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Term 2 - June 17, 2021

St Patrick's Parish Primary School

Principal: Olga Lyons

Deputy Principal: Peter Sanderson

Parish Priest: Fr. John Corrigan

Phone: 55681371

Acknowledgement of Country

We Acknowledge the Gunditjmara people, the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are gathered today.

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, past, present and future. We acknowledge their stories, traditions and living cultures on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

From The Principal - Olga Lyons

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I hope everyone managed to have a wonderful long weekend. Thankfully the weather was better than the previous week. 

The 3 Way Conversations held this week were a great opportunity for the students to share their learning successes and the things they are working towards with their parents.  I hope you found these conversations both enjoyable and informative. 

In term 3, classes will be implementing an F-6 program called Relationships and Sexuality, for their Religious Education and Science Inquiry. Please read information regarding the program in the Learning & Teaching section below.   

It's unfortunate that events involving parents coming into the school in large numbers have had to be cancelled.  The Learning Showcase is one such event.  Year level teams will endeavour to find a way to share their children's learning with you in other ways.  

Our Aussie Quiz Night will be rescheduled in Term 3 when restricted numbers are relaxed.  

Good luck to our Football and Netball teams at tomorrow's Moyne Sports.  

Kind regards,

Olga Lyons, Principal

Our School Vision & Mission

The attached file contains our current School Vision & Mission document.  This year we are scheduled to review these documents with the Staff and School Advisory Council.

From The RE Leader - Annie Forrest

Learning & Teaching

Relationships and Sexuality Program

A Catholic understanding involves the belief that all human life is sacred and that all of humanity has an inherent equality and dignity before God. All humanity is created in the image of God. The dignity of the human person is one of the cornerstones of all Catholic social teachings on justice and human sexuality.

Relationships and Sexuality Education is a key element in the education of the whole person and becoming fully human. Sexuality, which is a beautiful and sacred gift from God, is an integral part of our identity and affects all aspects of the human person.

Therefore, all students have the right to high-quality Relationships and Sexuality Education that is relevant to their lives today, and to good educational foundations for them to negotiate the difficult terrains of current and future challenges of fostering and living good healthy human and sexual relationships.

Relationships and Sexuality Education responds to a developmental process relevant to every age and stage of life, with corresponding information and skills related to sexual development, bodies, reproduction, and gender. It also gives students skills for building respectful relationships and staying safe on and offline.

As children grow, there is that gradual awakening to their sexual identity. Relationships and Sexuality Education should also help students to develop their skills of discernment in order to make moral and ethical decisions. Decisions of conscience are always complex and evolving, and as conscience develops, each student must make choices as best he/she can in accordance with the truth of who he/she is as a human person, with the help of the authoritative teachings of the official Church, the accumulated wisdom of others in Catholic faith community, and from revelation from scripture as interpreted and applied in official teachings. This resource aims to help students develop these decision making skills.

The Catholic Church teaches that:

1. Sexuality is a fundamental component of our identity.

Sexuality is an integral part of our identity and affects all aspects of the human person. It concerns the capacity to love, forming loving relationships and procreating. It is a “manifestation of communicating with other, of feeling, of expressing and of living human love” (Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, 1995, para. 10).

2. Love and sexuality must never be separated from each other.

Each person is called to love and each person needs to develop as someone who is capable of receiving and giving love. This love is expressed through our body which becomes a visible sign of God’s love. Consequently, each person needs to learn how to love each other rightly and in a way that is always concerned for the good of the other.

3. The purpose of education is the formation of the whole person.

Sexuality is not just a physical act but rather incorporates all aspects of the human person – physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. Sexuality is a part of living human love and, therefore, an integral part of human development. Education in sexuality is part of the total formation of the human person.

4. Human sexuality is sacred.

Within popular culture, human sexuality is often trivialised, undermining its beauty and sacredness. It is often reduced to a mere physical act, a commodity for monetary exchange, removed from love and devoid of commitment. Sexuality is often presented in ways which are contrary to Christian morality. The Catholic tradition has always taught that human beings have been created, through love, in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, all human beings have an innate dignity and inestimable worth. Education in sexuality must always promote the dignity of every human life and highlight that sexuality is a wonderful and beautiful gift from God. 

The full document including a scope & sequence of what is taught at each level is attached below.

Relationships and Sexuality Program

The F-6 Relationships and Sexuality Program is organised into six themes. The attached document can be downloaded to view the full scope & sequence at each level. 

