Issue 4: Wednesday, 17th March 2021


Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members

Wow, we are half way through Week 7 and with Term 1 finishing on Thursday, April 1, that leaves us with just over two weeks of school remaining for this term.  I ask that families be up to date with our calendar as these two weeks will be crammed with a range of activities and opportunities for our children. 



Last Tuesday week our P&C held their Annual General Meeting to elect our new Executive Committee and office bearers.  Our thanks and congratulations go to all of those parents who have stepped up to work for our school community.  This includes:

President:           Lilly Separovich

Vice President:   Tweety Hinchcliffe-Chen

Secretary:            Natasha Sicuso

Treasurer:           Mel Richardson

Along with the rest of the executive committee our P&C is in great hands for 2021.

Again I would like to sincerely thank our past P&C Executive for their wonderful work.  Thank you very much Lauren Harry (President), Amanda Bayley (Secretary) and Mel Richardson (Treasurer) for your commitment to our school.



The organisation of the school fair requires much work with many arrangements and financial commitments to be made far in advance.  As we are still operating in an uncertain COVID environment we have decided not to have a fair this year.  We realise that this will be disappointing for many people but we will be investigating other one-off activities during the course of the year.



The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) will be held on Friday 19 March.  Our school is a registered school and all of our classes will be doing specific lessons on the day. 



This Friday is the official last day for Ms Joan Poole, one of our valued education assistants.  Joan is one our foundation staff members and has provided our school with many years of great service.  On behalf of our school community I thank her for her wonderful work with thousands of children over the years and wish her all the very best for her retirement.

Have a wonderful fortnight.


Kind regards

Craig Ashby





A reminder to parents that once students arrive at school they should wait outside their classroom until the doors open at 8:20am. Students should not be playing on the playground, basketball courts or oval (except for runners’ club). iPads should not be used before school.



Our Term 1 Edu Dance groups are looking forward to sharing their dances with their parents during their last session.

Concert 1

Monday Week 9 - 29/03/2021 1:45-2:35pm

PP          Kin kin 5

YR1        Djidi-djidi 3 & 4

YR 3       Nornt 1

YR 4       Yonga 1 & 3

YR 5       Nornt 2

YR 6       Djidi-djidi 1


Concert 2

Tuesday Week 9 - 30/03/2021 1:45-2:35pm

PP           Kin kin 3 & 4

YR1/2     Djidi-djidi 5

YR2        Boornar 2

YR3        Kwenda 1 & 3

YR4        Yonga 2

YR5        Kin kin 1 & Kwenda 6



LAs which did not participate in Term 1 Edu-Dance will have the opportunity in Term 2.

All students will participate in Week 1 and 2 lessons, with payment due by Thursday, May 6th if you want your child to continue for the remainder of the term. Consent forms will be coming home this week.



All Year 3 & 5 students will be participating in NAPLAN Practice Testing on Thursday, March 25th.

Parent information regarding the NAPLAN testing for Year 3 & 5 students from Tuesday, May 11th to Thursday, May 20th will be coming home before the end of term. If you have any questions regarding NAPLAN please talk to your child’s LA teacher or Mrs Weir.


We will be fundraising for Epilepsy Australia on Friday 26th March. Wear purple and bring in a gold coin donation to assist us in raising funds and awareness about Epilepsy which affects many of our students and families. 

Jane Weir, Cathy Stott, Kiera Slade, Aimee Coffey

Deputy Principals




A friendly reminder of upcoming Excursion/School Based Activity payments:

  • Excursion to the Relics at the Goods Shed payment due Thursday, 18th March 2021
  • Excursion to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre payment due Thursday, 25th March 2021
  • Year 6 Leaver's Polo Shirts 2021 payment due Friday, 26th March 2021
  • Year 6 Camp Woodman Point Recreation Camp deposit payment due Wednesday, 31st March 2021

Late payments will not be accepted.

Payment Plans

May be arranged prior to the the payment due date by contacting the Manager Corporate Services, Liz O'Born at the front office on 6174 0000.  

