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Term 2, Week 5 2021

From the Principal

​Thank you to parents who participated in the May Zoom P&C meeting. It's great that this format is encouraging greater parent participation and all from the comfort of home. Discussion was lively so please see the P&C report in the newsletter to gain some context. 

Working Bee

Most importantly note the date for our next Working Bee on Sunday 30th May, 9am-3pm. Kindy and Year 1 parents were particularly keen to get a chance to socialise so try to come along, make some new friends, contribute to your school and ENJOY the BBQ. Enthusiasm only required. As per COVID guidelines, registration will be required. We will organise a sign-on process via the Service NSW app on entry to the school, and maintain social distancing throughout the day.

Please RSVP if you can make it so we can get an idea of numbers for the day

Reports and Feedback

With reporting time in full swing and reports due home on the 15th June, it is timely for everyone to read the following article about giving productive feedback. The school is currently working on a target of giving feedback that is positive, develops our students as independent thinkers and engages and challenges them to work towards their next goal. It's called the Goldilocks' Principle - not too hard, not too easy but just right. The article below gives suggestions on giving feedback that sticks.

"It can be tempting to allow children to continue to behave badly or to perform chores, homework or sports practice poorly when they argue or resist feedback. Feedback is a wonderful parenting tool that requires attention to detail, sensitivity and a willingness to respect the dignity of the child or young person who is receiving it. It’s also most effective when given sparingly, rather than like a nervous tic, which keeps kids anchored to parents for approval."   How to give kids feedback for improvement - Parenting Ideas


We've now completed NAPLAN online. Adjustments were made for some children as required by their additional needs and in accord with their Independent Learning Plans (ILPs). The whole week proceeded without too many issues thanks to our excellent IT network and our students' familiarity with digital devices. Children to whom I spoke were quite happy and excited about it all, an attitude that is a credit to their teachers and parents.


During 2020 when NAPLAN did not operate, the department developed a Checkin assessment for Year 3 and 5. This was a much briefer online assessment simply focused on Reading and Mathematics. This assessment has a rapid feedback time of less than a week with clear indications of children who are achieving beyond, at or below stage outcomes. There are ready links to both curriculum outcomes and additional activities for teachers. These checkins have been made available this year to Year 4 and 6 in Term 2 and Year 3 and 5 in Term 3. These results will support students who may need an additional boost to their learning due to lost time in 2020 and is the COVID learning funding of which you may have heard. Students who need assistance due to additional needs already have ongoing support through their ILP's and targeted learning programs. The COVID funding is short term and is being used to assist students who may be underperforming and need an additional boost in targeted areas. Parents will be informed if their child is being included and are welcome to contact the school for further information.

Indigenous Education

We are about to embark on developing a "Reconciliation Action Plan" otherwise known as a RAP for our school. The RAP provides a framework to support practical actions towards reconciliation. Input will be sought from the students as well as from the wider school community. The idea of the RAP is that it will support the school in building respectful relationships and creating meaningful opportunities for learning about and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Initially we hope to be able to implement regular drop in morning teas for our Aboriginal families to involve them in the process. 


We're all looking forward to the first of our performances this term from Year 4 Matilda and 6 Trolls.  We've programmed four performances for each grade to ensure that we observe safe COVID practices. Please don't feel the need to attend every one! We’re encouraging young (pre school age children) and non working parents or grandparents to attend the matinees. Tickets will be available online but to manage numbers everyone will require a ticket and seat. Students are expected to attend all of their grades performances. All dates were published in the last newsletter.

Instrumental Music Programs

Instrumental music has operated at Randwick for more than twenty five years when the P&C supported the formation of the first band program. Brightstars has indicated that they are unable to manage this program beyond Term 2. This change has impacted the string program most immediately with the cancellation of Ensembles. Tim Walsh has been able to continue the Band program in its entirety. I have been very appreciative of the skills of parents, Megan Madden and Tracy Ong, who have taken on the role of coordinating an EOI which will go out this week and hence ensure that a new provider can be in place for Term 3.  The EOI will go out shortly via the school's various communication channels. We would appreciate you directing this to any of your contacts with the capacity to manage a very large but valuable program for our school and students. We are currently most in need of a contract lawyer to draw up an appropriate contract for this program.

2021 Athletics Carnival

E S Marks Field Monday 16th August for students 8 years old and over.

Building Works

As you may have noticed our old Victorian building (1909) and Admin building (1886) is gaining a face lift with roofing, guttering and insulation works. This is expected to be completed by the beginning of Term 3. This work was essential due to the significant leaking being experienced. It will also mean we are able to have painting and carpeting refurbished when walls and floors are no longer damp. 

In addition we are assessing refurbishment of all the Kindergarten bathrooms which date from the early 70's.

We appreciate teachers and students flexibility in moving around as each section of the roof is completed. Year 1's have been quite excited to experience life in the beehive and we appreciate Year 5 and 6 sharing their beautiful space.

Our school has been funded for the Cooler Classrooms Program which will result in all classrooms not currently with air conditioning  being set up up before summer. We really appreciate being part of this program.

Enrolment for Kindergarten 2022

If you are considering enrolling your child in Kindergarten at Randwick in 2022 and you believe your child may have additional needs or require support, please contact the school office immediately at

Applications for this additional support must be prepared (including any medical documentation) and submitted to the Department of Education for consideration by 25th June 2021 to commence in 2022.

Your Pre-school or Daycare is the best place to seek advice concerning your child's development compared to others, but if you unsure we are happy to provide advice.

Applications for additional support can be around Language Development, Behaviour, Socialisation, Physical or Health Needs or a combination of these. 

