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Hindmarsh Edition: Term 4 Week 2

? Wear a pair of bright coloured socks on Children’s Mission Day, Wed 27th Oct ?

What you'll find in this weeks Newsletter

  • Bell Times 2022
  • Register your attendance for Sports Day 2021
  • Children's Mission Day - Wear a pair of bright coloured socks (Wed 27 Oct)
  • Preschool Pizzeria 
  • Permanent OSHC Bookings
  • Parenting Insight Articles

Diary Dates

? Upcoming Events:

27th Oct | Children's Mission Day: Wear a pair of bright coloured socks!

29th Oct | Year 4-6 Aquatics Day at Noarlunga Aquatic Centre

2nd Nov | SACPSSA Athletics Carnival

4th Nov | Sports Day

8th - 12th Nov | R-3 Swimming Week at Seaton Swim Centre

2nd Dec | School Concert

7th Dec | Thanksgiving Mass

9th Dec | Last day of Term 4, finish at 3.10 pm & Year 6 Graduation Dinner

10th Dec | Pupil Free Day

24th Dec - 9th Jan | Vacation Care Closed
10th Jan | Vacation Care Reopens

From the Principal

Welcome to Term 4!

Dear Parents and Community Members,

I hope you have enjoyed the holiday break and had the opportunity for some rest and relaxation.  The students have certainly returned to school refreshed and revitalised, eager to re-connect with their friends and teachers and immerse themselves in their learning.

This term we welcome Grace (2R), Caterina (RS), Deborah (Pre) and Jensen (Pre) to our school community.  We welcome back Helen Carter after taking leave in Term 3.

Bell Times 2022

At the September meeting the School Board discussed the proposal regarding school bell times.   We received feedback from four members of the school community.  Thank you! 

Feedback received related to the importance of play, the need for students to learn to get along with each other and the need to increase eating time.

The School Board considered and discussed all correspondence received and felt that our conversation should be shared with the wider school community.

We noted that each school is organised differently and break times vary but generally breaks throughout a school day total approximately 1 hour per day.  We noted that many schools have a 20 minute recess break, whereas a St Joseph’s student have a 30 minute break.  Moving to two 30 minute breaks would enable a more balanced day.  As previously noted, the transition from the recess break to the classroom is usually quite seamless, with students being able to re-enter and re-engage with learning.  However, after lunch (which is the 40 minute break), significant time can be spent resolving issues before learning can resume, reinforcing the extra ten minute break can impact on learning.

As a school greatly influenced by the Reggio Emilia Principles, the importance of play is considered very important. Play improves the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and young people. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. Whilst, recess and lunch time are regular opportunities for unstructured play to occur. However, depending on your child’s level of development, there are many other opportunities to engage in play and physical activity with their peers throughout the week, including: play based projects, developmental play in the class, class and buddy class activities, fitness, physical education and class based PA.  In these contexts, teachers can assist students to navigate their emotions, develop socially appropriate responses to situations as they arise, and assist them to develop the capabilities required for successful and positive interactions, as they have a sound understanding of students needs, being their class teacher.

Providing additional eating time for younger students has been noted and will occur in the classroom before going out for the play break. To ensure the school complies with the appropriate teacher contact time school will need to end at 3 pm. 

As outlined below the school day commencing in 2022 will be:

St Joseph's Hindmarsh BYOD Program 2022

Due to our suppliers being unable to guarantee delivery times of BYOD devices, we will not be running a portal in 2022. This is due to a worldwide shortage of supply of parts due to production shutdowns with COVID-19. The school will provide students with devices to use whilst at school. 

More information will be provided in the next Newsletter of how we will support students in Years 5/6 who do not have access to a BYOD.

? ? Sports Day ? ?

Preparations are underway for Sports Day on 4 November! 

When: Thursday 4th November
Time: from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (early finish for Preschoolers at 12.00 pm)
Where: Henley Grange Memorial Oval - Cudmore Tce, Henley Beach

Follow this link to Register you and your families attendance for Sports Day 2021

Concert – Save the date Thursday 2 December

A registration form similar to Sports Day will be released in the coming weeks so families can register their 2x adult attendees. 

Term 4 is always a very busy term filled with many opportunities of being together as community.  Looking forward to being with you at Sports Day, Meet and Greet in the Preschool, School Concert and End of Year Mass. 

God Bless

Maria. Helen and Rita

Leadership Contact Details

Maria D'Aloia
APRIM & ICT Coordinator:
Helen Clark
Leader of Learning:
Rita Garreffa

Religious Education News

World Mission Month

In October Australia recognised the global work of the Church and the dedication of missionaries through World Mission Month.  It celebrates and recognises the hard work of religious orders and lay missionaries around the world whose dedication and service often goes unseen.

