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Issue 40, Friday 17 December 2021

Have a fantastic school holiday break! See you in 2022!

Our 2021 Yearbook can be viewed at the above link.

Parkhill Awards 2021

Academic Excellence - Annie, Mia, Kira, Patrick C, Shaurya, Jasper, Nathan T

Academic Endeavour - Abhinav, James F, Scarlett H, Dabianca, Holly and Chloe, Charlie, Julia

Chinese - Jaymierl, Harry

Visual Arts - Finn, Hannah

Performing Arts - Zerrin, Gabriel

Physical Education - Darcy, Sakura

Scientist of the Year - Yanni, Aimer

Young Writer's Award winners - Karl, Mia, Callum, Harley, Miranda, Orlando, Luke

ICAS Writing high achievement - Nathan T, India, Shaurya, Benji, Milan 

Citizenship Award (Y6 only) - Gemma, Yianni, Luke, Sasha, Emilia; winners - Julia, Fynn

School Captains - Hamish, Milan, Henry, Sasha


Our Awards were presented on Monday and a recording sent home to families to view. Some awards were presented at our final assembly.

Y2 Sleepover

Last Friday, the Y2 students had their sleepover and it was a huge success! We had so much fun completing Christmas activities, sport rotations and lots of yummy treats!

The students enjoyed a movie, which of course wouldn't be the same without popcorn and hot chocolate!

We were so fortunate to be able to host this event this year. The students did an awesome job and were so proud of their enthusiasm and excitement.

Take a look at some photos below.


Bianca Bevilacqua

Y2/3 Teacher

World Human Rights Day

For World Human Rights Day, we have been so impressed to see how our school values have been shown both in and out of the classroom. It has been so wonderful to read through so many nomination forms and to find out how people are working together to make our school a better and fairer place. Thank you to the nominees but also for people who took the time to recognise these positive behaviours. 

Some standout nominations include students who have been showing ‘unity’ and ‘respect’. This includes India and Ella from 2/3A who were ensuring that everyone’s ideas are heard equally during their play.

Along the same lines was Anna from F/1C who could see that one person had not had a turn in a game and made sure that everyone had a fair chance to partake in playing the teacher before moving onto the next play idea.

We were also very impressed to see that Zerrin from 2/3B showed respect and unity by ensuring that everyone feels welcome to interact and mingle with her during play times.

Lastly, it was really super to hear that Lucas, Zi Yan, Parker and Zaid showed care when they could see their friend was upset and ensured they helped to solve the problem to make this person feel better.

Thank you again to these students that really made a difference during World Human Rights Week.

Luxe, Ravyn, Santanah and Bella Crowe

Koorie Education Ambassadors

Second Hand Uniform Stall

Our Second Hand Uniform stall was a success - a big thank you to all families and staff at Parkhill. Another stall will be held early in Term 1 - watch this space for information.  


Also, a big shout out to my Lost Property Monitor Anabel W (Y6) who assisted me this term at school. A reminder to families to PLEASE label your children's items so it makes for an easy return.

One more thing.....during Christmas holidays if you decide to clean out any old toys/games/puzzles/magnets etc - please consider donating them to the school for our games club. They can be left at the office with my name on or contact me on


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2022.


Kerry D'Arcy

Integration Aide

Choir Corner

Thank you to all of our dedicated choir members and their supportive families for sharing in the joy of singing this year. A big thank you to Kirsten Majidi for all of her wonderful work with the choir over the past three years. Her contribution is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and I’ll look forward to seeing you for more choir fun in 2022. 

Marinda Tanner

Choir Coordinator

CSEF Application Form

Please find attached the CSEF application form. If you are eligible for CSEF and have not previously submitted a form, please complete and hand in to the office.

If you have submitted a form in the past, you do not need to submit a new form.


PFA News - December 17

2022 Executive Committee:

President: Open                  

Vice President: Open

Treasurer: Chris Fagan

Secretary/Communications: Open

Council Liaison: Open

General Members: Vanessa Cowley, Marinda Tanner, Jo Argaet, Sumi Sundram, Kylie Touloupis, Trish King, Rossanne Clay, Elle Delmee

If you would like to be on our email distribution list and receive communication and minutes from our meetings please email

The PFA would like to thank you all for your continued support this year. Your attendance, purchases, co-ordination, assistance, donations, time… all made a valuable contribution to our morale, our children’s welfare, our community spirit and to the extra support we were able to provide Parkhill Primary. Special thanks to Jo, Steph, Anny, David, Michelle and the staff at Parkhill for all the background stuff you do to support our efforts.

