Mansfield Primary School Newsletter

No.15 December 10th, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

One week of Term 4 to go!  This time of year always flies past but even more so in 2021.  There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that are coming together.  I’m looking forward to a break over Christmas and looking forward to starting a really positive 2022.

I am looking forward to next week.  Slime Run (finally!) on Monday, Grade 6 Graduation on Tuesday evening, Transition Morning on Wednesday and a final assembly on Thursday.

COVID Challenge This Week

At 5:30am on Tuesday I received notice that a student had tested positive to COVID, and things were pretty busy from then on.  It is amazing that this is the first one to impact Mansfield Primary School.  Thank you to our staff who stepped up to make this change as smooth as possible and to all the Prep families for their quick and respectful responses.  It sounded like some of the kids had a great “excursion” to the testing clinic on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, this meant we had to postpone our Kinder Transition on Tuesday.  We are working towards a Kinder Transition Day on Wednesday 15th December.

At this stage there have not been any further positive cases linked to Mansfield PS. It looks like our cleaning, check-in, vaccinations, year level bubbles, hand washing and mask wearing are all helping to minimise the spread.

Classes and Staffing 2022

Next year we will have 23 classes across the school. 

We have finalised where teachers will be for 2022.  There are still two teaching appointments to be finalised, which we hope to have all done by the end of next week.

Prep A – Renee Kent

Prep B - Olivia Cowie

Prep C – Emily Waddington

Prep D – Stacey Currie

Prep F – Kathryn Murray

1A – Lesley Dunlop

1B – ?

1C – Dianne French

2A – Paula MacMunn

2B – ?

2C – Jacinta Elliott

3A – Cathy Johnstone

3B – Anette Allan

3C – Sam Corden

4A - Carol Watts

4B – Thi Thi Hong

4C – Jenny Gough

5A – Robyn Robinson

5B – Justine Miller

5C – Emilie Wilson

6A – Jonathan Steele

6B – Hannah Dundas

6C – Laura Westwood



We have been working throughout this term, placing each student in the best room for them.  There are many factors that go into this decision making which is why it is such a long process.  Students will spend a morning with their 2022 teachers in their 2022 classrooms on our MPS Transition Morning on Wednesday the 15th December.

Leaving Staff

A huge thank you to Bernie Scott (again), Kate Bennett, Jess Miller who will be finishing up with us at the end of this year. Their contribution to Mansfield Primary School is very much valued and appreciated, whether over 1 year (and what a year!) or many years. Stacey Bullen is taking leave for a year and Sophie Carneli is taking family leave. I look forward to seeing them both back here soon.

Lisa Gray is leaving us at the end of the year too. Lisa has worked at Mansfield PS since 2004.  I will miss her calm, her experience, and her advice. The incoming Business Manager will have big shoes to fill.

I hope that they all have a great break over the summer holidays and wish them all the best for 2022 and beyond.

Last Week of School

The last week of school is always an exciting one, with students finding out their teacher, classmates and classroom for 2022, class parties, final assembly, Grade 6s farewell and 2022 school captains announced.  Please see the calendar of events for the last week.

Like always, please get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.  Email your classroom teacher, call the front office or email me

Have a lovely weekend.

Take Care,


Important Dates

December 13th - Slime Run

December 14th - Grade 6 Graduation - Arrive 6.30pm for a 7pm Start

December 16th - Last Day of Term 4, 3.30pm Finish

December 17th - Curriculum Day 

January 31st - First Day of School for Grade 1 to Grade 6 students

February 1st - First Day of School for Prep students

Notes from the Office

A reminder to families to check in at the school office, as we must sight your vaccination certificate before you enter the school building/classrooms.


We have received a delivery of uniforms. If you have placed an order prior to last week please check at the front office for your order. 

Uniform is to be ordered through Spartan School Supplies.

We now have a full range of uniform on display at the front office for you to view before making your purchases online. 

We have a limited range of second hand school jumpers available that can be purchased from the front office.


Please note we cannot return items that have no name. Please ensure uniform is clearly labelled with your child's name. 


A reminder to pack spare clothes for your child. We have a small supply of spare clothing if needed however we are in need of smaller sizes 4,6,8 in pants & shorts. If your child has come home in a change of clothing we ask that you please wash & return to school. Thank you. 


Please make sure you have been in contact with us regarding bus travel for next week. Any changes to your afternoon bus travel arrangements are to be made by 2.30pm of the day of travel. This can be made via the Skoolbag App under E-Forms, email or by phone. 


We have lots of library books that are now overdue. Please have a look around home & return to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you to Sushifield for their generous donation to our school.

Spartan School World back to school information for 2021/22.


Voluntary Contributions 2022

Thank you to families who have paid funds towards the voluntary contributions 2022. These contributions will enable us to provide valuable curriculum experiences in both the classroom and wider specialist programs.

Payments will continue to be accepted via Bpay, Eftpos, Cheque or Cash.

If you have misplaced your unique family Bpay biller code please contact the school office.

2022 Rotary Calendar

We are very excited with the 2022 Rotary Calendar featuring fabulous drawings by our local Primary School students!

