St Mary's Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 6 (12 March, 2021)

Dear St Mary's School Community

Value in Focus: Leadership

We set a positive example in the classroom, playground and community.

Gospel: John: 3:14-21

In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus said, “God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes may have eternal life.  People who do evil things hate the light because they do not want their evil deeds to be shown.  But those who do good come to the light so that the light may show what they did was in obedience to God.”

Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy will be held on Sunday at the 10.30am Mass and will be led by Mrs O’Malley and Mrs Riethmuller.  All are welcome to attend.

St Patrick’s Day

Wednesday, 17 March is the feast of St Patrick.  The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. 


The Faction Swimming Carnival was very successful on Monday.  The students all showed great sportsmanship, leadership and responsibility on the day.  Congratulations to Salvatorians who won!  Those same values were demonstrated again today with those students who represented St Mary's at the Interschool Swimming Carnival, which St Mary's won.  Thank you to all the parents that came along to help, to the staff and the P&F for organising the sausage sizzle.  Neither event could have happened without everyone's help and hard work.  Most importantly, thank you to Mrs Criddle for her planning and organisation of both carnivals.

Year Six Camp

Our Year Six students head off to camp at Point Peron on Tuesday morning.  They will be accompanied by Mrs Riethmuller, Mrs O’Malley and Mr Chris Clarke.  On the way to Point Peron, the students will be diverting to Prendiville Catholic College to help make a statement cross for the front office. I will be joining the campers on Thursday as I will be at CEWA on Wednesday.  Mrs Grant and Miss Walsh will be responsible for the school on Wednesday through to Friday.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews commence next week.  If you haven’t done so, please make a time to meet with your child’s teacher to not only discuss their achievements but also to set some goals for the year.

P&F Meeting

The next P & F Meeting will be held on Monday night at 7.30pm in the Library.  Please come along and support the P & F.


We welcome the Crees family to our school community.  Scarlett began Three-Year-Old Kindy on Monday.

God Bless and have a lovely weekend with your families,

Ms Adriana Coniglio


Religious News

Lenten Appeal

Please continue to donate non-perishable food to the Lenten Appeal, which helps those less fortunate than ourselves within our community.

Children’s Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy will be held at St Mary’s Parish this Sunday 14th March at 10.30am. All families are invited and encouraged to attend. 

St Joseph’s Mass

St Joseph’s Mass will be held in the Church on Friday, 19th March for the Year Two-Five students. 

Sacrament Commitment Masses

Students making a sacrament in 2021 need to attend one of the following Commitment Masses.

Saturday, 20th March at 6.30pm

Sunday, 21st March at 10.30am

Saturday, 27th March at 6.30pm

Sunday, 28th March at 10.30am

Kind regards,

Mrs Zoe O'Malley

Assistant Principal


NAPLAN testing will be conducted in Term 2 during the week of May 11-14 (Week 4) for students in Year 3 and 5. NAPLAN is a national assessment and participation is mandatory.

Students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer. This is a matter for consideration by individual parent/carers in consultation with the school. Withdrawals are intended to address issues such as philosophical objections to testing.

If you wish to have your child exempt from NAPLAN testing, please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible. Exemption forms have to be submitted by 3 May 2021.

Pauline Riethmuller

Assistant Principal

Class News

Year Three/Four Class News

There is lots happening in Year 3/4! We’ve started our Talk for Writing unit and have been learning about warning stories. We made our own actions and got to know the story of “The Creek” very well. We’ve discussed adjectives, plot structure and the use of direct speech. Now we are creating our own warning stories, and lots of them relate to making sure we listen to the advice our parents give us!!

Ruby – I like that we get to use lots of actions in Talk for Writing because it makes writing more fun! It helps me to remember the story.

Blake – I like writing this year because we have more people in our class to learn with and they give us such interesting ideas.

Tayla – I like that ‘The Creek’ gave us a warning to listen to our parents and do the right thing.

Kindy RE Corner

In Kindy, our Religious Education topic is ‘All About Me’ which has fit perfectly with starting school. We have spent the term getting to know one another, forming new friendships and adjusting to new school routines. The ‘All About Me’ activities have been used to help the Kindy students reflect upon what makes them special. We have been talking about how our different characteristics make us unique and we have drawn some fantastic self-portraits.  