1. My body

2. Life Cycles

3. Relationships

4. Identity - Media Monitoring

5. Taking Care Offline & On

6. Getting Help when I need it. 


Wellbeing News - Antonia Balmer


Next Tuesday, June 22 we will be having our Wellbeing Day that was scheduled for the week of the Circuit Breaker Lockdown. 

Students are able to wear CASUAL CLOTHES and bring a GOLD COIN DONATION to support the Kids Helpline Organisation (chosen by our Mini Vinnies team). 

The children will be participating in Wellbeing Activities in their House Groups for the day.  

Last week was World Allergy week.

Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to things that are typically harmless to most people. When a person is allergic to something, the immune system mistakenly believes that this substance is harming the body. 

We have a number of students with allergies at St Patrick’s school. Some allergies are small and some are big! Thank you Katie Keane for sharing with us a little of what it is like to live with a big allergy.

Living with Anaphylaxis - By Katie Keane

I don’t usually think about my allergies. I only think about them if I accidentally eat something I’m not supposed to have. If I want to try new foods I have to take small bits or sips at a time to make sure nothing happens.

When I cook I have to use my own things in the kitchen like forks, spoons and knives. When I go to a friend’s party I have to be very careful but this feels normal to me. 

I have to have an allergy test every few years to see how things are going. Last week I tried apple bubble tea with blueberry balls! Delicious! Now, I have new food! 

I don’t think about my allergies very much, even though I do things everyday like getting my epipen bag and keeping it with me all the time.

Sustainability News

New Chicken Coop

Our feathered girls are getting closer to being relocated to their new abode before the redevelopment building project begins.   We have purchased a new chicken coop that will be located near the old school house at the end of the oval.  The coop has arrive in boxes and needs to be assembled.  If any parents/friends have the skills and time to assemble it in the coming weeks (even over holiday period) please contact the school. It comes with instructions! Work done on the chicken coop will be eligible for volunteer levy points.

School News

Give Yourself to Goodness Award

Isla Burris for standing back to let others enter the doorway in the mornings. Isla showed she was 'Being Respectful' and 'Being Safe'.

Class Awards

5/6 Learning Showcase

Year 5/6 have presented their Learning Showcase this morning. This event cumulates a term of learning and research. The student’s assessment was a presentation of a chosen immigrant that shaped and changed Australia. Within their presentation students were also required to give perspective on why their immigrants settled in Australia and the sacrifices they had to make to start a new life.  Year 5/6  presented their information in a variety of ways - diary entries, posters, artefacts, family trees and even dressing up as their immigrant.

Stay at Home if you are Unwell!

Just a reminder, that if your child is showing any signs of a cold or the flu, they are to stay at home. 

Visitors to the school are to be for essential reasons only. 


Bookclub orders for Issue 4 have closed.

Future orders can be made by sending the order form and cash to the school office or via the online LOOP. Directions on how to use the LOOP are on the order page.

School Assembly will be led by Foundation - Friday June 25 at 2.40pm

Assembly Attendance

At the time when this newsletter was distributed, changes to parent participation regulations were unclear.  As soon as the Schools Operational Guide has been received from CECV we will advise parents. 

Upcoming Events

Friday June 18 - Enrolments for 2022 close

Friday June 18 - Moyne Winter Sports - new date

Saturday June 19 - P & F Aussie Trivia Night

Friday June 25 - Last day of Term 2 at 2.20pm

Friday June 25 - Assembly led by Foundation at 1.45pm

Monday July 12  - Term 3 Commences

Saturday July 17 - Working Bee 9am-12pm

School Rosters


Thursday June 17 - NO CANTEEN

Friday June 18 - NO CANTEEN

Thursday June 24 - Marcelle Hennig, Hannah Carrucan, Elle Seath


Library Reshelving - this can be done at anytime during the week of:

Monday June 21 - Ruth Everitt

Monday July 19 - Michelle Sherriff

Sickbay Linen - the linen will be sent home with your child the Friday you are rostered on.

Friday June 25 - Bec Greene

Friday July 23 -  Marcelle Hennig

Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools Program


Attendance forms are located on the Skoolbag App. Attendance slips must be filled out by 10am for each day your child is attending Sporting Schools. Any child without an attendance form will not be permitted to attend.

Our next P&F Meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd June at 7pm.

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Parish Masses

Port Fairy St Patrick's & Koroit Infant Jesus Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass - 6.30pm at Koroit

Sunday Mass - 9am @ Port Fairy

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