Term 4, Week 2

From the Principal...

Dear Families,

It has been a great week with swimming and the students have come back to school exhausted but having thoroughly enjoyed their time at the pool. We have a range of events coming up including the spring festival and the children have been actively preparing for this with songs, dances and a range of items. This week we also commenced playgroup with families coming together with our preschool aged children to enjoy some time together and familiarise themselves, thanks to Laren for hosting the playgroup. Claire and I have also been attending the Be Brave and Lead Numeracy professional development. The range of learning experiences and problem solving opportunities provided to the 5-7 students on Wednesdays has been really fantastic with them thoroughly engaged in problem solving and developing conceptual understandings in mathematics.

 Much preparation has also gone into the 3-7 camp and I would like to thank the staff for the commitment to providing this learning opportunity. It is not a requirement that camp is provided each year so we value the staff taking time away from their families to provide this for students. I would also like to thank the admin team for their continued follow up with families. Please be aware that the deadlines imposed on the return of forms is required to meet COVID guidelines and this is set by the campsite. As indicated in the camp package of information if you have not finalised invoices, a negotiated payment plan is required and a commitment to pay form signed, spares are available in the office. We are currently working with families who are experiencing difficulties so please make a time as soon as possible to meet with either myself or the finance officer if you need to finalise arrangements prior to camp.  Another exciting opportunity coming up is Aquatics for the 5-7 group. They will be attending the Port Noarlunga Aquatics Centre and this is a valuable water based learning environment that focuses on skill development in the surf and safety. Notices for this went home yesterday.

 Can we also please ask that parents or visitors coming onto school grounds continue to use the COVID Safe Check In and any adults on site are currently still required to wear masks. If parents are not coming to drop off or pick, there is still a requirement to sign in through the visitors book in the front office. Please also sign in late arrivals or early pick-ups for students through the office. Staff have recently undertaken Bushfire Training in the approach of the summer season including utilisation of the pumps, hoses and sprinkler system and we want to ensure that we know who is on site at all times as per our emergency response procedures. Please also be aware that the school is closed on catastrophic fire danger days and more details can be found on the schools website regarding bushfire safety information.

 Please be advised that the next GC meeting will revert back to the orginal date of the 2nd November from 6:30pm and Deb Black a team facilitator will be in attendance.

 Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at the spring festival next Friday.

 Kind Regards


News from Laren's Reception Class.....

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Term 4!  I hope you all had some nice family time during the holiday break.

At the beginning of last week, we were able to spend some time in nature and notice all the spring changes.  In our morning sessions, the Reception room provides children to with opportunities to experience learning through play.  We introduce literacy learning through stories and morning circle.  This literacy learning is enhanced through the buddy reading program that I have introduced this term with Sally’s Class.  The children from Sally’s class buddy up with a Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 child and read to them a book of their choice.  I have found this to be a great session for not only literacy skills but also for building relationships with the older children.

 This week has been very busy with swimming.  The children have loved their lessons, albeit exhausting.  I was really proud of how well the children negotiated the noise of the centre, while also listening to the instructor and staying on task for the duration of the lesson.  Thank you to Claire and Tha’is who helped with swimming this week.

 Preparations have started for the Spring Festival in Week 3.  Each morning, we spend 5 or 10 minutes in Bethany’s room to learn all of the Spring Songs and dances for our Festival. 

 This term we have also introduced ‘Project Time’ on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  This is where the Reception’s come together with the Year 1-4’s and we work on specific projects together.  Last week we worked on tissue paper flowers and craft that will be used as decoration for the Spring Festival and this week we are also working on freshening up the garden.  Thank you to Claire Pym for preparing the garden beds and for donating the plants that the children have planted into the raised beds and wine barrels. The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding hidden treasures of potatoes as they have been going about their gardening.  If you would like to offer assistance and be involved in this ‘Project Time’ please contact me as I am putting together a roster for parent helpers. 

 In our cooking time last week, we made lemon cordial. Cooking is a wonderful way for children to further their mathematical understanding.  While squeezing the lemons we made predictions on how many cups we might have and then how many more lemons we might need to fulfil the recipe.  Our cooking lessons create enthusiastic dialogue and collaboration around mathematical concepts. Thank you to the families that donated the amazing lemons for us to use.  This cordial was made with honey which ended up being more like a warm honey and lemon drink, but the children still loved it.  We are hoping next week to run a little stall to provide warm lemon drink to the whole school at lunch time.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Photos from Laren's Class...

Parents & Friends News......

Bloom like Spring!

"Blooming with spring" is inspired by parents vision to see the classroom garden beds putting on a show of spring beauty.  With the spring festival next week, it is the perfect time to get into the garden! You are invited to join us!

 We spent some time yesterday morning removing old plants and tidying up the beds. Laren did some planting with the children yesterday afternoon some plants kindly gifted by Charlottes grandparents Barbara and Lyndsay Pym. Gemma Green (Ziggys Mum) is kindly gifting plants today. We have some more plants coming from my local buy nothing group.

 How can I be a part of the Bloom like Spring BRPS Family Project?

We are looking for free plants and seedlings of veg, herbs and flowers.

Do you have any connections locally with the  buy nothing group, Uraidla gorilla gardeners or grow free to gift free plants?

Do you have seedlings, self seeded plants in your garden?

Do you have family member (grandparents or aunts/uncles) who are avid gardeners and have plants to gift?

Not really in a working bee, but more of just a plant what you have type of way. (Please follow covid guidelines of sign in with QR code, signing into the Visitors Book in the office,  social distancing and wearing a mask on school grounds).

If you would like to gift plants and leave the planting to our children, please message me on 0438837236 and I can make arrangements with Laren and Bethany.

 The garden beds closer to Bethany's  room are wicking beds, so better for higher water plants and might fair better over summer.


Claire Pym (Charlotte Pym) on behalf of the P and F.

Parents and Friends Calendar for Term 4

Upcoming Activities


TERM 4 2021


25th October

School Photos

29th OctoberSpring Festival
3rd - 5th

Year 3 - 7 Camp

8th Year 5 - 7 Aquatics Day
12thGreek Olympics - Sheidow Park - more Info to follow
23rdTransition Day for new enrolments 9.30 - 10.50am
8thGraduation Dinner - Year 6 & 7
9th End of Year Celebration Assembly
10thLast Day of School - Early Dismissal 2.15pm



Community News.....

Uraidla and Summertown Country Fair...........

This year the Uraidla & Summertown Country Show is back as we know and love it!  Save the date - Sunday 7 November from 9am-9.30pm.   

 We’re a small, passionate team of volunteers and we’re keen to be back doing what we know best… put on a fabulous spring show day bringing our community together.  Working within the guidelines, we’re making sure everyone is safe.  Let’s enjoy our spring show day!

 Last year we tried something new and headed online and were really pleased with the result.  You can take a look on our YouTube channel  

 We appreciate our relationships with the local schools and invite you back to create those wonderful displays that brighten up the show hall.

 Early October, we’ll be sending out the show book to all the local schools to encourage the kids to participate.  In the meantime, competitive sections are available on our website.

 We’re looking forward to a bumper day and appreciate your support.