“MacKillop Award” - (for a student who exhibited Gospel values in their words and actions.)

Evelyn S - Prep - For being considerate and throughtful towards others around you.  Thank you for spreading the Spirit of Jesus in Prep.

Mrs Jorgensen - For helping all of our friends to do their work every day.  You are always Happy and Kind.

Evie G - Year 5 - For sharing your kindness and making others feel welcome in our classroom.  Well done!

Lunch Clubs

Looking for a new lunch time play option? Our Year Six leaders have created two new lunch club groups and are looking for new members. Drawing Club will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:20am in the quadrangle for those wishing to work on their drawing skills. Lego Club will meet on Monday in the quadrangle from 11-11:20am for all Lego Master enthusiasts. Our Year Six leaders look forward to seeing you there!

Sports News

Touch Football

Please see link for draw (at the time of printing the draw was not available) the link will be updated as soon as available.   Please note training times at the top of the draw link.

Sports Draw

Please follow this link.

Calendar Dates for 2021

Term Dates for 2021

Term 3       12 July - 17 September - 10 weeks

Term 4      5 October - 3 December -   9 weeks


18 August Real Talk Year 5 and 6

20 August Year 6 Prayer Assembly

20 August Friday Sport for Years 4 - 6

23 August Book Week

24 August Book Swap

25 August Book Character Parade

27 August Year 1 B

27 August Friday Sport for Years 4 - 6

29 August Chamber Music Concert 1:00 - 4:00 pm Cathedral


2 September Prep Prayer Assembly

2 September Fathers Day Stall

3 September Pupil Free - Professional Development Staff 

5 September Happy Fathers Day

10 September Year 5 Prayer Assembly

11 September  High Tea

15 September Catholic Schools Touch Challenge

17 September Staff Prayer Assembly

17 September Term 3 Concludes


4 October Public Holiday - Queen’s Birthday

5 October Term 4 Commences (9 weeks)