Financial Support 

If providing your child/ren the opportunity to participate in the Excursion/School Based Activity is likely to cause financial hardship, we may be able to provide financial support.  Please complete the slip on bottom of the consent form and return it to the front office.


Term 1 

Monday, 8th February - Thursday, 1st April

Monday, 1st March - Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday, 2nd April - Good Friday Public Holiday 

Term 2

Monday, 19th April - Friday, 2nd July 

Monday, 26th April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Friday, 4th June - School Development Day 

Monday, 7th June - WA Day Public Holiday 

Term 3 

Monday, 19th July - Friday, 24th September 

Monday, 23rd August - School Development Day 

Term 4 

Tuesday, 12th October - Thursday, 16th December 

Monday, 11th October - School Development Day 

Friday, 17th December - School Development Day 


MondayPrimary Music Institute (PMI) Keyboard/Guitar 
TuesdayRunners' Club 
Tuesday Edu Dance 
WednesdayToasted sandwiches/pancakes
WednesdayAssembly (see Assembly timetable)
WednesdaySchool Banking 
Thursday Runners' Club 
FridayEdu Dance 


Wednesday, 24th MarchJunior Assembly 
Wednesday, 31st MarchSenior Assembly 

TERM 1 2021

Thursday, 18th March Interschool Swimming Carnival Trials - Year 4 - 6 STUDENTS ONLY
Friday, 19th MarchKSSA Interschool Cricket Carnival 
Monday, 22nd March School Board Meeting 
Tuesday, 23rd March Aboriginal Students - Ear Screening 
Wednesday, 24th March Year 3 Excursion - Relics, Bricks of the New World
Thursday, 25th MarchYear 3 & 5 NAPLAN practice test 
Friday, 26th MarchEpilepsy Day Fundraiser - wear purple
Monday, 29th MarchYear 2 Excursion (Boornar 1, 2 and 4)  - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre 
Wednesday, 31st March Shed Night 
Wednesday, 31st MarchKSSA Interschool Swimming Carnival
Thursday, 1st April Year 2 Excursion (Boornar 3, Djidi-djidi 5) - Spare Parts Puppet Theatre 
Thursday, 1st AprilLast Day of Term 


Wednesday, 28th AprilJunior Assembly 
Wednesday, 5th MaySenior Assembly 
Wednesday, 19th May Middle Assembly 
Wednesday, 26th May Junior Assembly 
Wednesday, 9th June Senior Assembly 
Wednesday, 16th June Middle Assembly 
Wednesday, 23rd June Junior Assembly 
Wednesday, 30th June Senior Assembly 


Monday, 19th April Term 2 commences 
Wednesday, 21st April Anzac Day Ceremony 
Wednesday, 21st April Year 6 (Djidi-djidi 1 & 2) Migrant school based activity 
Thursday, 22nd AprilYear 6 (Kin kin 1 & 2) Migrant school based activity
Monday, 26th April ANZAC Day Public Holiday 
Friday, 30th AprilStudents Leaders attending GRIP Student Leader Conference 
Monday, 3rd MayP&C Meeting 
Tuesday, 4th May P&C Mother's Day Stall 
Wednesday, 5th May P&C Mother's Day Stall 
Thursday, 6th May Year 6 Migrant school based activity
Friday, 7th May P&C Mother's Day Stall 
Friday, 7th May Choir Fundraiser - Denim Day 
Tuesday, 18th May 

Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - Kindy Crazy Sock Day 

Wednesday, 19th MayNational Simultaneous Storytime 
Friday, 21st May Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - (K - 6) Crazy Sock Day 
Tuesday, 1st June P&C Meeting 
Tuesday, 1st June Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - Kindy Super Hero Day 
Wednesday, 2nd June Grandparent's Day 
Thursday, 3rd June Year 6 Camp Fundraiser - K - 6 Super Hero Day 
Thursday, 3rd June K - 6 Super Hero Disco 
Friday, 4th June School Development Day 
Monday, 7th June WA Day Public Holiday 
Tuesday, 8th June School Photos 
Wednesday, 9th June School Photos 
Wednesday, 9th June Kindy Grandparent's Day 
Thursday, 10th June School Photos 
Friday, 11th June School Photos 
Monday, 14th JuneSchool Board Meeting 
Wednesday, 16th JuneMen's Shed 
Tuesday, 22nd June P&C Fundraiser Kindy PJ Day
Friday, 25th June P&C Fundraiser K - 6 PJ Day 
Friday, 2nd July Last Day of Term 2 


The DFES website has some great resources about preparing for Bushfire Season. Stay informed by checking out this fact sheet.