A big thank you to my wonderful PFA team. I often hear the praise for all your hard work but you really deserve a big shout-out for the intense planning and preparation you have put into everything this year. It’s been an honour to have worked alongside you all and to have been the recipient of your gracious support.



Thank you to everyone who sold raffle tickets to grandparents, friends, neighbours… or just bought the whole book yourself! Originally planned to be drawn at Fun Food & Carols, this was drawn by our school captains at the last assembly for the year on Monday 13th December. In the excitement of the draw and the rush at the end of assembly we forgot to jot down the names that were drawn, but you can see all of our happy winners with their prizes.

Thank you to everyone who donated items for prizes. Special thanks to Trish King for coordinating, as well as Marinda Tanner and Kylie Brown for their help with wrapping and handing out prizes. We’re pleased to announce that we raised an amazing $742!



As you know the PFA relies on you to co-ordinate events - that’s what contributes to the success of our activities. So we are now looking for people to co-ordinate an event for 2022. Let us know if there is one you are particularly interested in. You will not be alone! The person who co-ordinated that event in earlier years will be on-hand to support you and walk you through the planning.

Any event that DOES NOT have a co-ordinator will not go ahead next year as we still do not have a President to officially keep the PFA going next year. Please reach out to us ( so we can put your name against one of these events next year. 


The end of year season is already upon us and it seems we have run out of days to celebrate with you and thank you for all your hard work and everything you have done to support events that happened and didn’t happen. So we invite you to a new year shared soiree in the holidays for whoever is available to come along.

When: Thursday 20th January at 7pm

What: A cheese and wine evening

Please email to RSVP and for details. Children welcome.


We are looking for new members to help us fill roles for next year. If you have a passion for helping our school community thrive and you enjoy being involved in events and fundraising, please consider joining as a general member or perhaps stepping into an office bearing role. The positions available are President, Secretary, PR & Communications, and Vice President. 

From the PFA President

Dear Parkhill Families,

While I have enjoyed my role with the PFA team and made special friendships through it, I will no longer represent the school PFA as president. Being part of the PFA has provided me with a unique opportunity to add enormous value to the school, students and community through providing fundraising for much needed amenities and also social activities that bring together families and students that help foster the wonderful Parkhill community.

It is an exciting time as committee roles for secretary and communications are also up for re-election, plus we have a new treasurer Chris Fagan. We welcome interest from all members of the school community to evolve and continue the PFA activities moving forward.

If you would like to find out more about any of the roles, please reach out to any of the PFA.  Rest assured that I will still continue to be an active member of the PFA general committee so you will be closely supported as a new committee member in your new role. Please see below for more information on each role.

Thank you everyone for your support of the PFA over the years


Kind Regards,

Rossanne Clay

PFA President

0480 171 847

The following roles are vacant in 2022:



●       To Chair the monthly meetings and Annual General Meeting.

●       To regularly consult with and keep the Principal and School Council informed of the activities of the PFA and to update the PFA of the school situations and its impact (if any) on the plans of the PFA.

●        To provide a President’s Report to the PFA and at the end of each term of office.

●       To coordinate events/activities in conjunction with the Secretary and general committee members.

●       To address a new group/parent body whenever necessary to promote new interest and new members.

●       To be approachable by all members of the school communities.  


●       To assist the President and step in if required

●       To be approachable by all members of the school communities.


●       To prepare the agenda in consultation with the President.

●       To distribute agendas for meetings.

●       To record the minutes of committee meetings.

●       To write up the minutes of each meeting and distribute copies for members and interested parties to read.

●       To confirm the minutes of previous meetings.

●       To communicate relevant information in the weekly school newsletter.


●       To help create, disseminate and manage relevant PFA communications to the school community through all PFA channels and help manage Parkhill Community Facebook page.


●       To attend PFA & Council meetings as liaison


Please contact Rossanne on 0480 171 847 or

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