Week 9 Term 2

Principal: Ms Judeline Wadhwani,

Acting Principal: Mr Patrick Baiwan,

Head of P-6: Mrs Wiki Thomas,

Head of 7-12: Mrs Rachel Baiwan,

Head of RE, Faith & Mission: Mr Raymond Rangatin,

School Address: P O Box 211, Kavieng, New Ireland Province

School Telephone Number: (675) 984 2128

School website address:

From the Principal

Dear parents and members of the OLSH community and extended OLSH community,

11 days of Learning-Teaching left to term’s end as I write.  We continue to power on keeping our students focused on their learning.

Save the date

Wednesday 14 July National Examinations Parent Information Evening

Parents of students at Years 8, 10 and 12 are strongly encouraged to attend.  Mrs Rachel Baiwan Head of 7-12 will be providing important information that you need to receive and discuss with your child/children and support their preparation over the 10 weeks of Term 3.  We look forward to seeing at least 1 parent from each family if you have a child/children doing National Examinations.

A for Appearance/Attire and A for Attendance

I look forward to receiving reports from the ground that OLSH scholars are coming to school every day looking smart, as every OLSH scholar should.   As importantly I am also looking forward each Friday. to receiving the weekly Student Attendance report showing minimal and preferably nil absences.  Every day in school is a day forward in learning for life.

A couple of health-related reminders appear below for the attention of all parents and guardians.

Health and Safety is every person’s responsibility at OLSH

As the health and safety of all members of the community are paramount, I reiterate below my message to the OLSH community with regard to COVID-19 safety and Scabies Management.  All parents and guardians are asked to support the school by doing the right thing at all times.  

COVID-19 Safety

Please do not send your child to school if they are sick or display any signs of cold and flu or have a fever.  Please get medical attention for them at the earliest and inform the school of their absence.

All students above 12 years of age are expected to carry and wear a mask to school.

Personal hygiene and hand hygiene are to be practised every day at home and at school.

Scabies Management

As scabies is a highly contagious disease, please ensure that you follow the guidelines in the Scabies Management Policy  In the interests of the health and safety of the entire OLSH learning community, it is important that all families act with caution and care in taking prompt action to treat their son/daughter for scabies.  Please send your child to school only after the steps for first line treatment and follow up treatment (if necessary) are carefully followed.


Learning-Teaching News

P-6 News

Home Link Book

Please continue to use the Home Link Book regularly especially in these last  weeks of term. 

7-12 News

Year 7 Science Project

In Science we are learning about plant classification and we are doing Plant Herbarium. We went around the school collecting different types of plant and came back to the classroom and started classifying the plants. It was fun as well as interesting to discover the common name of the plant and the scientific name. We discovered what kingdom, phylum, class, order, family genus and species it belonged too.

Rihanna Jee Wakeri, Kaylah Avuchulas, Teni David Karany

Year 7 Science Project

Meet the Staff – Ms Louisa Johns

This week we are pleased to introduce Ms Louisa Johns Senior Biology, Science, PDHPE and BT teacher, Bethuel Opety and Jessica Akaripa, Year 11 students present their interview of Ms Johns.

OLSH International teacher for four years and counting, Ms Louisa Johns paints a picture of a committed and reliable member of the OLSH community. Hailing from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and East New Britain, she finds the OLSH community to be a prosperous and stimulating learning environment. She believes the school is progressing positively in the sense that it is managing its tests and trials with the utmost capability it possesses, upholding the 3As (Appearance, Attendance and Application) and the high OLSH standards of learning.

It is also Ms Johns’ perspective that OLSH is equipped with the assets that would move the system of learning forward in the future. With admiration Ms Johns expresses her sentiments regarding the overall performances of the students and their upbeat approach towards the pedagogy that is offered and provided by the school. She further says spending time with her students makes her happy.