On Monday we had our Faction Swimming Carnival at the Merredin pool. The weather was lovely and the kids were pumped to finally get to compete. Results are as follows;

3rd: St Joseph - 353

2nd: Mackillop - 380

1st: Salvatorians - 506

Year Three

Runner Up Girl - Ruby Smith

Champion Girl - Caitlin Carlson

Runner Up Boy - Patrick O’Neill

Champion Boy -  Zac Crees

Year Four

Runner Up Girl - Marissa Oakley

Champion Girl - Camee Roberts

 Runner Up Boy - Ashton Thompson

Champion Boy - Mitchell O’Neill                       

Year Five 

Runner Up Girl - Jasmine White

Champion Girl - Skye Wilson

 Runner Up Boy - Brock Barnett

Champion Boy - Charlie Growden & William Elliott

Year Six 

Runner Up Girl - Charlotte Criddle

Champion Girl -  Abigail Smith

Runner Up Boy - Tyler Geier

Champion Boy - Lachlan Cooper

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all the helpers and the P&F for the catering.

Interschool Swimming Carnival

Today we held our Interschool Swimming Carnival at the Merredin pool. This year we had three teams compete against each other, St Mary’s, Merredin College and a team from the Central Wheatbelt. The students really enjoyed the competition and the day went very smoothly with St Mary’s achieving outright winners for the day. Congratulations to all the competitors who really stepped it up a notch. Thanks to the helpers, parents, teachers, Merredin pool, St Mary’s P&F and most importantly, the students.

Results Interschool Swimming Carnival are as Follows;

3rd: Central Wheatbelt - 378

2nd: Merredin College - 384

1st: St Mary’s - 484

Year Three


Runner Up - St Mary’s, Ruby Smith

Champion - St Mary’s, Caitlin Carlson


Runner Up - Central Wheatbelt, Lewis Ballantyne

Champion - St Mary’s, Zac Crees

Year Four


Runner Up - St Mary’s, Camee Roberts

Champion -  Merredin College, Ella Alcock


Runner Up - St Mary’s, Mitchell O’Neill

Champion - Merredin College, Beau Manning

Year Five


Runner Up -  Merredin College, Natasha Ockerby

Champion - Central Wheatbelt, Zoe Vernon


Runner Up - St Mary’s, Brock Barnett - Merredin College, Nathan Major - Central Wheatbelt, Calvin Marquis

Champion - Central Wheatbelt, Maitlind English

Year Six


Runner Up - Central Wheatbelt, Lara Sillinger

Champion - Central Wheatbelt, Remy Bent


Runner Up - Merredin College, Jamie Hardy

Champion - St Mary’s, Lachlan Cooper


Award Winners

Excellence Award

Pre-Primary: Harry Hohaia

Year One: River O'Meagher

Year Two: Emily Smith

Year Three/Four: Blake Wahlsten

Year Four/Five: Charlie Kudas

Year Six: Lachlan Cooper

Christian Values Award

Pre-Primary: Lucas Nelson

Year One: Georgia Caldwell

Year Two: Emily Kermode

Year Three/Four: Ella Gregory

Year Four/Five: Nash Garrett

Year Six: Jack Kudas

Country Schools Classic

Congratulations to those students that represented St Mary's School at the Country Schools Tennis Classic in Beverly yesterday.    

Team #1:  Archie, Charlie G, Ellie and Abigail finished top of Pool A.  They played York DHS in the final and narrowly lost on a game count-back.  Both York DHS and St Mary's have been invited to play in the Country Schools Classic Final at the State Tennis Centre next Friday,  19th March.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the team.

Team #2:  Will, Judd, Bonnie (MC) and Charlotte finished 3rd in Pool B.

Team #3:  Charlie K, Mitchell, Savannah, Lyla (MC) and Greta finished 3rd in Pool A.

Thank you to Mrs Meg Gethin for coordinating this event for St Mary's School.

Other News & Important Dates

Reusable Shopping Bag Order Form

To find below the link to the order form for the Reusable Shopping Bags.

Music Tutor

Sam Macdonald offers individual music tuition for piano, guitar and flute.

For further information please contact Sam on 0401 259 181 or email

Let Us Pray

Lord God,

You loved us so much that you sent your only son, Jesus.

May we walk in his light.


Community Notices

Football Tipping Registration Form

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Football Tipping Prizes and Rules

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