On World Mission Sunday, which falls on 24 October 2021, parish communities around the world will gather to pray for and raise funds to support the work of thousands of crucial church-run programs.

Wednesday the 27 October, is Children’s Mission Day, our Year 5/6s will be hosting a Liturgy during this week on the theme of Missions to culminate their fundraising and awareness campaign to raise funds for Catholic Missions through Socktober.

? Wear a pair of bright coloured socks on Children’s Mission Day, Wed 27th Oct ?

?⚽️ Socktober - Year 5/6s Socking it to Poverty!

 The Year 5/6 classes as part of their Religious Education Curriculum have unpacked what it means to ‘Be Church’. Many children around the world do not have access to playing equipment such as soccer balls. The Year 5/6 students created their own sockballs using recycled materials.

During Week 2, they will be using these balls in a variety of activities. Students will have an opportunity to participate in these activities for a donation to Catholic Missions to raise funds for their project in Thailand.

 All students may wear a pair of bright coloured socks on Children’s Mission Day, Wednesday the 27th of October to raise awareness and celebrate all the wonderful work that Catholic Missions undertake. There will be no donation required to join in.

✝️ Prayer

It is our responsibility as God’s people to pray for the needs of the Church and the world.  We pray for change: in ourselves and in the circumstances of those in need, particularly in Thailand.

For missionaries, that they will accompany, with compassion, those whose lives are affected by crushing poverty.Lord, hear us.

                 Lord, hear our prayer.

For all refugee families, that they will find safe haven and welcome in places that show kindness to strangers. Lord, hear us.

                  Lord, hear our prayer.

For the Church in Thailand, that it will continue to work in harmony with its culture and people.

                  Lord, hear our prayer.

For all those who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, that they may find relief and recovery.Lord, hear us.

                 Lord, hear our prayer.

For Pope Francis, that he will continue to lead the world towards, mercy, tenderness, and healing.Lord, hear us

                 Lord, hear our prayer.

God of all people, fill our hearts with your Holy Spirit that we will act justly to rid our world of all that harms our brothers and sisters.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Hindmarsh-Findon Parish Bulletin

School Notices

Sunsmart - Hats are compulsory

Hats have become compulsory last week and need to be worn during recess, lunch and p.e lessons as well as during OSHC and after school sport training.

If students don't have a hat during recess they will be directed to play in a shaded area. During lunch, they will be directed to the hall.

COVID-19 Update

Stop the Spread by staying home when sick

Please consider others. Stay home if you, your child or someone living with you us unwell.

Fruit Fly ??

We have contacted the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and confirmed we are in the red ? zone . 

We have been advised that ? honeydew, ? watermelon, ? pineapple,? rock melon,? cucumber and ? carrot can be brought on to our premises and is also permitted to leave the school if the student has not consumed it during the day.

You can purchase fruit from a green ? or yellow ? zone store and bring to school. However, if the fruit is not consumed it must not leave the school. Please note fruit purchased from a store in the red zone or home grown in a red ? zone are not permitted to be brought to school.

Please refer to website for current maps of zoning as this is regularly updated by PIRSA. If you have any further questions regarding zoning and the various requirements, please contact PIRSA directly. 

? Preschool Pizzeria

This Term we will introduce the final ELLA app In the Town. A pizza restaurant is a significant feature. The story of The Runaway Pizza introduces some famous nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters and will compliment our learning.

The children also helped to create our pizza restaurant. Pizza chefs have been busy creating pizzas ordered by their hungry customers.

? Vacation Care Closed: 24th Dec 2021 - 9th Jan 2022

✅ Vacation Care Reopens: 10th Jan 2022

Permanent OSHC Bookings

Permanent bookings are encouraged to minimise disappointment. 

If you are looking to book in your child/ren, we ask that you book them in a week in advance (where possible) to ensure adequate staff are rostered for the session.  

Reminder to Families

If your child has not been collected from school by 3:30pm - they will be automatically be booked into OSHC and charged relevant fees in the event OSHC has spaces available. 

Parenting Insights

Article: Establishing digital boundaries for a good night's sleep

Kids' and teens' digital habits have a significant impact on their sleep leading to a possible range of mental health and learning problems.

Article: On time, every day

Parents can maximise their child's chance of future success just by making sure they come to school on time, every day and save absences for genuine illness and poor health.

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards Program

St Joseph's Hindmarsh has partnered with Credit Union SA on their School Community Rewards program, which provides a regular financial benefit for our school without having to donate any time or money, please see the latest offer for our school community.

➡️ View the Credit Union Home Loan Offer here


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