Remember, fires can happen suddenly and change quickly, so don't rely on receiving a warning.  It's your responsibility to stay informed and alert.

  • Get connected - connected communities are safer communities.
  • Stay alert - if you can see or smell a bushfire - that's your warning.
  • Be flexible - get emergency information from multiple sources and never rely on any one source of information.
  • Monitor official warnings - sign up ahead of the season to get notified of bushfire warnings on social media or via apps.  During an emergency monitor what's happening.
  • Make sure your phone company has your up to date address details - an SMS warning might be sent to your phone or landline in extreme circumstances.  This warning system uses the address held by your phone company.


All children from Pre-Primary to Year 11 are eligible to dental treatment at the Wellard Dental Therapy Centre located at Wellard Primary School.

Wellard Dental Therapy Centre | Dental Health Services North

25 Breccia Parade, WELLARD 6170

T: (08) 9553 0610


W: |

Our Vision: Excellence in health care for our community.



Language development in children at 5-8 years: early literacy and language sounds

By five years, children know that words are made of different sounds and syllables. When they’re listening, they can identify words beginning with the same sound – for example, ‘Mummy made magic marshmallows’. They can also notice words that sound the same and play rhyming games with words like ‘bat’, ‘cat’, ‘fat’, ‘hat’ and ‘mat’.

At 5-6 years, your child might know some or all of the sounds that go with the different letters of the alphabet. This is an important first step in learning to read. At this age, children also learn that single sounds combine together into words. For example, when you put the ‘t’, ‘o’ and ‘p’ sounds together, they make the word ‘top’.

By six years, children start to read simple stories with easy words that sound the way they’re spelled, like ‘pig’, ‘door’ or ‘ball’. They’re also starting to write or copy letters of the alphabet, especially the letters for the sounds and words they’re learning.

By eight years, your child understands what they’re reading. Your child might read on their own, and reading might even be one of their favourite activities. By this age children can also write a simple story.

Vocabulary and language development

By five years, children can mostly use the correct forms of verbs to talk about past and future events. For example, your child can say ‘I played with Maxie’ to talk about the past and ‘I will play with Maxie’ to talk about the future. Children also begin to understand some concepts of time – for example, night, day and yesterday.  Your child will start to realise that there are exceptions to grammatical rules. For example, we say ‘broke’, ‘threw’ and ‘ate’ rather than ‘breaked’, ‘throwed’ and ‘eated’. It’ll take a few more years to learn the many exceptions in the English language. Even at eight years of age, some children might have trouble with the past tense of some verbs.

At 5-6 years, children start to understand that single words might have different meanings, so they start to use the context of a word to know what it means. For example, ‘cool’ means something different when you say, ‘It’s a cool day’, compared with when you say, ‘That’s a really cool robot you’ve built’. They also begin to understand metaphors and non-literal language – for example, ‘Make up your mind’.

Your child will understand that they can make new words by joining two other words – for example, ‘bookshelf’. You’ll hear ‘compound’ words like this more often in your child’s speech.  Your child will also begin using longer words as they learn that the beginnings and endings of words change their meanings. For example, your child can add ‘ness’ (as in ‘happiness’), ‘un’ (as in ‘unwrap’), and ‘er’ (as when ‘teach’ becomes ‘teacher’).  And your child will also start to understand that some words don’t need an ‘s’ to become plurals – for example, ‘feet’ rather than ‘foots’.

By eight years, children start to understand jokes and riddles and use language in an abstract way. For example, your child might tell a joke like ‘What kind of shows do cows like to watch?’ ‘Moo-sicals’.

Your child might also start to compare two things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ – for example, ‘They swim like a fish’.