Applications do not guarantee support, but it is the first vital step.​


Susan Allen

Sentral Parent Portal

Semester 1 reports will be published in a few weeks on your child’s Sentral Parent Portal available via our school website homepage or directly here If you have forgotten your password, please use the link under the ‘Sign in’ button.

If you are new to Randwick, you will have received a letter containing a code for your registration to the Sentral Parent Portal. Please use your allocated access key provided in the letter to register for access.

If have lost your letter, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school for assistance.

From the P&C

P&C Volunteer Positions Available

Important Volunteer Positions Available - We Need You

Are you a commercial / contracts lawyer?

RPS seeks 3 to 6 hours of voluntary assistance to help prepare and execute a contract between the School and a new external music program provider. The new music program provider will assume all current Strings and Band music program responsibilities (inc. financial and employment management). No unusual contractual requirements are anticipated.  

Assistance is needed over the next few weeks as we push through the EOI and selection process with a few to finalising before the end of this school term. Please share with your networks.

Google Docs to Microsoft Teams - one off project to help P&C migrate from Google Docs to Teams.

Management of P&C Website – ongoing support from someone to manage and update the contact on the P&C website.

If you can assist or would like more information please contact the P&C via

Important Dates

Working Bee - Sunday 30 May 9am-3pm

Please RSVP if you can make it so we can get an idea of numbers for the day -

Comedy Night - 22nd August

Please contact us if you can donate something to auction or donate your time to help out on the night.

This week is International Volunteer Appreciation week and we would like to shine a light on those who run and manage the uniform shop.

Did you know that the uniform shop...

Is an initiative by the P&C and run 100% by parents and carers who give their time to help out each week.

If we did not have this we would have to outsource uniforms which would cost more.

When you buy a uniform from us the profits go back into the school.

So next time you order something from our shop please take a moment to thank and appreciate the amazing carers and parents that give their time to running the shop.

We even have a great service of delivering the order to your child in their class. It’s just $3 (a small cup of coffee) and great for those who can’t get to visit the shop on Thursday mornings themselves.

Thank you to all our volunteers - Every moment makes a difference 

What's on?

Year 4 Concerts


Tuesday 25 May 2021

Thursday 27 May 2021

Sorry Day


Wednesday 26 May 2021

Reconciliation Week


Thursday 27 May to Thursday 3 June 2021

Working Bee


Sunday 30 May 2021, 9.00am - 3.00pm

Year 6 Concerts


Tuesday 15 June 2021

Thursday 17 June 2021

Athletics Carnival


Monday 16 August 2021

School Performances

Parents, Carers and Grandparents Library Day

From the Prefects

Annabel and Con

Hi everyone! We are very excited to be continuing to keep you up to date with what’s happening in Randwick Public School! This term is very busy as Year 4 and 6 are busy working hard for their musicals. Year 6 will perform their musical, Trolls, in week 9, this term.

My name is Constantine, but you might know me as Con. I love to play soccer and cricket. I started at Randwick Public school in Kindergarten, 2015. I have participated in Soccer PSSA 3 times, and Cricket PSSA 3 times. I do flags along with some friends on Tuesday mornings.

Thank you Con for introducing yourself! My name is Annabel. I love to mountain bike and play basketball. I also started in Randwick in 2015. Every Friday morning I raise the flags along with my friends, Mirabelle and Afrin. I also do gate greetings with Mirabelle every Thursday, so expect to see us if you’re picking up a school uniform. 

In a few weeks we are going to all see lots of very cool concerts, such as Matilda and Trolls. This week we were able to see the amazing Matilda dress rehearsal. The set looks incredible! Parents will be able to see it soon! The year 6 musical, Trolls will be on at week 8 and 9. 

Years 3 and 5 have spent the past couple of weeks working hard at their NAPLAN tests. We would like to congratulate them for their hard work and participation during them! Good job!

Year 6 has just experienced an amazing event, the planetarium. This awesome program was run by Starr’s Planetarium. The planetarium is a massive inflatable dome, with a projector, projecting fantastic images of space and our solar system. It also included a fun and enjoyable video about constellations in Aboriginal culture.

For the final section of the newsletter, we would like to say a big thank you to all the children who walked to school on Friday and everyday! We would also like to thank the teachers and parents who worked on the musicals and plays. Finally we would like to thank Starr's Planetarium, for their amazing and engaging program. Thank you!

Con & Annabel

Working hard in Year 1

Year 1 have been busy learning how to write information reports about different animals they have been studying. They have also shown their creative flair by designing these beautiful artworks. 

Staff Spotlight - Lauren Brookhouse

How long have you been teaching?  Where and for how long? 

I've been teaching for about 9 years. I started my career at an Australian school in Singapore, where I stayed for 3 years. Since I moved back to Australia I have worked in a couple of different schools around Sydney. 

 What do you like about Randwick Public School? 

I like the 'can-do' attitude of both staff and students. I feel like there is a general sense of determination and resilience felt right throughout the school. 

What is your favourite thing to do?  

I would have to say travelling, particularly to places with a rich and interesting history and culture. I also love pilates, yoga and having dinner parties for friends and family.  

What have you read recently?

'Blink' by Malcom Gladwell and 'Maralinga' by Judy Nunn.

What is your favourite sports team?  

I don't have one, but I love tennis and Federer is my all time number one!

What is your favourite food?  

Salmon aburi nigiri 

Fact Sheet - Ban on Knives in Schools

Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link. We will direct the feedback to the appropriate people and/or share it in the newsletter!

Thank you!

Previous feedback

 Y5 "Notables" history project - great improvement with lots of historical figures to chose from and clear information that figures from outside the suggested list are welcome too. This and the freedom to choose the format of the project worked really well for my child! Thank you for being so flexible for diverse learners!

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