She is personally grateful to the school for its support. Ms Johns is an innovative intellectual with an outstanding good taste for modern, traditional, abstract and all the other artwork she teaches. Apart from her passion and creativity in arts, she is an exceptional biology and PDHPE teacher as well as an encouraging Pastoral Coach, always urging her students to perform to the best of their abilities. Ms Johns advice and maxims are resonant as they are valuable and true to life.

Apart from her usual teaching routine, Ms Johns likes second handing and gardening mostly in her free time and is always keen on learning new things. She loves eating her local dishes of mumu and aigir and loves the New Ireland delicacies of all foods fish, especially creamed and fried.   There’s really a lot more to Ms Johns than what meets the eyes of the OLSH community.

Ms Johns has been at OLSH for many years now and has many fond memories over the years about our school.  Something that always intrigues her about OLSH is the students’ performance. Over the past few years, she has seen students coming and going and how well they turn out to be when they leave compared to when they first came. There is always a significant mark that OLSH leaves on students both in their domestic and academic lives. Personally from her perspective, this is all reaped from the hardworking teachers who tirelessly work, giving in their free time towards providing a quality education to the students of OLSH.

Ending her interview there is a message Ms Johns would like to get across to the students.   She says confidently, “attitude plus effort will get you wherever you want to go”.  Simple!

Ms John is a wonderful teacher who is always open to students when it comes to interactive teaching. It really is surprising to get to know her a little bit more so we the students can relate to her not just as a teacher to us but as someone we may share our common interests with and get along well with to strengthen our student-teacher bonds with her as well as with the rest of the teachers and staff of OLSH to truly become a school of unity.

Jessica Akaripa & Bethuel Opety

Year 11

Ms Louisa Johns with Jessica and Bethuel

Ms Johns and her Year 8 Science Class

From the Acting Principal

Term 2 fees

A reminder that Term 2 fees are payable in full tomorrow Friday 18 June

Mr Patrick Baiwan

Acting Principal

Important Year 10 and Year 12 dates


  • Friday 25 June                   Science Practical Examination Mock 2 (Investigation)
  • Friday 30 July                     Science Practical Final Examination

YEAR 12 

  • Monday 12 July                Issue of 2020 Written Expression Reading Booklets to students
  • Monday 19 July                Year 12 Written Expression Mock Exam 2
  • Monday 2 August            Year 12 Written Expression Final Examination


  • Term 2 – School closes on Friday 2 July
  • Term 3 - Monday 12 July  – Friday 17 September
  • Term 4 – Monday 27 September  – Wednesday 1 December


  • Year 10 – Monday 11 – Friday 15 October
  • Year 12 – Monday 18 – Friday 22 October
  • Year 8 – Monday 25 –  Thursday 28 October

From the Head of RE, Faith & Mission

CATHOLIC CHURCH CALENDAR: 11th week in the ordinary Year ‘B’ 2021     


Where is God?

Have you ever thought, “How can God sleep?” or, “Where is God?” as you face various trials in your life. Like the apostles, we must learn to trust in God’s protection. Through his saving power, we are given the strength to overcome the hardships and worries that afflict us. As Jesus kept the boat and fishermen safe from harm, he will also watch over and preserve the Church and his people.

The power that Jesus used to calm the storm when his frightened disciples called out is the same power he uses today to be with us when we ask for his strength and love or when we are afraid. His power is there when we are finding it hard to love or forgive or do what we know is right. His power is also there when we are afraid of failing, or being laughed at, or just plain scared to make the effort. Let us trust Jesus. Let us remember his love and power and call on his help when we are afraid.

As you are all well aware, Friday School Mass is still not conducted due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, sacramental programs of First Holy Eucharist and Confirmation will still be carried out. Students will receive these at one of the Sunday Masses only with parental consent. This week Year 4 and Year 5 students will be given their Sacramental forms to receive their First Holy Eucharist. Last Year the current Year 5 students missed out on this due to COVID-19. If there are students at Year 7 and higher who also need to receive the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist please give us notice.


Thank you and God bless you all.

Mr R. Rangatin

Head of Religious Education, Faith and Mission