We were delighted with the entries and congratulate all students who put in an entry!!  Choosing the winners was a most enjoyable experience with so many colourful, creative drawings.

We think they would make a lovely Christmas present with the cost being only $15.00. They can be purchased from the school front office, at the Information Centre and during the Rotary Club BBQ’s (Nov 13th & Dec 11th).

 We would like to thank Cameron at Mansfield Printing for a wonderful job. They look excellent and were completed in a short time considering lockdowns.     

 Thanks again to all Staff who have assisted the students and us to produce this lovely Calendar.

 Sue Reynolds



Gardening Club News

The garden has been really busy with harvesting, weeding, and some late planting. The broad beans have been really productive. Students have enjoyed the snow peas, and some early strawberries and raspberries. The herbs have also been popular. Our first good crop of blueberries isn’t far away!

18 months ago, the Gardening Club approached Marks IGA to seek some bags to send produce home in. They donated 2 rolls of bags. These rolls hold 250 bags each, and we have nearly used them both. This means almost 500 bags of fresh produce has gone home with students for their families to enjoy! This is a direct result of the students’ hard work in the garden. Thankyou Marks IGA for donating more bags for our Gardening Club to use.

Jonathan Steele

Grade 1 Hike

After a rain delay a couple of weeks ago the grade ones excitedly headed out for their School to Summit (S2S) hike. The day began with a gear check ensuring everyone had the essentials. Arriving at the Carters Road Day Park by the banks of the Delatite River, students sat under the big shady trees to have an energy snack and a discussion about safety and respect in the bush.

Everyone was then broken into smaller walking groups with some adults and enthusiastically hiked the Plain Creek Track Loop. All were encouraged to look around and take in the sounds and sights. Their good listening skills were tested when the first group happened to see a sleeping snake beside the track. All students followed protocols exactly and the snake was given room to move away. A highlight of the morning track was seeing a blue tongue lizard warming up in the sun. Lunch was beside the bubbling Delatite River and a good chance to rest weary legs before the afternoon walk.

The afternoon hike followed the Delatite River all the way to Mirimbah.

The Grade 1 hike is a challenge for young legs with no hiking experience and is an important step in their S2S journey. Students are starting to become more independent by learning how to manage in a group, what to do when they get tired, what to do when it’s hot, how to problem solve and how to be supportive. The grade ones were incredible throughout the day.

Reflections from students

It was the best hike in the world. - Barry

First stop was the drop dunny, which I thought was odd. – Hannah

I found a walking stick it was perfect for me. – Luis

It was probably over 30 degrees it was hot! - Dylan

I got so tired but it was still very fun! – Tommy

We saw a blue tongue lizard and lots of birds – Aliyah

On Wednesday the grade 1s had an amazing adventure, we took the buses to Carters Road and hiked all the way to Mirimbah! – Eliza

I saw tadpoles in the puddle near the toilets - Simon

I enjoyed the bus ride because I felt so high up - Eadie

I liked playing on the swings - Abby

I liked seeing the lizard - Hamish


Grade 3 Specialist Day

On the 25th of November the Grade 3’s went on an exciting walk through the wetlands and the Rail Trail followed by some group activities. They worked with the specialists teachers, painting leaves, playing ball games, a French imitation game and music clapping games.

They then walked to the Botanical Gardens where they had lunch with friends and played games in the park.

And then... it rained heavily, and they got drenched as they walked back to school.

Joe O’Loughlan’s quote of the day was, “This is the best day of my Life!”

We’ve been producing some fantastic bowls in the ‘From Scratch’ program in Grade 6 this term! It’s been messy but lots of fun!

Slime Run

It’s Here! Slime Run will be held on Monday 13th December.

The Slime Run is happening! Get your white t-shirts ready and be prepared to be covered from head to toe in loads of (non-toxic) slime! The MPS Slime Run will take place on Monday 13th December. 

Our students will take part in an obstacle course with volunteers shooting slime at them!

Students will need to wear a white, or light-coloured t-shirt, old runners and bring a plastic bag. A towel is optional. Students may come to school with their t-shirt underneath their school shirt.

More details to come! 

School Crossing Reminder

1.    Wait behind the yellow line.

2.    Only start to cross when the crossing supervisor blows the whistles twice.

3.    One whistle means Stop.

Rural Australians for Refugees Mansfield is proud to announce that The Aequales Chamber Music Ensemble is returning to Mansfield. Featuring internationally acclaimed musicians, Edwina Kayser (Violin) Danny Newman (Viola), Sarah Cuming (Cello) and guest pianist Damien Mansfield the ernsemble will be performing at the Mansfield Performing Arts Centre on Sunday January 30th at 4.00pm. They will be playing piano quartets by Mozart and Brahms.

It is not often we get the opportunity to hear musicians of this calibre and it is fantastic that Mansfield Shire Council and Mansfield RAR have made this possible. Drinks and savouries will be available after the performance.

All proceeds will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne. Please mark this date on your calendar now.

Tickets are available via TRY Booking  - Adults $25 and Students $15

COVID restrictions will apply. Please note that all attendees must be fully vaccinated.

Positive Parenting Telephone Service


North East Health Disability Support